A Surprise Birthday Present From India + The True Essence of Kawaii by Asmitha

 Hello Rainbowholic friends & readers ~ <3

How’s the week going? I hope it’s going great! : )


For today’s post, I just want to share this super tear-jerking kawaii box I received from a 16 yr. old reader from India, Asmitha!

Actually, I’ve already receive a love mail from Asmitha-chan before~ and she sent me a drawing, letter and sweet little gifts! :”)


She asked for my mailing address through this love mail contact form before. I’m not sure though but I think that we did exchange emails (forgive my poor memory huhu) and she told me she’s going to send me another one? Or was it my imagination? Hahaha : )) Nevertheless, the contents of this birthday box really SURPRISED ME! *_*


Actually, I got the package last week but I had a lot of deadlines that time. : (

I’m so happy that I opened it a little bit later because it felt like a “reward” after I finished my tasks!

She gave me so much handmade love + letters of encouragement! ;_;

Let me cry for a minute again ahuhuhu


Actually, I didn’t have any birthday cake last time (le familia, why did you forget? LOLOL but we did make a rainbow cake video tutorial in advance.. hahaha) : ))

So I thought I’d never receive a cake again, but here ya go~ a kawaii and glittery one from a reader in India. ;_;



Looks like Kero-chan also loves the handmade fluffy bow, hihihihi


Spot the newest addition~ the handmade onigiri + Rainbow blythe dress (she sent to me before)


Thank you for the donut with confetti sprinkles hihihi


Selfie with the artwork. Bare-faced woo! :))

I haven’t put on make-up for weeks now… because *winter* :))


TULIPS <3 Thank you for making me these! TULIPS ARE MY FAVE (next to sunflowers, maybe)


I have a huge feeling that this 16 yr. old Kawaii Girl will change the world someday.

She thinks so differently, unlike other girls who are in the same age… : ))

I’m rooting for you, Asmitha-chan! : )

Thank you for sharing your favorite quotes! :”)


“There  are many wonderful things that will never be done if you never do not do them.” – Charles D. Gill


“It’s not because things are difficult we do not dare; it’s because we do not dare, that things are difficult.” – Seneca


And lastly, what REALLY surprised me is this essay she wrote about “Kawaii Girl @ Heart”.

Many blog entries ago, I asked my readers about what they think about the kawaii girl at heart here.

And wow, Asmitha wrote a beautiful essay about who I also think kawaii girl is! : )


Thank you for sharing your insights, Asmitha-chan : ) Even if you like it or not, I’ve typed everything for the world to see, hahahaha.

Sorry but you cannot complain : )) It needs to be shared here! 😀

The True Essence of Kawaii / Who is A Kawaii Girl At Heart?


 The word ” kawaii” means “cute” / “loveable” / “adorable” in Japanese. Thus a Kawaii Girl equates to a cute, loveable & adorable girl. But who exactly is a kawaii girl at heart? A Kawaii girl at heart is cute, adorable, etcetera… But what makes her so cute / loveable?

For me, a “Kawaii Girl @ Heart” doesn’t necessarily dress up in cute clothes and wears cute makeup. She is more than just that. A Kawaii Girl @ Heart is Kawaii inside as well as outside. It doesn’t matter were she’s from, what she does, how old she is, etcetera. A Kawaii Girl @ Heart is one who spreads sunshine into the hearts of others. She is someone whose mere presence has the ability to light up the entire room with the positive energy that she spreads.

She is still a child @ heart. Though age wears away the innocence and curiosity of childhood, it’s still there. To her, age is just a number. To her, the world still is the magical wonderland it was to her when she was younger. Sometimes, circumstances might chase that viewpoint, but it’s still there. She is a big dreamer, and she works hard and achieve them, too.  Even if she doesn’t always feel so, she is FEARLESS. She works on her dreams & inspires others to do the same.

A かわいい Girl at Heart is creative. She finds joy in immersing herself in fun & cute activities, be it in the form of art, craft, music, photography, or any other medium.

She has a keen stare of beauty. To her, beauty is equally in the little things as well as the big things. She is able to see beauty in almost anything, in rainbows, in flowers, in laughter… to her, kawaii is everywhere. It’s in the clouds, in the tinkling of wind chimes, in sunshine & in the rain. It’s all around her.

And through kawaii, she is able to discover it IN her, too.

No matter where she is, in her heart, she is in the land of rainbows, unicorns, snowflakes, trees made of cotton candy, oceans of chocolate, the land of bunnies, babies & butterflies– music, dancing & fireflies. Where service, love and happines are celebrated any day, where the days are filled with warm (but not hot) sunshine and cool summer breeze, and nights filledw with coziness and the sky illuminated with a gazillion sparkling stars. She is a pixie from the wonderland who brings along sunshine of baskets full of glitter, confetti and cherry blossoms to the world.

But what makes her the most beautiful is the fact that she is not perfect. She makes mistakes. Sometimes, the same, again & again. She might take wrong decisions. She might feel confused, disturbed… but even among the darkness she manages to open the window and bring in the sunshine. Even with all her imperfections, she is perfect.

A girl may be a bit*** of a narcissistic selfie queen or a hoarder of kawaii goods, but she is still a kawaii girl. A girl may not be able to afford cute stuff / clothes / make-up, but she is still a kawaii girl.

A girl may no longer clarify  as “girl” in the eyes of people, but she is still a kawaii girl.

She can be anywhere & everywhere.

To me, this is  who a kawaii girl at heart is.

A kawaii girl at heart… can be anyone.

And it is this kind of Kawaii Girl I strive to be.


(P.S. Sorry for the lengthy essay & description of what must obviously be my idea of wonderland .. (cotton candy trees & chocolate oceans, FTW XD).. and my crap handwriting.

And now I’m going to fold this page, put it in the box & seal it before I change my mind.)


*applause* *confetti* *applause*

With or without all the surprises I’ve received, I feel so relieved & overwhelmingly happy to know that my younger generation of kawaii girls already have this mature kind of thinking / perspective. :”)

Sadly, during my time when I was around her age… I used to see or view “kawaii” as an expensive / luxurious lifestyle I could not achieve.. until I had the enlightenment, hehehe. Now.. after reading this essay, I feel sort of proud (not that sense of bragging, hehe) because all of my hard work in this blog.. all the times I have opened up myself for the world to see and read my thoughts about kawaii more than looking like it and other stuff I have put effort on.. wow, these did really make some impact in others’ lives? Blogging about my dreams, small & big victories, kawaii photo spams… *_* This was only an outlet for me and I didn’t expect it to transform into someone’s source of energy / motivation. ;_;

Asmitha dreams of going to Japan as well someday, and I can feel that she is going to make it happen (she wrote to me many personal letters that are of course, for my eyes only haha). With such vigor and great zest for life, this kind of attitude will land her in many places.  I can’t wait to meet you here in Japan, Asmitha! : )

Thank you for allowing me as Rainbowholic / “Ate” Kaila / Kaila Nee-chan to influence your life in a positive way.

I’ve had many achievements before, but this one definitely tops it all. 🙂


ありがとう from the bottom of my kokoro, 


4 thoughts on “A Surprise Birthday Present From India + The True Essence of Kawaii by Asmitha

  1. OMGGG YOU POSTED THE ESSAYY O/////////_///////////O AAAAAAAH I DIDN EXPECT THATTTT *Hides in a corner*
    I’ve always felt so happy and near to crying before, but this time I really cried!!!!!!!!!ugggghhh ;w; *Teeth chatters*
    Thank u so much for inspiring me..And teaching me who a kawaii girl really is ;_; Thank you for making me a better/more postive person,That too without us even meeting ever O_O Thank you,thank you so muchhh ;_;
    ;_; .<

  2. And no,I don’t recall saying I’ll send a love mail again,Haha this box was meant to be a suprise!Maybe you have psychic powers!
    P.s- Gah looks like some of the beads of the bow and the confetti on the doughnuts fell of >.<

  3. @Asmitha: OMG, i must be a psychic then! Hahaha! Ohnoes : )))

    Sorry but the WORLD has to read your essay so there. Hopefully no typographical errors : )))

    Thank you again dear Asmitha-chan! <3


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