Because I have been a good girl…


I just came back from my 1-week Christmas trip /  reunion with my boyfriend (after 6 long months) in Hongkong! I had lots of surprises from last week and the following below are the highlights!  :heart:

I promise to post more about our holiday vacation (planned this way back. and omg it did come true  😥 It was hard trying to keep this as a secret!) on my next posts. I don’t even know where to start @_____@

My first santa was Carlo.  :heart: We have been together for almost a year.. and the sad part is, the time we’re away from each other is >>> from the time we became official. HUHUHU

I don’t know how he saved up for my mini diana (from my wishlist since forever!!).. but he did. It started with a tag on facebook.. and the tag became a real gift. Y U SWEET

He was telling me to open the cabinet for my gift, and there IT WAS. HUHUHUHUHUHU  :yay:

(the chocolates were commanded to be bought so.. = ))) the ferrero rocher doesn’t really count as a surprise hehe )

I went home alone all the way from Narita… and while I was a way, Santa came by and fixed my room!

Even my duffy bears are welcoming me huhuhuhuhu

Thank you so much Ate Claire  :heart: Ate Claire is my brother’s (sweet) girlfriend 8D



And then… while I was fixing some stuff in my room, I found this unopened package..

I went @_____@ when I saw the contents! Caro from Sweet Streets LA sent me two gigantic / adorkable Hello Kitty bows from Chubby Bunny!!!!

Sweetest girl ever!!!!

Coincidentally, I also bought pairS of hello kitty glasses during my trip. And a new iPhone case to match. More on my HK shopping haul later!

:starru:   :star:

Just when I left for Hongkong, my brother sent me a photo of a package from Philippines…

It’s from Anne Kate! One of the lucky winners of my Dream Website giveaway from before….

Art <3

Also received cute usamimi headbands from her little shop, RamenBoy Shop. Super cute!! Thank you so much for sending this all the way from there!


I shall update again later~ Thank you so much everyone ;___;

4 thoughts on “Because I have been a good girl…

  1. kaila ang bilis nasa jpn ka na ulit…
    hahaha super subaybay ako sa pics nyo ni :heart: sa fb ang cute cute cute nyo talaga :loveheart:

    lapit nyo narin mag anniv yeee~~~

    hehehehe glad you liked my present hahaha super gulat rin ako na ang bilis dumating jan e. kasi sabi nung girl 2-3weeks daw so I expected na mga week ng bday mo dadating kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko “owelpapel kung late na” tas bgla na palang dumating jan haha

    nag HK rin ako last month with fam… so nice there 🙂


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