Vivid and Golden Fourth of December in Tokyo Daigaku

Today was one of my biggest days as a Japanese Language student. I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N3 together with other hopefuls. I actually crammed for a week… but I was able to cover at least 3 books. All of these three were just finished this morning! For the whole week, I just focused on Kanji characters hoping that I would gain photographic memory skills… but yeah, I had to exert a lot of effort because I’m not really the natural genius-type of a person.  :tsk:


I couldn’t sleep when I woke up from my nap last night.. so I headed out and ate my early breakfast at our town’s Matsuya. Went to Mcdonald’s to review for a while.

This doll head was a gift from my Tokyo Fashion friends : ) I get so happy when I receive unusual gifts! I promised to them that I would wear / bring this on the JLPT day as a lucky charm of some sort (for my Kanji memory).. and I did. Haha


I asked my brother to take a quick snapshot of me while waiting for the Rapid train.. and a woman just passed by in front of us.

How rude. Well, not really! As you can see on my face.. haha. So embarrassing!


The test took place in TODAI! Tokyo Daigaku or Tokyo University. It’s the most prestigious school here in Japan.. or is it the second placer now?

My brother was weirdly happy to take pictures of me. So I gladly obliged and made poses without a care in the world. Haha

Left: Me trying to achieve that graduation-themed stock photo effect;

Right: Awkward pose with a plastic bag (that’s my lunch haha)


I love how vivid this day was! The sky was so CLEAR, I was wearing a lipstick red coat with my favorite polkadot shoes..

Attention-seeker..not. Haha. Actually, this outfit is quite simple compared to my everyday school-attire ones. I didn’t want to think much about other irrelevant stuff besides N3 review so I just grabbed a pair of skinny jeans, basic white polo, and my favorite red things.


My brother was too happy to take cheeky photos of me! Haha

(more narcissism)


I love how these pictures feel like- “I’m an incoming college freshman student!”

I love how iPhone takes decent blog-worthy photos! No editing!

It kinda felt surreal, I only see places like this in movies!



My brother asked me to jump and people were staring as usual : ))



It was my first time to see a golden path like this! Everyone was marveling at the trees’ beauty and taking photos of this walkway!


So dream-like!


Taken after taking the second part of the test… which was the hardest part! Grammar and READING @_@


There were a bunch of Vietnamese people there and one was nice enough to take a photo of me! Haha. My hands were really COLD @__@

Finally, I’m eligible to say that.. it’s CHRISTMAS! I’ve done my best in my test, and I don’t care if I pass or not. If I really do, that would be really a blessing! If I don’t, I’ll just focus myself to be able to speak in Japanese with confidence.. ~

Can’t wait for every awesome thing that will happen in this season!


3 thoughts on “Vivid and Golden Fourth of December in Tokyo Daigaku

  1. I have much faith in you! I’m sure you did good job on your test. Such a lovely school, too. The trees really are gorgeous! And lastly, even your “simple” outfits look so cute :nod:

  2. Uwaaa~ I’m pretty sure you did well! :cheer: OMG I WOULD LOVE TO WALK ON THAT GOLDEN PATH. :heart: And aww ate you look so cute in your pictures aww. ;w;


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