Brighter Than The Usual + Periwinkle Ruffles and Flowers

Simple and comfortable outfit for a sunny day! <3

Had my hair colored yesterday! So happy that it wasn’t DIY this time.. (because I suck at coloring my own hair) .. and no doubt, pampering yourself does wonders!


It felt so great to have “new hair”! Haha, call me shallow or whatever but it was one of the refreshing feelings ever.  :heart:


Periwinkle Ruffles and Flowers

I went to Klara’s 4th Birthday Party for my first “Twinkle” work ever (more details later).. here’s my coordinate for today.

Bee Rilakkuma, Flowers, and Lemon Yellow~


Been wanting to wear this pair of tattoo tights way back but I could not find the perfect top / coordinate that would go with it!

Good thing I found a cheap top from a mall in the Philippines. That’s only around 140 pesos or so.. and it goes really well with the trendy tattoo tights~

Spring Sneaker Platforms  :heart:

Candy Mall Girls by PSC Trinkets

Lemon Yellow Fluffy Bow from Tiara by Tracy Dizon




My brother + Ate JL (Ate Claire’s sister)

Ate Claire + A part of me : )))




3 thoughts on “Brighter Than The Usual + Periwinkle Ruffles and Flowers

  1. you’re so Kawaii and fashionable :3
    I want the bow *drolls*
    you’re so kawaii and you’re always be cute and beautiful


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