5 Days in Thailand + Missed Flight ? (Huhu) + Narita Airport Tour ✈️

Hi all! おはよう from Japan!

I have some free time this day so I want to sit down and start the Thailand Blog series already. Yay!

We booked our flights to Thailand 3 months ago. Since Aki is working at a company (his industry is really far from mine haha), he only has some days off during the year. For this summer vacation, we first thought of going to Hawaii / Okinawa. When we found out that Thailand would be waaaaaay more affordable, we decided to go for it! I was also going through a lot of transition that time so anything that’s more affordable was really favorable to me, haha!

VIDEO: Watch our Thailand VLOG here

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Thailand Summer Trip!

Our flight for Bangkok was at 10:00 AM last August 26. Because many things happened that morning (we overlooked the email), Scoot didn’t allow us to check-in and board! We paid 30K JPY each for our one-way flight! (when you thought you saved more.. lol) ;_; We just missed 5 minutes of the check-in time…omg. We didn’t even have luggages to check-in. The reason we got few minutes late was that we had to go to the other terminal to get our wifi. 🙁

We even walked around for a bit in the airport (I went to Traveler’s Factory Narita & had the time of my life stamping my pages ahhh lol) after getting the wifi… because we thought we had more time. If only it was emphasized that passengers should check-in an hour before, we would’ve gone straight (I experienced checking-in maybe 40 minutes before with another LCC / low-cost carrier). Of course, it was our mistake but I was just soooo surprised that Scoot Narita airport staff was not very accommodating at all. Though they did talk to us that we should call the “main” Scoot or whatever (I consulted Scoot customer service via phone), it even took more of our time. :O Overall, I don’t think I would recommend Scoot anymore to anyone if you’re gonna fly from Narita. It was my first time to fly with them and if only they were more approachable / accommodating / helpful to clients like us who were in trouble, I would even admire them more. I also handle customer service through my shop / JLM Store and I know how it feels to be a customer who experiences a problem and is not being provided with solutions.

Anywaaay, since there was already the problem, we didn’t want to spoil our trip so early, omg. Haven’t even reached Thailand yet! :)) Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose lol. We found the cheapest airline alternative that day (Air Asia) and our combined outgoing flights were.. 60K JPY in total. OUCHH! It was really painful just because of that 5 minutes!  We learned A LOT from this so when we had to take the flight back to Japan, we were almost 5-6 hours earlier lol.

I’m just thankful that day because we both handled the situation quite well. We didn’t blame nor fight. I think that this is what I like about our relationship.. we’re a team in many ways. Since something screwed up, I called Scoot customer service right away for the solutions (it was non-refundable in the end) and emailed / left my feedback about the Scoot Narita staff on their website. While I was doing that and trying to negotiate, Aki was already looking for flights to book. In the end, we had to rebook and stay a little longer in Narita (our Air Asia flight was 8PM I think). We were just trying to be positive so we just enjoyed Narita & some much-needed rest sleeping on random airport seats. I told him that we should be productive and make a Narita Airport Tour video for my youtube channel lol. So yeah, please watch out for that video! :))

Life, why you test me in sooo many ways?! Lol

Moooving on, here is a cute smiling Pikachu plushie from the Pokemon Center in Narita.

We got cheered up after visiting the store lolol

So much cuteness!

We also had our own Narita Airport foodtrip day. Cannot believe we spent an entire day there! It felt like I was at a mall, haha!

Narita Airport Terminal 2 has Itoya! If you love stationery and you have *enough* time to go around before going through immigration, you should visit their shop! 🙂

Washi paradise!

Super recommended: ROYCE Matcha Almond Chocolate!

I’m looking at you, Fuji-san bag! :)) (From B-SIDE Label pop-up shop)

Giant Rainbow Dream Pocky to make us forget about what happened, lol..



And after a long day at the airport, we’ve finally reached our Airbnb in Bangkok! We took an airport taxi from Don Muang airport since we arrived like 1-2AM at Bangkok. It was raining hard during our arrival too. At 3AM after getting settled.. we went to their local 7-eleven and filled our tummies with food (we walked through the flood). Such a crazy travel experience, lol!

But still, I’m thankful for all the fantastic & not-so-fantastic experiences I’ve gained from this trip! 🙂 I cannot wait to share more stories!

Hope you look forward ~

Love, カイラ

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