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When I started my “features” category here in blog, I knew that I had to make a feature about Reese Lansangan of Dressed-up Days. She was my former highschool batchmate in SHS and we’re all (hi Elite) proud of how far this girl has gone. She truly sets a great inspiration to many.

Remember when multiply was the facebook then? She first shared her Colbie Caillat covers there and as a fan / batchmate supporter, I would download. I even shared her Little Things cover via a website I had before (name is too embarrassing, hay). Yes Tete, please don’t forget I was one of your first fans. Hehehehe  =))

And we were then Fushigi Yuugi fans. Ah, Grade 4 – Makiling days. I don’t remember though if you were rooting for Tamahome or Hotohori. = )))

 Reese Label

Anyway, I’m so happy that she obliged my request. I sent a long-ass bulleted interview questions to her email, and I got interesting and quirky answers in return! HAPPYYY

10 random facts that she has not revealed before in any of her features

1) I like obsessing over things.

2) I love cheese squares and I love eating it with everything.

3) I seem have a “supersonic” sense for telling the exact time. At any given moment of a day, I might try to predict the exact hour & minute by declaring my guess out loud to a friend and checking if it’s true. Oftentimes, I’m spot-on =)) (It’s a useless skill because I like taking my time in EVERYTHING and I’m almost always a bit late because I just can’t wake up in the morning =)))

4) That could be Triva 4. I’m impossible to wake up in the morning. Before, my household helpers had to literally drag me off the bed. By dragging, I mean pulling my arms and legs to get me off the bed and on to the carpeted floor. And most of the time, I will still crawl back to bed and not give up without a fight.

5) I don’t have any food allergies (at least, nothing I know of) but I’ve recently discovered that my skin is, quote, allergic, unquote, to sea water. Every time I get off the beach, my face will turn red and splotchy all over. It isn’t really as bothersome but I’m one to harshly scratch anything that’s itching on my body so I get extra red!

As slightly seen in this blog entry.

6) My pet peeves include: having to get inside hot cars that have been left out in the sun for too long

7) And filling out immigration forms. Especially when they give it to you in the airplane while you are sleeping.

I also hate slow immigration officers. Every time I split up with my family for immigration, I somehow always get to be the sacrificial lamb stuck with the slowest officer in the world with a 1:3 speed ratio to the officer next to him.

8) AND distorted captcha. I don’t understand it. Do I have to be a contortionist to read the twisted letters on my screen? Spare me, my body isn’t flexible at all.

9) One of my dreams is to own a reaaaaally pretty Blythe doll with teal or pink hair! And you, Kaila, are the only person that I know if IRL who has a Blythe! So luckyyyy! (<—- result: moneylesss, haha)

10) I don’t own a single pair of pajamas. I don’t.

Plastic Balloon Me

So Therese (don’t cringe), please describe your highschool life. How different was it from your college life in Ateneo?

I believe it was very much different. I was more passive in high school (and in my first years of college) than I was in my latter years. I remember being so terrified of being heard singing in school that when I felt like bursting into song, I go to the window, roll up my intermediate pad into a tube and sing through that so nobody could hear me. HAHA I DON’T EVEN.

I was very much contented with how everyone already saw me and I didn’t feel challenged to step up to that, or rise above that. By the end of senior year, people knew me as a guitarist and a writer with a creative streak. I remember getting the “Future Palanca Awardee” yearbook title during senior year in high-school, and now I barely write anything on a whim!

The freedom in college definitely shaped me to break off of the “shell” that I have been enclosed in back in high school. I was encouraged to become the person whom I’ve always been but have always been hesitant to be. I had more ambition and drive to achieve great things for myself, which pushed me to venture into everything that I really, really wanted.


Back in Highschool, everyone knew that you were into music. When did fashion blogging start to grow on you? What pushed you?

In high school, I was sort of obsessed about playing the guitar. Almost every morning before class, I jam some songs with a few of my classmates and we’ve always had good fun. That’s actually where I got to learn how to play “contemporary” guitar! I’ve only ever studied classical guitar so I didn’t really know how to strum or play barre chords and such. I pretty much learned from cheesy songbooks and friends who taught me how to play.

Everyone knew I was into music because I made myself visible as a guitar player. I was member (and eventually became President) of the Acoustics club in school. I’ve always played guitar for Friday masses (and graduation!) and tried to rock out with an electric guitar during school fair performances. However, I never really sang in school. It was just something I was very shy of. I knew that I could sing, but I thought the kind of voice that I had didn’t have a ~venue~, so to speak, within the school.

I tried out for the school chorale during 2nd year and barely made it (I was the 11th choice from the 10 girls they were accepting) and that really took a toll on my self-esteem. That was the first rejection I’ve experienced musically and I never dared sing in school again, alone. (I sang with groups. I joined Eco Songfest)

College was very different. Hardly anybody knew what I had been known for in high school, and I just felt like it was the time to get serious stuff done and explore what I am capable of. Since college allows for more freedom in terms of, well , everything, I found that it was the perfect opportunity to be more creative in my everyday outfits.



A199 1

I discovered fashion blogging during my 2nd year. Back then, there were hardly any fashion blogs (at least that I knew of) that existed locally. I’ve always wanted to start one, but my concern was whether people would actually care to read about your most recent clothing acquisitions, or even what you wore for the day. It might be a bit too narcissistic an endeavor. With much hesitation, I decided to forget about it.

Not until fashion blogs became a much more accepted / common idea did I have the guts to push through starting my own. After a number of experimental usernames, I finally decided on Dressed Up Days cause it best spoke of my childhood and how I used to pretend to be different characters by donning improvised costumes from my Mom’s wardrobe. 😀


(I had a similar situation with Reese before. A Photography club was recently setup in our school. There was a screening and I didn’t make it. The screening test was to describe / interpret a photograph that was displayed. The club was looking for a writer, not an enthusiast (my photo essay probably sucked so much). Thank you Educational Games club for adopting me. = ))) Funny how I was instead one of the firsts in my batch who pursued photography as a real hobby in the end.)


How did you survive college while doing a lot of other activities? Please also tell a story about your craziest day of cramming.




To be honest, I only started getting busy during my second half of third year, so I’m not exactly the Amazona girl that you might be thinking of. However, I just really had to get my priorities straight. Sometimes, no matter how much I want to do a gig, if in the end I’d have to suffer crucial study time for, say, a History test, I’ve learned to politely decline.

And speaking of History…

My CRAZIEST day of cramming was definitely when I was writing the last History paper of my life. A week before the submission of papers, I still had no topic. We were supposed to work on it for a full month, and topics were pre-approved by the teacher a month prior to the deadline. I didn’t submit. I absolutely had no idea what I wanted to write about. Although highly interested, I am quite terrible at History. So a day before the 8-paged research paper deadline, I still had… zero pages written. It was a research paper too, so I can’t just bullcrap my way into finishing it. I knew it was a given all-nighter, and with that I bought my first ever energy drink. A single Red Bull bottle after, and I was a changed girl :))

Anyway, even after slaving away the whole night until morning, trying to finish the paper + sending drafts to my very smart friend who offered to proofread and throw in some ideas for the paper as well (bless his soul), I still had a whole conclusion to write. By 12pm, all papers had to be on my teacher’s desk – and any minute after that, he won’t accept anymore. It was 10:30, I was still on my chair, in my house, I had no conclusion, haven’t even taken a bath yet, and I HAD to leave for school if I wanted to make it on time for 12. That and I had to go to the library to print my paper out.

AND SO… my friend had to help me write the very last bit of my conclusion.

BLESS HIS SOUL, again. He offered to finish the paper for me so I could run to school and jut get the finished paper (which he emailed) printed out. And run all the way across to Bellarmine hall, where my class was, from the library (seems like miles away) all the way up to the 3rd floor, to get the frakking paper on his desk, on the dot.

And I must’ve busted a lung somewhere in the middle of that story.


Aside from DIY, fashion, music, and art.. what are your other interests?


Aside from the aforementioned obvious things, I like:

Reading good literature, rabid tweeting, shopping alone, going through my feeds, discovering new music, dressing up as a historical figure, consuming chocolate, listening to female singers, doing late night gigs, singing and playing guitar, composing songs with Vica, doing my nails, random photography, dyeing my (dying) hair, afternoon picnics, spontaneous lunches, getting all red splotchy after beach trips, reading about conceptual art, ogling at Asian streetstyle and all things colorful and cute, buying toys, buying naked toy babies, making a mess, photo-manipulating myself with famous stars… yup, I have no life.

 Bejeweled Moleskine



Collab Painting 4


How long did it take you to finish this?

5957703556_2c279e6be7_b.jpg (650×767)

About 2 hours maybe. I started doing a rough sketch which I ended up changing and changing because the lips weren’t looking plump or attractive and the eyes were looking like fuzzy caterpillars. Painting was the easier part I think, because the technique made it relatively open to possible mistakes. 🙂

I never really draw or sketch realistically so this was a new exercise 🙂


What’s the most expensive fashionable item that you have ever bought? Did you ever regret purchasing it?

I’m lucky that my Mom indulges our expensive fashion obsessions such as shoe collaborations (see Dr. Martens x Sanrio / Jeremy Scott x Adidas).




Dr Martens White2

When I’m obsessing over something, I tend to think about it ALL THE TIME. When I knew I had to get my Mickey Mouse sneakers, I spent a whole day searching for it in Hong Kong and when we finally found it in this obscure basement store, it ended up being 2 1/2 sizes bigger than my own size. And still I bought them.

I think shoe collabs are the most expensive fashion related items I’ve ever gotten (and no I don’t regret buying them). The thing about shoes is you get to wear them out a lot (as opposed to clothes. I don’t think I’ll ever spend a huge amount of money on a piece of clothing I’ll only get to wear twice or thrice!)




What’s your most treasured thing? Nagpapaka-deep na question ito. Haha



Possibly my rainbow guitar (as seen in my Trophy Boy video!) . Although I play Sexy #1 (my Taylor guitar) in gigs now, the rainbow guitar was actually my late Dad’s. When he passed away, I took an interest in learning the guitar because he was a great player (he and his entire family). Then I took ownership and customized it into this totally ghei instrument you now know and (hopefully) love.

Every time I pick it up, I think about my Dad. 🙂


At present, what do you consider the most fulfilling thing that you have done or experienced?


I’m one to almost never be contented with what I am and what I do. I’m constantly trying to find ways to improve myself, and there’s a million things in my To Do List yet to be ticked off. Because of that, I can be a little bit hard on myself and it’s difficult for me to pinpoint any of my achievements. As soon as they come, it’s rare for me to get the luxury to marvel on and relish the glory of accomplishment.

But I think I am most proud of where I am now, and how I got to show so many facets of myself when I was in college (no matter how much of a late-bloomer I am). I’m proud of the goals I set for myself, and I’m proud that I’ve been recognized for things that I most love doing. My tiny tiny collection of plaques and trophies in our music room are awards I’ve received for fashion, music, and art. No doubt, these three are the things I’m most passionate about – and I’d like to think and hope that these awards just mark the beginning of my life.



What was the biggest dream that you could say isn’t a dream anymore?

I remember back then WANTING SO MUCH to be a musician, asked to be playing gigs and such. Ever since, I’ve just been really shy going on stage. I do a lot of recitals cause I used to study classical guitar, violin, piano, etc but I always get the stage jitters. So I never really thought that I’d eventually be performing on stage in front of huge audiences like I do now! To think that I’ve already performed for radio stations, for a major concert in QC circle, and even in front of the President of the Philippines! It’s just literally a dream come true =))





When are you going back to Japan? Sorry just had to include this. = ))))

AS SOON AS I CAN!!! Hopefully alone or with friends (for a different experience) I’ve been dreaming of going back to Japan ever since I went there! It’s AMAZING. THERE ARE NO WORDS. Tokyo specifically, is the kind of city you will never get tired of. There’s always something to see, always something to ogle at. I think the city suits me perfectly, and since the place is surrounded by all things sparkly and “kawaii”, the child in me feels very much at home.

Hara2 Fisheye

Shibuya Double

Hara2 Lights

Hara2 Sequins

Minnie Blossoms

Hara1 Umbrella


And lastly… who is your real trophy boy? Not nickhun or taemin or any korean..

For the first time ever, it is now publicly revealed that the real inspiration for my song, Trophy Boy was a classmate in one of my subjects during senior year. I wrote it while I was at the back of the classroom, (while not so creepily glancing at him taking notes). I never got to know him. Alas! :))


Reese L.



tumblr <3 youtube <3 twitter





Music Ring

Stay awesome and inspirational Tete, 


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  1. Ohmygaaaayyyy Kaila x Reese = DREAM COME TRUEEE~ loljk okay so honestly while Ate Kaila was away (after Eerie-silence ~died), I found Ate Reese. ;w; And until now I still can’t believe you guys were schoolmates and you’re close friends lol so AWESOMEEEE~

    I read the whole thing and it’s so awesome omg. I got a bit teary-eyed with the guitar being owned by Ate Reese’s dad before he passed away… It touched my heart with the last line. ;_____; (babaw)

    Hihi both you (ate Kaila) and Ate Reese are so awesome and yeah mga idol ko!!! ;w; /kicked

    Ate Kaila & Ate Reese: Please stay awesome and pretty and just, awesome. :heart:

  2. @celinie: hear, hear! unang basa ko sa questions ni tete, natouch ako especially sa part na yun. haay 😥

    aww, thank you for being our awesome supporters! nako, di mo lang alam kung gaano ka-encouraging random tweets mo sakin : ))))

  3. She is my cousin and I must say, among all the fashion features I’ve read about her, this is the best I’ve read so far! Spot on questions! I had fun reading and I loved it 🙂 Keep on keepin on!

  4. Ate Reese is totally awesome! Though coming from the same high school and I’ve seen her probably a gazillion times already since sdfghjhj;; along the good old corridors of SHS, I still got starstruck-ed when I saw her again XD

    Anyway, she’s an inspiration for any art that existed! 🙂


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