Representing Kawaii Philippines On Tokyo Extra

Hello everybody!

This will be just quick because I’m currently in the middle of my work / day job.

To those who missed my #TokyoExtra live guesting last Sunday, here is the archived youtube link!

Tokyo Extra Kaila Ocampo

Screencaps from Armaine

I cannot thank everyone enough for the tremendous support you all have given to me (up to this point). To my always and super supportive Kawaii Philippines family / community, maraming maraming salamat (thank you so much) for the cheers, tweets, and messages! To Yumi-san, Akira-san, and everyone from Tokyo Extra, thank you so much. To my OurKawaii.Tokyo half Ashley, thank you for helping me with the episode promotion. A million thanks from me and Kawaii PH. Thank you for supporting our kawaii cause / positivity movement!

With so much love,


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