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After contemplating over the weekend whether I should buy the latest produced book by Junie Moon / Ms. Junko Wong (CWC), I’ve finally decided to buy it! It’s a bit pricey but after seeing the whole guide, I can say that it’s definitely worth your money (that is, if you have keen interest in Blythe dolls like me!). Too many photographed Blythe dolls from year 2001 (Big-eyed and Beautiful), cross collabs with Japanese brands like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Clamp (creators of Card Captor Sakura / xxxHOLIC), and a lot of pretty doll dresses spilled on the pages! I also bought it so I can practice my Katakana and kanji reading, since I need to speed up my Japanese reading skills. :blushh:  Since I have interest in this material, it would be effective for me. :hihihi:

I used to buy the monthly Popteen magazines but I realized that I can just read and scan over those in Bunka’s bookstore  / library (reading is freeeeeee). Now, I’m investing in doll-related magazines since one of my dreams is to become a doll fashion designer someday / work in this creative industry. Crazy dream.. and it scares me too. Haha but what the hell, right? : ))

Below are some of my favorite pages. Teasers of the whole guide!

I love how the guide was layout-ed. And the doll photography is AMAZING

Ichigo Heaven

Precocious Candy’s Mushroom (I love her HAIR)

My little Candy (reminds me of Kumamiki)


Petite Blythe overload omg

Vintage and nautical, I’m loving this!

Such a big year for Blythe <3

There’s my Blythe, Kumiko!

That’s all for the teasers~


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