Forever 21 X Matsumoto KiYoshi Haul

Since it’s Friday, I practiced my freedom from school / work through window-shopping and camera-hunting in the most convenient place, Shinjuku! My school is in Shinjuku… so that explains it. Haha  :pink:

I don’t know if I should be really happy.. because I just spent money on SHOPPING AGAIN. OMG >____< What is this diseaseeeeeee. I’m enjoying my liberty toooo much :O

First stop was at Matsumoto Kiyoshi! I just wanted to buy an Eyelash fixer because mine has dried out already… but then when you’re there, you just get really lost.. and girly with all the cosmetic products!

Bough 300 yen-priced nail polishes! Cheapest in Matsumoto Kiyoshi!

I’ve always wanted to try a sparkly tipped nail. Watch me try and fail! Haha


Cutest Hairpin case! Got this cheaaaap! And it has a bow, so…

Jewerich Eyelashes and Eyelash Keeper. I was about to buy Dolly Wink eyelashes but they’re expensive and I want to try another brand I’ve seen with great reviews!

Going full-pledged Lolita one of these days.. but please sponsor me with the clothes, hahaha

Got this VISEE feat. Smacky Glam on SALE! I love it so much, and the packaging is so CUTEEEE! Reminds me of my mom who loves Orange and Green together.

Cutest Aqua bow ring from Forever 21. I love Forever 21 because you can get trendy and cute items with :heart:

My Friday Haul~ No purikura because of this! Haha

And my tissue “haul” =)))) courtesy of people near the JR SHINKUKU station! : )) I love getting free tissues!

My Inspiration to work hard after my language school. I have convinced myself to buy another camera that’s cheaper, but nothing compares with this heaven-sent Nikon 1!



5 thoughts on “Forever 21 X Matsumoto KiYoshi Haul

  1. UGH. I get what you mean about the disease part! Right now I am so obsessed over buying cookbooks and I am also saving up for another camera, a point and shoot, for the days I’m lazy to bring around my SLR. God forbid I go on a fashion-related shopping mood anytime soon. The result will be bankruptcy. T_T

    If only money grew on trees!


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