Big Red Bows + My Niece Chisa Andrea with Rilakkuma! + Daily Kawaii

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all genki there~! Please pray for the safety of the people who got affected by Sandy hurricane.. :sob: The photos in the web are so scary ;_;

Anyway~ I’m just taking some time off from work. Don’t be fooled by my facebook page updates, I’m actually very busy these days (& I apologize for the late email replies, etc.).. Ever since after my two trips + hospital stay, have to earn everything back again or else, I won’t be going back home to Philippines to spend Christmas + my birthday! 帰りたい〜!!

It’s still far away but I need to save a lot from now on… *gambarimasu mode*!!

After work, we went out for a bit.. decided to dress up because I rarely “go out” anymore ;_;

I just got my iPhone changed for iPhone 5!! Omg, the camera is amazing! My past iPhone was an iPhone 4 and it was soooo slow because of my undeleted 8,000 photos : ))

Got to spend a day at work with my niece, Chisa <3

Strawberry Baby

My sis-in-law brought Chisa’s halloween costume so I brought out all the mini Rilakkuma stuffed toys I had..

Ichigo Chisa~!

Look at her big eyes! I think all the Japanese girls will be jealous of her natural round eyes. 😛


Strawberry party with Rilakkuma!!


Can you imagine me and Chisa dressed up together? Hahaha!! I think she’ll be fashionably spoiled  😛

Random Random~

Here’s my pretentious teenager self-photo. : )) I love no make-up / bed hair days!

Can you guess my age..? : ))  :tongue:

Meiji’s MELTYKISS CHOCOLATES ARE BACK!!!!!!!! I love the green tea chocolate the best!!

New kawaii food by LOOK! The scallop edges make it 100000x cuter!

(idk why I’m reviewing Japanese food packaging, haha)

 TOPPO flavors with Pocky.

Tiramisu TOPPO looks TASTY!

Added more stuf for the Rainbowholic Halloween Giveaway~!


I guess that would be all for now, back to wooooooork!


13 thoughts on “Big Red Bows + My Niece Chisa Andrea with Rilakkuma! + Daily Kawaii

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah :3
    you’re look is soooooooooooo KAWAII :yay:
    I want the sock/tights soooooo much because it’s red, my fave color :heart:
    I want those stuff toys soooooooooo much :3
    Chisa-chan, so cute and really adorable :3 loved her strawberry costume :3
    wow!!!you’ve changed your Iphone to Iphone 5 😀
    I wanna try all those strawberry flavored snacks soooooo much because strawberry is my fave flavor :333:

  2. カイラの靴下がとてもかわいいです! :nod:
    As for earning money – がんばってください!You can do it!

  3. Wow so so cute 😥 😥 :heart: . Nice, iPhone 5, how much is it there in Japan?!! Well.. I am pretty much sure you can earn everything back. Hehehe

  4. Your niece is soooo cute!! and the hurricane sandy looks horrific, luckly here on the west coast we were not effected, but please do pray. :heart:

  5. Chisa-chan’s so cute OAO Ang ganda ng mata niya omg di niya na kailangang mag-contacts paglaki niya :((((( inggit huhu joke

    Cute outfit, Ate!! Ganbatte haaa~ (So we can meet na rin hihi) I’M ALWAYS HERE TO CHEER FOR YOUUUUUUUUU :heart: :heart:

    And omg ang mahal ng Toppo dito kaya never ko pa siya natry ;A; Is it yummy? :((( And omg Melty Kiss :heart:

  6. iwant th rilakkuma sooooooooooo bad!where did you buy that heart eye wear? :kawaii: :heart: :blush: :cheer:


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