All Sorts of Updates (well mostly, haha)


Thank you for the comments and messages regarding my previous (heavy) entry. Glad to know that it was helpful to some people who were/are experiencing the same phase. I apologize if I haven’t responded yet, you guys know me.. I mentally reply to messages. :))

ANDDD don’t worry, I’m super OKAY NOW! So GREAT that I’m about to go crazy with all the projects I have been working on. 😥  Not gonna complain though, this is what I really wanted to be anyway. :blush:

I love being “productive” and creating stuff. Sometimes I do feel like I’m such an over-achiever hahaha… and sometimes, not a normal person/girl =))


I’m just really proud of this big collaborative project I work with the most amazing team (Chichi & Mishie)+ FRIENDS who share the same JapanLove!

(btw, to those who applied, we might take some time to respond because these upcoming weeks are just too busy for all of us *_* super hectic like no sleep huhu)

We take pride in sharing photos that are/were taken by us / collaborators, not just copied or saved from some other sources.

We share quality content provided by us & JapanLovers themselves. 🙂

If you haven’t liked our Japan Lover Me facebook page yet, you should! ^_^ It’s super fun over there, the comments from our fellow JapanLovers .. = ))) lololololol. Love you guys.

Kyoto photos by my friend Justin!

This photo was taken around a month ago for our creative photoshoots for JapanLover. (to be uploaded soon!)

I sacrificed my room’s ~sanity~ (wtf) for JapanLover. Thanks Emika-chan for helping me out on this!

I keep my workplace colorful (messy to some lol) so that I would be inspired to accomplish the tasks. 🙂

Please follow us on tumblr! ^_^

OMG lolololol. Yep, that’s the head trouble-maker! :))

An in depth Harajuku / Takeshita Dori guide is in the works. ARE YOU EXCITED??? 😀

Share your JapanLove with us! ♥

Follow Japan Lover Me on Twitter ( and tweet us why you love japan with the hashtag #ilovejapan by 11:59pm Saturday, April 20!

The 5 most interesting answers will get exclusive Japanlover postcards and a special pin!  :blush:



Okay this one is kinda  unrelated but since this entry is getting more and more random (I am running out of time as I type this huhuhu)..

Let me just promote this..

Rainbowholic gives her full support to KYARY PAMYU PAMYU PH FAN CLUB! ^_~

I sponsored everything so you should join.. and it’s hard for me to let go of that CD.. :)))  I really want this fanpage for Kyary (based in PH) to be successful. ^^

I tried doing the Kyary poses =))

Current room now. Will upload a new room tour video when I’m super free! 🙂

If you haven’t watched our JapanLove video (created by yours truly), you should! You will be able to relate so much 😉

In just one day, we got featured! *_* JapanLove is strong!! 😀

I haven’t uploaded or finished our press release yet and this happened. Uwaaa~ Can somebody give me more time? :O :O

This makes me a proud Advertising Management graduate. HUHUHUHU I’m applying everything I’ve learned in university! *_*

Talking about this >>> Likes =  :heart:  😥

Also …


I would like to thank my friends @ for the support and love. Almost cried when I received a text from them when we were super cramming for the web launch last April 12. *_*


I / (We all) look up to‘s success in spreading the Japanese Street Style to the world… and that is something that I would also like to do with

My friends in are really passionate in introducing quality streetsnaps & fashion reports and of course, I was super inspired and motivated by that.. which also led to Japan Lover Me‘s idea creation. More on that later, I will prepare a special entry!



Here’s a random Late March – Early April video compilation of life’s random moments with sakura overdose.

I really need to end this now because I’m gonna get super late for a once-in-a-lifetime event wherein I would represent Philippines for the first time.

Super big thanks to everyone of you! Seriously, all these current successes.. you guys are a part of it and I will do my best more in everything.

いつもがんばってます~ (Itsumo Ganbattemasu / Always doing my best),


5 thoughts on “All Sorts of Updates (well mostly, haha)

  1. :heart: :heart: Congratulations to all your hard work paying off, Kaila ((: Many thanks to all the JapanLove contributors on board too! :happy:

    With love,

  2. You are a workaholic but with awesome outcomes 🙂
    I loved seeing the behind the scene shot of your photo shoot in your bedroom!
    Super cute

  3. You ar so lucky to be able to do all of this! I wish I could do all the exciting things you do ;v; it seems so wonderful <3 I loved the video you made! Please make more of those 😀 it was so lovely <333


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