Rainbowholic’s Dream Camera: Nikon 1 J1 + Harajuku Fashion Walk 9 Video Got Featured!!

After months of waiting… my brother has realized that it was time to reward his little sister for all the work she has done for him! I’M SO HAPPPPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!! My brother actually posted a photo of the package when I was in Shimokita. I was so excited to go home!!

(different-toned photos were taken using my iPhone)

Cream & Caramel camera strap from Biccamera! Lace! <3

I wanted a simpler camera but with slr-like features because my Canon camera (as seen here) is on its way to its own grave sooner or later…

The rubber band tells how it was abused before.

Got two lenses for this! And I love how it’s WHITEEEE! <3



Trial shots

One of my favorite chunky bracelets! Reminds me of the one I saw in La Foret when I first came to Japan..

My eyeball galore shirt that I love so much. Reminds me of Kyary!


Left: Shu Uemura Gift from Timu & Mori-san

Right: My growing Hello Kitty glasses collection

I am in love with this camera! No more grainy iPhone photos!! YAYYY!!


Harajuku Fashion Walk 9 Video!

My boss messaged me this morning and told me that my Harajuku Fashion Walk 9 video was featured on a website called Highsnobette! I was so delighted when I read his message!!

Watch my video here.


Well that is all for now, have to go back to work!



6 thoughts on “Rainbowholic’s Dream Camera: Nikon 1 J1 + Harajuku Fashion Walk 9 Video Got Featured!!


    Congrats on the feature + the new camera, ate!! TAKE SUPER PRETTY PHOTOS WITH IT!! I’m excited to see more photos from your new camera na hehe :heart:

  2. wow. you’ve got your dream cam already.
    I want that too
    harajuku walk.
    I want to join when I’m already in japan hehe


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