A Rainbow Explosion with Super Mario Bros. and Cute Mushrooms!

HAAAAROO~  :kawaii:

What do you think of Rainbowholic‘s new header / layout? It’s still under construction though..  :333: I hope you guys still like it since I enjoyed making this theme~  :blush:



Anyway —

Two days ago, my brother took colorful photographs of me in our mini studio + my rainbowholic room!

Whole loli-overall dress designed and sewn by me. I have finally worn my Rainbow shoes!!

I made the matching mushroom bag + socks! Some accessories were DIY as well. I transformed my boring white beret to a heartful mushroom crown!!

I posted teaser photos here, remember?


I have fangs! : ))


Prepare for a rainbow explosion!!  :yay:

Actually.. this shoot was semi-inspired by my Sam Hart’s Mario Kart Love Song!

Let me seduce you with my awkward stare…

I really love this shot. And my curtains are <3



Bratty Kaila

Every random cuteness in my room :  ))

I love collecting toys! Haha

Messy bed hair = ))





And then my brother threw all the toys at me : )))

“How will I get out of this?”

Getting impatient look : )))))))



OMG ultraman’s position is so WRONG : ))

My remake~ <3

And end of Rainbow explosion…


How are your eyes? : )))


9 thoughts on “A Rainbow Explosion with Super Mario Bros. and Cute Mushrooms!

  1. OMG my eyes are popping out full of cuteness! I loved ALL the photos, and the toys, and the faces you made! So cute! And the dress? OMG so lovely. I wish I could sew one, but I’m not good at sewing outfits, only wallets and purse organizers LOL <3 But i absolutely love the photoshoot and the new header, geez, so nerdy, geeky and cute! Okay, I'm fangirling, time to stop! <3 (oh, I just released an english version of my blog… dunno if you're interested, im just letting you know, because if you ever entered there you probably didnt understand a word LOL) HUGS

  2. Loved all the photos and OH MY GOSH!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A DOLL!!!
    i was so popped when I saw this photos. many kawaii :3

  3. I absolutely love everything. It’s really cute. But I’m DYING to know, where did you get the rainbow shoes?? :33:

  4. WOW!! a very creative outfit!! <3 <3 and it looks like the fying pig is kissing you in the 5th pic! 😀 ^_^


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