Hobonichi With Me + How I Study Japanese + Stationery Lucky Bags?!

Hi all! おはようございます from the land of the rising sun!

I’ll just share some recent video + shop updates (in case you missed them, lol) ~

2018 has been pretty good. A little more tiring than usual but I’m very motivated!

VIDEO: Hobonichi Techo With Me | Sakura, Unicorns, & Pastel Rainbows ( ほぼ日手帳 ) | Rainbowholic ?

Last Christmas, I challenged myself to make a “12 Days of Kawaii Journaling & Crafting Series“. The struggle to produce one so often actually trained me! Now, I don’t mind making time to create videos everyday (either I film or edit, or both haha) ~

I hope that I can keep up with this pace though! I’m really taking advantage of my current motivated self, lolol ~


Added a ton of new packs / sets / boxes at my Japanese Stationery Online Store, Rainbowholic Shop!

#RainbowsForMyDad: Japanese Stationery LUCKY BAG [FLAT RATE AIRMAIL SHIPPING]

#RainbowsForMyDad: Sakura Sticker Packs now available ~ 

VIDEO: How I Learn Japanese + Study Tips (JLPT N4/N3 Level) | Rainbowholic



If you are curious about my Japanese Study Materials, I hope that this video will be helpful!

I use / save these infographics done by Valiant Japanese too. Very, very USEFUL!

Let’s study Japanese!

VIDEO: Hobonichi Techo With Me | Shinzi Katoh Washi + 100 Yen Doodle Book ( ほぼ日手帳 ) ?

My favorite KAWAII pocket-size notebooks are now available! I really searched for these~ lolol

Love the lazy egg? Join the Gudetama Box giveaway here!

VIDEO: How To Make Washi Tape Sampler Cards ( マスキングテープサンプルカードの作り方 ) | Rainbowholic ?

Left: Bless this siomai / siumai (?) set from Lawson 100 yen store

Right: I love laminating machines lol

See you on instagram! @rainbowholic

… and that would be all for now!

Until the next post ~ ^^v

Love, カイラ

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