A Once In A Lifetime Event

Hello Rainbowholic friends!  :blush:

Just a quick updaaate!

I’m actually in Manila right now (for health concerns + business matters)…

… and my internet is super unstable so I’ll just do this announcement brief (before my pocket wifi dies)!


This coming weekend (May 25 & 26), NHK World’s Kawaii International program will finally air its FIRST Kawaii Leader Project!

Online Streaming (if you don’t have NHK World Cable):


Helpful Link: How to Watch?

*doki doki doki doki*


Airing Schedule

In Philippine Time:
May 25, Sat. 23:10
May 26, Sun. 3:10/7:10/11:10/15:10/19:10

In UTC or Universal Time Coordinated:
May 25, Sat. 15:10/19:10/23:10
May 26, Sun 3:10/7:10/11:10

In JST or Japan Standard Time:
May 26, Sun. 0:10/4:10/8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10

Teaser photos from Kawaii.i’s facebook page.

Wore GALAXXXY items for the KAWAii!! Matsuri runway show!


Will release the full video after the episode airing~  :yay:



There were so many kawaii fans & lovers in the event! This was where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also performed! *_*



Thank you Kaoriさん and Marikoさん for the photos! ^_^


Kaila. Stella. Eva. Marie. Mio.


Please don’t forget to watch us okay? ^^v

Thank you 皆様〜!


8 thoughts on “A Once In A Lifetime Event

  1. eeep, so cool, very excited for you, looks amazing! I must remember to tune in 🙂 Love your runway outfit!

  2. this seems so sureal and amazing *v* omg omg omg!!! you are like the luckiest people alive or something >v< :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  3. :yay: you all look VERY kawaii!!! :heart: :heart: Can’t wait to watch thissss! :heart: :heart: :yay:

  4. Just watched you!! :DD Kakapalabas lang sa NHK world here @ California <3 Congrats po!

  5. omg just watched the show kalia you are so kawaii! :kawaii: Sakura really suited you, you should cosplay again someime! I’m so proud of you and watching you achieve all your dreams is so fun! thankyou so much for inspiring me to achieve all of my dreams! huhuhuhu :yay:


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