Kawaii Lifestyle Blogger Kaila

Let me introduce myself.

Kaila Ocampo is a kawaii lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Saitama-ken, Japan.

Originally from Manila, Philippines, Kaila pursued her cherry blossom dream in the land of the rising sun after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Advertising Management in 2011. She studied Japanese at Bunka Institute of Language in Shinjuku, Tokyo for a year before she went full-time to work at Japonisme International.

She launched and founded Japan Lover Me and Kawaii Philippines. She is passionate about sharing her love and appreciation for Japan and Kawaii culture. She loves coming up with creative gimmicks through online / social media marketing.

As a self-taught webpage designer at the young age of 14, she was able to build e-commerce websites out of curiosity by tinkering html & php codes. A decade later, who would have thought that she would become the creative director of Japan Lover Me Store, an online store that sells curated Japanese antiques & vintage souvenir jackets from Japan to anywhere in the world.

During her free time, she teaches English to Japanese kids. Through teaching, she has developed her untapped skill in public speaking. Now, she also creates and produces her own video content about Japan, kawaii culture, journaling, stationery, arts & crafts, positivity, and all things Rainbowholic with both Facebook and Youtube as her platforms.

She has appeared in various media outlets such as NHK World Kawaii International, IBC13 ChinaTown TV, Tokyo Extra (TBS), and Girl City by China Daily.

Through Rainbowholic, she wishes to inspire people of any gender or age to never give up on their craziest dreams.


Photo by Frentee

カイラは、フィリピンのマニラ出身で日本の埼玉県に本拠を置く『かわいい』ライフスタイルブロガー、コンテンツクリエイター、Japan Lover Me、Kawaii Philippinesの創設者。



  • 幼少期に日本のアニメや『かわいい』文化を通して日本へ行きたいという夢を抱く。
  • 14歳の時に独学でウェブページデザインを学び、電子商取引のウェブサイトを作れるようになる。
  • フィリピン私立最高峰のデラサール大学で広告経営を専攻し2011年に卒業。小さい頃からの憧れである日本へ来日。
  • 新宿にある文化外国語専門学校で日本語を一年間勉強後、ジャポニズム・インターナショナルで働き始める。



現在は日本のアンティーク&ビンテージジャケットを世界中に販売しているオンラインストア「Japan Lover Me Store」のクリエイティブディレクターとして働く傍ら、自由時間の間に英語教師として子供たちに英語を教えたり、自分のネットショップを運営。そしてFacebookとYoutubeをプラットフォームにしたRainbowholic(日本、カワイイ文化、ジャーナリング、文房具、芸術工芸、モチベーション)に関する様々なビデオコンテンツを制作しています。