AstroGirl Kaila, Cardcaptor Sakura Childhood & Kawaii Haul in the Philippines!

Hello 皆ちゃん!Here’s a very kawaii-packed blog entry to make up for the time I wasn’t blogging~ I have to squeeze in everything in a single post since I will be busy with work projects ;__;

If you haven’t read about my Philippine Trip (Part 1 & 2), you should!

WARNING: Don’t read with an empty tummy!!~ hehe!  :star:



Had to go to Akihabara today for a special meeting with my brother. We stopped over at Ueno as well to relax for a bit.

Today’s look is inspired by one of my favorite oldskool Japan icons, ASTROBOY!


Wore my favorite golden kira kira devil hat from SPINNS! Wore this as well when I was at POP N CUTE!

Why I don’t need rain boots. Shiny black docs will save me from the rain puddle!


Why I can’t be a fashion blogger: stiffness : )))

Btw the bag is from Rainbowholic Shop 😉


So happy that I lost weight and I could fit in my astroboy shirt again!

Interesting panda vending machine in Ueno~

Couldn’t stop looking at this kero-chan inspired keychain!! ULTIMATE CUTENESS!!!

Somebody give me flowery and lacy hats please ;__;

Cardcaptor Sakura Memories

While I was fixing stuff from my room in my home country, I found these collectibles from my childhood!

CCS episodes, Sakura figure, The Clow and CCS casette tape!!  :hug:

And my other tapes : ))) I’m a big fan of M2M!!  :star:


Kawaii Haul From フィリピン!

Why I got broke during the half of my stay.. ;___;

There’s no etude house in Japan (that I know of) so I bought little somethings

Inexpensive cute stuff. Mr. FROGGY, Ramen-like cup and HAPPY Yakult coin bank!

Gift from my mommy!!! ;__; Thank you huhuhu

Never thought I would get a satchel bag from my boyfriend. /loves being spoiled

Cute kitchen decor stuff~

Camera fan for omatsuri’s here in Japan~

Will try nail art soon : ))

Animal magnets and kokeshi dolls!

Rainbow bear from Ate Rej <3 SUPER HAPPY WITH MY TEDDY!!! Arigatou Ate <3


 Thank you for all the cute gifts, everyone ;__; I received a lot during my short stay huhuhuhu why is everyone so sweet ;__;


A Kawaii Surprise from Ate JL!

… and when I got back here in Japan, I received a big paper bag of SWIMMER goodies! You guys know how much I love SWIMMER!!! Arigatou Ate JL!!

Cute clocks and summer sandals~


Thank you for the kawaii surprises!!  :star:


5 thoughts on “AstroGirl Kaila, Cardcaptor Sakura Childhood & Kawaii Haul in the Philippines!

  1. Hello Kaila! It’s Ayei or Feenquegurl before lol! It’s been a long time I’ve stumble unto your super cute layout…I miss everything here reminds me of my old blogging days and glad to know your in Japan now you’re dreams before came true! and all of your stuff are so KAWAII!! I miss you girl! :heart:


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