Autumn Colors + Love Mail Received Around The World + Kawaii Christmas in Japan

Last week, we went to Netherlands.

(just kidding, haha!)


Our place is fortunate enough to have cute landmarks around so we decided to stop by and snap some photos for “fall”.  :heart:

Floppy hat + Neko bag  :yay:



There was a huge field beside the windmill…

Then.. my brother told me I could go to the central part.

Forever gullible as always… I screamed in horror when I found out that the soil was too soft *_*

Good thing the cat flats have a protective cover of some sort :O

Such a beauty. I can imagine couples having prenuptial photos here!

My mini cat bag is actually a freebie from ZIPPER magazine. It’s a collab between CANDY STRIPPER *_*

(a.k.a. the store I can’t afford in Harajuku.. huhu)

I love how the tangerine-colored leaves stood out. Orange x Green x Rust colors will always be a good color combination!


Blessed and Loved

For the past weeks, I’ve been getting many mails from my readers!

This beautiful dreamcatcher is from Brittany! Goodbye nightmares~

Thank you so much for the letter + cute stuff!! I wanna wear the earrings during Spring / Summer!

My special package from Make Amend arrived safely.

Thank you Cassandra for sending these!

Facebook | Etsy | Blogspot <3

Also got some fun JUS 4 KICKS Sneaker blings! Thanks Yana : D

My Malaysian reader Janice sent another package! Thank you, thank you! <3

Sailormoon stickers yay!  :heart:

Just random photo of a “kawaii” toilet paper I received (I receive the most random gifts hahaha) from Fushitani-san of Time Out Tokyo!

Went there last week to have a short meeting. Hopefully our plans will push through ^^


Daily Kawaii + Christmas in Kawaii land, Japan!

Bought these Hello Kitty snacks from Daiso. All are 100 yen! Got the last two as a set.. yay!


Hello Kitty with a Santa hat + Winnie the Santa! Thanks JL nee-chan for the photos 😉


Craving for som GODIVA Ice Cream Truffles.. ahhh.

I love how these sweets are so readily available from kombini!

How the department stores in Japan are preparing for the Holidays..

Everything is super cute!!

Wanna make my chocolate brick house as well!


Cookies and more Christmas cuteness..


Fluffy Rilakkuma and #1 fan haha 😀

Toy poodle Christmas card I found. Next year, I think we will finally get a toy poodle! *crosses fingers*

I forgot what these cards are for but I think these are for the year-end greetings as well. I love how “Japanese” these are! Sakura + Mt. Fuji.. + pretty geisha :3

Samurai’s armor + Dancing Geisha cards

Went to g.u., my new favorite store! Kyary also endorsed this during the Fashion Monster launch!

I think it’s the same company with UNIQLO (they’re making their own competition, haha) and they have inexpensive pieces! I bought a pair of warm boots for 1,000 yen only *_*


Left: First time to see a mix ichigo and vanilla icecream sundae! *_* It’s either matcha or chocolate here..

Right: yummy healthy udon we feasted over.. I love veggies a lot *_*

Doraemon cooler, y’all.

The brown toy poodle is haunting me!! Seriously, when I get my poodle (dogs are freaking expensive here because puppy business is such a serious thing).. I’ll color my hair with the same color. And I’ll do my poodle pig tails haha~

Usually newborn toy poodle dogs cost around 170,000 or so (the price decreases when the puppy becomes older..). The highest I saw was 320,000+ JAPANESE YEN! We asked why and they told us that the mom / dad could be a gifted / talented dog. Apparently, when you look for a dog, you also ask the history *_*

They are so well-taken care of that they also have a special id / number. To my understanding, they put a chip (through injection at birth? I think) for identification purposes for the dog. And there are actually papers *_* /forever clueless

We also asked if dogs in Japan do have rabies, and they told us as of now…  NONE. That made me *_____*

Actually, we also thought of buying or adopting a poodle from another country (Philippines) and just bring the cute one to Japan. But the entire process is so hellish and it will cost you to have your puppy / dog to be flown over.

The vaccination + quarantine in the airport + other taxes make you want to just buy a toy poodle here. My sis-in-law had a similar toy poodle before and we’re waiting for the “discount” period. She got hers for around 70-80k yen. Still EXPENSIVE like hell but it’s just the same when you get a puppy from another country.. *_*

I actually applied for a small dog for adoption before but somebody already adopted “Pepper”. It was a blessing in disguise for me because during that time, I wasn’t totally ready. 🙂

Sigh, I wish I can get my dream toy poodle someday ;_; Some people told me just to get any dog.. but you know, I have to consider my kind of lifestyle too. Even though I love dogs, I’m actually scared of approaching the big ones. I’m the admirer type of dog lover, haha!

Okay, ’nuff of my toy poodle ramblings. -_-

Saw this huge Kewpie for only 1,500 JPY at BOOK OFF! So cuteeeee!

We had a short stay at Starbucks. I miss going to coffee shops just to study for my Nihongo classes :”(

Look forward to..

Here are some teasers for Rainbowholic blog!

Collaboration with Eric of Touchy for a Christmas video. Super fun!

Usaron Dreamy Bunny photo coverage by yours truly.. for Junie Moon.

Which I also got as one of my sponsors for the Big birthday giveaway on January 2013! 🙂


More entries this week~


9 thoughts on “Autumn Colors + Love Mail Received Around The World + Kawaii Christmas in Japan

  1. Kareshi got me those Hello Kitty snacks from Daiso part of my birthday gift, I think he thinks I’m a 5 year old child haha!

    … and Kewpieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. Wuuu I wasn’t here for a long time ;__;
    I’m sorry but my school life is so busy now and I have not much time 😥
    But I always read your blog! And I still love it I don’t think that you’re a bad blogger!!! I know the blogger buisness is hard, I know that, but you’re doing it very good so don’t worty or something!!! There are so many people who love to read what you do in Japan, what fashion you like and even if you turn now out of the cute and crazy Harajuku Style! I like your style anyway! :heart:

    I didn’t see all the photos in this post because I have bad internet in the library of our school :ohnoes:
    But I’m sure that the photos (expecially the christmas related ones :heart: ) I will see them when I’m at home :cheer:
    I’m really looking forward to christmas *____* I love christmas so much! The feeling is so wonderful :heart: :heart: :heart:

  3. WAAH I’m so in love with your blog! :star: Your photos and videos are so cute and well made! Congrats on your awesome work! :hihi:
    You totaly got a reader for life, direct form Brazil!
    Kisses and have a nice december! :33:

  4. The landscape is so cool. it really looks like a different country :yay:
    and also you’ve receive some early christmas presents as well :))
    so excited to view our collab with touchy :yay:
    proud of you nee-chan :yay:

  5. Kailaa~~ Could you tell us when you’re going to make another trip to the netherlands? I would love to meet you!! <3
    xoxo <3
    and oooh the hello kitty snacks! *o*

  6. I love you’r cool finds adn adventures as always. And I hope you cand find the dog of you’r dreams! :fly: :heart:

  7. yes, dogs cost a lot of money, especially if they get injured. the hospital bill might be about the same as for a person. it’s crazy. definitely like having a child.


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