Baguio Weekend at PNKY Cottage + Strawberry Overload!

Hello 皆さん!

I just got back here in Japan 3 days ago.. and the past few days had been such a whirlwind!!

I’m about to go crazy with all the pending work….  ヽ(;▽;)ノ! I’ll share more stories later, once I am settled down. It’s so hard to move around too because of the change of weather (from always-summer weather in Manila to WINTER)! Body, gambatte!! ;_;



Here’s an overdue #rainbowholictravels blog entry, Philippine version! My Singapore Kawaii Adventure series might take some time again.. didn’t realize that my work would triple in a week! A website commission (LMP x Rainbowholic collab), ongoing Kawaii.PH partnership,, Rainbowholic + Rainbowholic Cafe… so help me God. …(•̩̩̩̩_•̩̩̩̩)

Before going back to Japan, my parents and my little bro / cousin had a vacation in Baguio. To those who are unfamiliar with this place (I’m assuming most of you, haha), Baguio is the “summer capital” in the Philippines!


And I would definitely say that it’s the Strawberry Capital / Land in the Philippines too! So many strawberry desserts everywhere!

Baguio  :heart:

My simple #ootd that day~ and wearing my favorite poodle boots from SWIMMER! <3

Ahhhh <3

My family and I had a wonderful stay at PNKY COTTAGE!

Thank you so much Sammy and Magsino family for the assistance ~  :heart:

The cottage comes with complete kitchen / cooking amenities.

(Cottage, 1 bedroom, sala with fireplace, kitchen… for 6 persons!)

PNKY Cottage is located at 5 Sofia de Veyra, Quezon Hill (off Naguilian Rd).

More details here.

What a cozy cozy cozy place!


Brought my favorite books with me. Books + It’s-too-cold-I’m-lazy-to-go-out weather = perfect!

 We only visited Baguio for 2 days. We went to Camp John Hay before heading back~

Spotted, Mochiko!

Oh btw, Kawaii Philippines and Mochiko recently collaborated together! Read the feature here.

Green Tea Mochi! <3



Ate these yummy dynamite rolls from Sumosam for lunch! <3

Discovered this really kawaii Crafts & Decor shop while walking around!! Yaaaay!

They have various offerings in their shop. <3





They also have quirky signs! :))

Yummy strawberry cake (just like Fujiya’s strawberry shortcake!!) from Vizco’s!!

While we were there..


.. we maximized every fun opportunity such as this. Hahahaha! : ))




Searching for “Kawaii” in Baguio.. and spotted these rainbow-colored monkeys haha!

Dreamcatchers! Soooo cute!  :cute2:

And after a day of nonstop strawberry eating, we went back home and called it a day.  :yay:


5 thoughts on “Baguio Weekend at PNKY Cottage + Strawberry Overload!

  1. :yehey: The first thing I was attracted to was the mochi (foodaddict LOL)

    It’s so awesome to be able to see the kawaii around us! I’m still trying :hug:

    Ganbatte with all your work! 😀 You can do it!

    With love,

  2. oh gosh, I have never tried Mochi before, but I want to do it sometime! Love your “strawberry theme” going on here :3
    Also, good luck with all your work! you are so talented and lovely I am sure you will manage just fine 😀

  3. waaaaah. I’m gonna visit those places when I go to Baguio again this year :heart:
    oo nga noh dapat strawberry capital ang tawag sa baguio! the best parin ang strawberry taho! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    sana rin nag banka kayo tas nag skate 😀
    nagskate kame non tapos nadapa ako 😥 d parin ako natuto 😥
    first time eh :yay: pero sana matuto narin ako :blush:
    sna rin nag horse back riding kayo neechan :blushh:


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