Backpack, Backpack


I present you my ultimate EXPLORER backpack!

I’ve finally decided (+got the money) to buy it!

If there’s a certain thing that has really caught my attention, it won’t let me have a peaceful sleep until I get to declare it as mine. AND IT HAS BEEN MONTHS!!!

100x cooler than Dora’s backpack (I don’t know why I’m even comparing this to that.. haha)

I woke up today having a random thought of getting this bag. TURNS OUT THIS WAS THE LAST PIECE from the store!


So beautiful HUHUHU

I love traveling to places I’ve been and I’ve never been.

Planning to save up another explorer-able / traveller vintage suitcase. I was eyeing one in a mall here (it was on sale) but it was bought by somebody : (

Spamming my front page


And while I was there, everything was also on sale~!

I wonder if this is a marketing strategy. It’s been weeks that Harajuku stores were on sale @_@)..

Bought lacey and cute socks. Autumn is coming~

Went back to Bodyline for the pink clear heart-shaped glasses I was also eyeing on.. but I found this chili red sunnies instead.

My first pair of heart shades was red. And it was stolen together with my bag in a resort in Zambales, Philippines : ( It has been such a long time @_@

Good thing, I bought 3 of those (red, white and orange) when I went to Divisoria to shop for textile..

Lady-gaga inspired glasses! So cute and fierce. Perfect for the photoshoot I’m planning to have later on : )

Sunnies from our trip to Singapore before

Recent ebay purchase 8D Winged hat from an anime/cartoon called “Arale”

ANTIQUE BOOK BAG! iPad fits in perfectly!!

And lastly, a pair of oversized (around 2-3 inches) clips <3

Lovely haul to start the week ~

I don’t have money to spend anymore. Hello, bento!

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