☆ A Rainbowholic Summer ☆

Enjoy the photospam~  :blush:


I have cute belly / BABY fat 😀



(crazy girl)




Platform sneaks from Rainbowholic Shop

Photographer’s turn  :what:


Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos!

I tried my best to minimize my captions in this photospam since I wanted to just offer colorful visuals and less text.

 We had so much fun in planning and setting up all these. Had a few DIY sessions (hence my week-long absence from Kawaii D.I.Y.) just for this shoot~ ^^v

Watch out for a short & cute video of our summer-themed shoot, to be posted in future entries.



11 thoughts on “☆ A Rainbowholic Summer ☆

  1. Kaila, sino ung mga ibang tao sa photoshoot? I know your Kuya and your Ate Claire, pero who is the other girl? Hahah sorry

  2. Wow amazing! Great job! Totally love the photoshoot! Everything was set up so pretty! :heart:

  3. so colorful and KAWAII!!!
    the rainbows. RAINBOW EXPLOSION!!!
    loved your Outfit 😀
    let’s dive in the pool filled with RAINBOWS 😀

  4. You’re so blessed that your entire family is SUPER GAME!!!! I would love to be part of something like this. 🙂 You’re all so beautiful!

  5. teka ANG GANDA NG LEGS MO, ATE :(((( :heart: And omg Ate Claire and ____ (I forgot her name huhu forgive me) are so pretty toooo~ Nakakalimutan ko parati names nila but omg KAWAII KIDDIE-CHAN ;A; :heart:

    Omg natawa ako kay Kuya Eric :(((((((((((( DA BEST!!!!!

    … Let me just stare at your legs again *______* :heart:

  6. You’re a nice idol and a very cute model, Kaira 😀

    I have one question : Does your brother (who seems always with you XD) enjoy and like the same things as yours ? Same tastes ?
    It’s like the Rainbow Family XD

    ~Luve, Hiro


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