100 Yen Cuteness and Cherry Blossoms

I love 100 yen shops. You can find the cutest and most benri (convenient) treasures in there!

They have more Fork Picks (フォークピックス)there! In all cute possibilities @____@

Found a doughnut maker using a microwave.. :love:  First time to see something like this!

レンジで!ドーナツ!(Renji de! Donatsu!) Microwave Donuts’ ingredients  :tongue:

Cutest sushi roll maker! <3 I have something to do on Friday yayyyy!!


And out of nowhere, a sakura garland! Haha. Only God knows how much I love this flower / tree.. <3

Guess what I bought this for..?

:happy: What do you think?

My Mac looks prettier now! Reminds me of my Rainbowholic Sakura room in the Philippines..

(this looks so different now! Huhu)

When everyone in tumblr is installing christmas lights… I’m growing a Sakura tree? : )))

Makes my workplace so peaceful and encouraging for some reason. : )


Have a great week, my friends~  :heart:


9 thoughts on “100 Yen Cuteness and Cherry Blossoms

  1. Ooooh doughnut maker… *___* Japan really has a lot of weird yet very cool stuff…. :cheer:

    I thought you were going to make it a headwrap… =)) But it’s fine on your Mac!! :3 It looks so pretty wahhhh~~ :heart:

  2. Those are really cute. 🙂 Japan really has got to be the land of cuteness. :heart: I’m sure the donuts you’ll make are going to taste good, and I’m excited to see the sushi rolls you’ll be making. Post a picture, okay! :3 :yay:


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