A Hello Kitty Affair at Forever21, Shibuya

I was privileged to be sent as Tokyo Fashion‘s press person for Forever21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection! Many thanks to the people who arranged this for me! Thank you Timu-san and Michelle-san of Chubby Bunny!  :heart:

My photos will be posted in Tokyo Fashion’s online accounts so please check those out soon~!

Enjoying the customer/hello kitty fan-free event place by taking pictures here and there

My handy fisheye <3 Fisheye x Prime = bulk-free camera equipment!


Before going home, I braved myself and asked a Japanese photographer to take a picture of me with my awkward Japanese! Hehehe  :heart:

Wore my new Melissa shoes which I got for 1,500 YEN only in a resale shop! <3

Looks pretty but it is DEADLY, haha! I especially love the cute-curved heel/s!

Hello Kitty Press Kit~

Water in this precious Hello Kitty plastic bottle. I’m having thought if I’m going to drink from this in reality hahaha

Snacks, snacks, snacks! Packaging is TOO CUTE

Bought myself a studded and glittery Hello Kitty connector ring! <3

Ok no more allowance for tomorrow @____@

Inside my press kit are these lovelies~

My favorite is the stapler and stationary goods set! I don’t know if I’m going to sniff with this tissue pack @___@

TokyoFashion sent the right person hahahaha I’m such a sanrio fan @___@ I love My Melody the best though 😀

While waiting for the event time, I strolled around for a bit and I found myself in this resale shop.

500 yen for this rainbow scarf! <3 I’m so happy I didn’t use my money on anything worthless today! It was well-preserved until my eyes landed on this scarf..



I love Purikura so much that I don’t mind having my picture taken ALONE hahahahaha

I worked so hard at the top right photo @____@ And it just came out so small in the end. HAY!


Ok I’m tired now.. still have school tomorrow! It’s friday yayyyyy~!


4 thoughts on “A Hello Kitty Affair at Forever21, Shibuya

  1. Omg SANRIO. *_______* :heart: You look so pretty and cute as always, ate~ 😀

    And yes last-minute internet~ XD Stumpled upon this post as I was about to turn off my laptop na ehe =)))

    Oh and the goodies and the rainbow scarf woahhh~ *A*

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I am literally jealous! I love Sanrio too. Hello Kitty is my absolute favorite(you should see my room)! and Cinnamoroll too :33: Those heels are amazing too! Happy weekend to you :heart:


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