Adrenaline Rush + HFW no. 15 + Be@rbrick Surprise with Project 1/6 + ETC

こんにちは〜! :yay:

I’m currently taking a break from working on my current project. Phew~ 大変だけど、嬉しいです

I can’t believe how so many things can happen in just a month!  :blank: Seriously, sometimes I think that days have become too short. *_*


Anyway.. here’s a rather complicated outfit photo for my HFW (Harajuku Fashion Walk) work for! I just finished the video today and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Please wait for the article to come out, hihi~

Coordinate details:

JSG Unicorn Hoodie, MOMO knit top, Les Fantaisies Tights, Rilakkuma Canvas Tote bag from, SWIMMER shoes  :heart:


Last January, though it was my birthday month.. I was actually having a LOT of  down days because of personal reasons. YUP, optimistic people like me do get depressed too.  :x: but…  after drowning myself with endless self-motivation quotes & engaging myself with various creative outlets…… each and every single day, I could feel that I was getting better and better. ^^

I guess that what they say is true… hitting “rock bottom” in your life really does empower you more. It’s the PERFECT time you can pause & reflect, filter your thoughts & drain all the negative emotions, reflect & refocus your goals. Then once you’re all set & you feel that* adrenaline rush, you can restart your car engine until it works again.. then you continue your trip or you take the detour you planned instead. Hehe~ don’t worry when I really feel 10000% better (can’t wait for the day when I’d just laugh about the unfortunate things that happened to me), I’ll write a motivational post for my readers (who might be experiencing something similar). I’ve always wanted to share a more personal / relatable entry anyway.  ^^v


On a different note, something really, really great happened a few days ago.. but I have to keep it for myself first. ;__;

Never thought there would be a day I’d prepare a short Rainbowholic presentation.. and in Japan! The meeting went so great that I even had a spontaneous crybaby moment out of  happiness. Yes, I also cry when I’m too happy (ureshisugi)!!  Had to contain myself after because my eyeliner wasn’t waterproof.. hahaha #girlproblems

Another fact about myself is.. I actually like doing presentations.  Reminds me of my advertising thesis days.. which is still probably the best presentation I did (yet) with the best team I could ever be with (hi Gracie & Patrick!!) ^^


Easy Kawaii D.I.Y. time with modes4u’s puffy Rilakkuma stickers + Instacollage on iPad (best for making mood boards, etc.)  ^^


Left: Spring is just around the corner!! And I really love this photo, so I’m sharing it.. hehe

Right: Had to take a rest for a whole day because I had a gallbladder attack (ohnoeeeee) triggered by that stupid cheese biscuit + lack of sleep! I became a Rilak..kaila that day. (my lame humor is killing me ugh)

Harajuku Fashion Walk #15 Sneak Peek

Here’s a teaser photo of the HFW last weekend ~

I’m part contributor and part HFWalker, haha. 😛

Had meaningful life conversations with もりさん! This is why I love being with my friends, we always have the best conversations over great food. Love the perks, haha! ^^v

After that, I, of course, had to go visit KIDDYLAND. Second happiest place on Earth next to Tokyo Disneyland. Hehehe~

Want to collect all of these!! I actually had a lot of lip creams with me before they decided to mysteriously disappear. Huhu..

Had to buy that Rilakkuma oil blotting sheet pack. :)) *forever an impulsive Rilakkuma shopper*

Fool your friends with these koara no machi nomnom’s.. hahaha



Probably the cutest and fluffiest camera bags ever!! *_*


*touches the huge red be@rbrick*

Visiting this corner every time I can.. to inspire myself to do my best -> to earn money -> to fulfill my vinyl toy room dream (in the far future, hahaha)


I really, really love the hamburger bearbrick. And Kyary’s of course. And Shoko’s too!

So expensive! *_*

Stairway to Kawaii heaven…

Rilakkuma, I want your relaxing life.



Rilakkuma toy watches so cute~


Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma cake + .. Rilakkuma vacuum???

Rilakkuma wears a Kiiroitori shirt!


San-x, you’re really making tons of money because of Rilakkuma!!

oh crap, this is just so cute!!!! OMG!!!!!kfsdja >_<

When I was about to ride the train, I had the best luck that day. I was able to pass by this great indie band called “Cure Rubbish“! I super love this type of bands~

I even recorded a video footage of their song “Hello“~!! Wanna watch it  here?

My impulsive purchases from Rilakkuma store. >_<

Yep, the facial sheets are mecha kawaii too.


Loving this Baby Lips color from Maybelline! The price isn’t bad too~ ^^


Random Daily Stuff

Had to eat healthier stuff (not that I’m complaining, I actually like this healthy lifestyle more).. I finished the strawberries in just 1 seating I think *_*


Super craving for the green tea dougnuts from Doughnut Plant!! + me during work / Rilakkaila time (lazy mode haha)

My expectations and reality photo comparison, haha~

Spent half of the day arranging some of the giveaway winners’ prizes! *_* Really did my best here..

To those who are waiting for the Japan Essay Contest results, please wait guys ;__; Having trouble with time management + filtering / choosing the winners but will try to announce as soon as I can! 🙂


Alice-themed nail stickers I found in a drugstore. A bit pricey for me, huhuhu.. 400-500 yen I think?

Hinamatsuri-themed snacks are all over the stores, super super cute!!


 My LinePlay transformation + a super cool Maneki Neko room *___*

Add me up on LinePlay and let’s visit each other’s rooms~ my avatar is “Kailaroo“. Sadly, my invitation code doesn’t work anymore (and I already spent all my gems huhuhuhu) …


Pastel Rainbows + A Be@rbrick Surprise!


I like mixing two different styles together and here’s what I came up with for a special meeting.

Rainbow cap from Village Vanguard, Les Fantaisies tights, Milanoo lolita shoes, Jumble Store blazer and of course.. Rainbowholic Badge!!


After the meeting in Shibuya, while my brother and I were walking… we saw this store.

You guys already know about my recent Be@rbrick love affair.. and discovering this official Medicom Toy store (Project 1/6) was such a delightful surprise!!

Thank you Shintaro-san for allowing us to take some photos! ^^


Had to take advantage of the huge mirror, haha. I love mirror shots, if you haven’t noticed yet..

400% beauties!!! SPONGEBOB huhu

“Be@rbrickception” :))

Super cute plushies! I think that these plushies are only made available in Project 1/6.

Hi! I don’t like your price. : ))

Finally, my first Rilakkuma be@rbrick and it’s the Happy Be@rbrick with keychain!!

I got another Eva be@rbrick from Series 25. At least the double is Eva.. *comforts self*

White Day gifts are everywhere now..

Hinamatsuri-themed snacks are just.. ;___;

Sadly, I can’t eat these yummy food for the time being. Gallbladder must get better first.. ;_;

Ate this instead.. didn’t have any pain so maybe I’m good with mochi & adzuki beans… hmmm.

Received another sweet parcel from my Malaysian reader/friend, Janice~ thank you so much for these! Made my day ^^

How I start with my videos. Yep, I edit with iMovie.. hopefully there’d be a day when I can understand Final Cut and Premier/After Effects too!

Back to my original lair. *_* SUPER CRAZY PLACE i can’t even.. huhu. I need Kami-sama’s help to clean up everything huhuhuhu

For the past month, I stayed at my brother’s place instead to concentrate on our work / my project… *_* Now I have to face the reality of this mess.. yikes.

And here are photos of a sleepy / groggy Kaila with sunflower patches on her cheeks to end this entry. Hehehe~  :blush3:


That was kinda long, thanks for scrolling until here!


12 thoughts on “Adrenaline Rush + HFW no. 15 + Be@rbrick Surprise with Project 1/6 + ETC

  1. Kimmidolls and Sanrio Lipbalms! & OH MY GAWD ASDFGHJKL RILLAKUMA… ): I want to
    Live there! 😥

  2. your coordinate for the HFW is Kawaii!!!
    and also arigatou for the inspiring word!
    yeah you should blog about inspirational quotes!
    KAWAII!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    rilakkuma DIY KITS!!! :loveheart:
    and I LOVE STRAWBERRIES!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I wanna try those green tea donuts :)) masarap pla yung green tea na kitkat :yay:
    Sana isa sakin dun yung mga packages na malalaki :yay: :heart: :heart:
    I also wanna play Line Play but I don’t have an Iphone 😥

  3. Another Kawaii post! A pity I don’t really like Bearbricks haha. But the Rilakkuma stuff are just :ohnoes: THE VACUUM CLEANER :love: I would probably never use it LOL.

    Do take enough rest despite your busy schedule (:

    With love,

  4. Wah, I never heard about those Be@rbrick, they are really cute! x3
    I specially loved the one you bought, I have a big obssesion with cute keychains, lol

  5. super duper cute x3 I love the last two pictures! 😀
    OOOH the dining set of rilakkuma in the rilakkuma pictures *_*
    Did they have korilakkuma also? I REALLY WANT ONE! 😀 😥

  6. OMG!!! Rilakkuma Store!!! The Paradise!!! *o*~♥

    The Rainbow cap is perfect to you, only need add “the.” “Holic” and “.me” X3 ♥

    hahha, when I edit any video, I prefer use Sony Vegas or Avid, are really simple and work for me.

    Good Post! ;3

  7. I always love to see you updating photos! ^o^ Maybe I couldn’t go to Japan but your photos brought me and made me feel like I’m in Japan right now xD I hope I could fulfill my dream in the future, like you. 🙂 How can you work on I’m really curious since God-knows-when ahahah 😀

    I made a Tumblr account about Japan and I got some photos from your website hehe (I credited you in the description) can I continue it? I wanted to ask you but kept on forgetting so… >__>

    anyway, your room is what I called HEAVEN. :pink:

  8. Oh my gawd! I wanna live like you, Kaila!
    Rilakkuma stores, Kiddyland, bearbrick! Working for TOKYOFASHION? THE tokyofashion? Mieep, want your life!

  9. I wish i can live there one day and meet you! haha. It’s my dream 😀 I love everything you post it’s so kawaii <3 please make a post about how did the first time you made this blog! thanks 🙂 xx

    Love, Riotouslolita

  10. :yay: O M G ! I super want to go to Japan. All of the stuff I love is there ^^ And RILAKKUMA OVERDOSE. WAAAAAAAAAAH.

    Need to finish school here in Dubai anyway. I’m a filipino and I super want to go to JAPAN T.T

    HAHAHAHAHA <3 So :kawaii: :33:


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