Bows and Keys

For a change, this isn’t an overdue post!

Thought I should update the blog because the next post would prolly be written next weekend (or later) because of BIL’s international camp this Wednesday. This is one of those instances when you should be studying for 2 quizzes the next day.. but you decided to just blog. まじめながくせいじゃない。。

Hello slr, why did you focus on the electric fan @_@

I have finally unpacked my luggage from my trip! (don’t judge me)

AND i got to do house chores today! I cleaned my room! I vacuumed the carpet! I folded the laundry!

I am one independent woman : )))

This is me in my lazy days at home..

It’s getting hotter and hotter in Japan now 🙁

On sewing and other stuff

Last night, I was feeling creative and decided to finally start on my planned self-improvement (not really) projects.

Made a red bow clip : ) Might make a quick and easy tutorial on how to make your own bows : )

Bought materials for my own accessories. I love keys because of Cardcaptor Sakura.. do not judge


7 kumi (class 7)

This is a random day in my class. I love how we’ve become close despite the language barrier. Truthfully, sometimes I ‘d feel insecure about my lack of nihongo (“pick-up”) skills..

I seriously envy my Chinese classmates who can easily understand kanji / chinese characters. Also, it’s hard to be the only Filipino in the whole school especially when you need to express and address your problems on a certain topic. Even so, gambarimasu~!


Feeling too creative than usual

This is my fresh morning face (just gotten out of the bed)

Got inspired and made this pair of candy earrings. Planning to make a lot of this sort, and probably get to sell them online here in Japan.

If I get to make more (despite the hectic schedule), I’m going to setup my mini online store with my own creations.. and hopefully, get to join Design Festa : )

I know these plans aren’t that solid yet, but announcing or declaring them to world has some magic to make them come to reality. Tried and tested by my Japan dream~



Because it was friday, I decided to tour myself around Parco (a mall near Urawa station). Found this interesting bag! how awkward my posture! ahaha

Seriously, I can stay hours and hours and maybe forever ogling at these pretty stuff.

When I was in elementary, I managed to build my own sticker and stationary collection.

Planning to resurrect my previous sticker collector self… demo.. okane ga nai : |

Awesomesauce corner I found in a store (no annoying saleslady so I took my time).. actually, there aren’t annoying salesladies in Japan. Only in da Pilipins.

Saw the legit polaroid + films. Then a mini digital camera that’s smaller than your id @_@

Planning to save up and buy myself this candy camera. WAIT FOR ME!!!! Don’t go anywhere.

Recently, I’ve been addicted to collecting cute small deco stuff… ahhh dainty buttons

From a 100 yen shop : )

Carebearssss only for 100 yen!

Since I don’t have a sewing machine with me right now (mine is left in the Philippines.. voltage is different and shipping is a hassle)..

This will do for now. Sewing set, you will be maximized!

I’m a kumicky fan and the cover looks so nice.. so I couldn’t resist @_@

I love Japanese magazines!

The power of makeup and contact lenses.

I’m really sporting the nautical look <3


Took photos of other interesting pages in the magazine but I think it’s about time that I actually start on reviewing for my quiz tomorrow. HAAYYY


Ja matta!



4 thoughts on “Bows and Keys

  1. Ommo the red bow & candy earrings are so cute~ @w@ And ohmygosh pretty cameras. *___*

    Ganbatte on your quiz, ate~! 😀 :heart:


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