Building The Dream Kawaii Convention (Part 1)

Hello everyone, ohayou gozaimasu~!  :happy:

Here’s a quick post (loads of photos) of Kaila’s craziest days in her life– September 5 and September 6!


Had a quick brunch at Tutto Domani~ here’s  a photo of our kawaii primer! 😀

We met up at around 11 AM at Hotel Celeste to prepare for the LucyPop rehearsal + fashion show!

All photos were taken by my brother.. I was too busy fixing everything.. doki doki

While waiting for everyone else.  At first, the LucyPop models / volunteers were all shyyyyyyy! 🙂

After wearing the seifuku, kawaii friendships happened, haha!

You know why I love working with LucyPop Japan too? It is because we share the same vision towards the concept of  “kawaii”.

I met other companies / big people in Japan and most of them cared ONLY about how to make a huge money out of this “kawaii boom” alone.

For me, and the whole Kawaii PH team / community.. our approach with sharing the kawaii culture has always been different. 🙂

Kamiyama-san told me in our first meeting that by wearing LucyPop uniform.. and when you see another girl wearing the same / different uniform, you two can become instant friends because you can feel the “connection”!

I think that most girls who grew up under the huge influence of Japanese culture once dreamt about wearing an authentic one.

So it’s really just more than “wearing” a seifuku like a costume..  it’s also about feeling “kawaii”& realizing a kawaii dream we all girls had / have.

( Wowww so deeep haha~ but really, I think these are true since I did survey around  randomly + I asked the kawaii girls about how / what they felt when they wore one, hehe~ )

And that.. my friends…  is the power of Japanese schoolgirl uniforms, haha!

Big thanks to Justin for doing a great job with the whole Lucy Pop Japan in Kawaii in Manila 2 coverage!

Bringing Lucy Pop all the way from Japan required a lot of “team work”.

When I first presented my idea (using an iPad that time, and I even crammed it because I was being half-hearted about presenting + a bit afraid) during the fitting session for our Lucy Pop x Rainbowholic uniform collaboration, I was really nervous…

Kamiyama-san, Yukie-san, Aya-san, and my brother were intently listening to me as I stuttered lololol. Honestly, my Nihongo is hopeless :)) and with broken Japanese and confident English (LOL), I did my best to present the idea of having a LucyPop Fashion Show in Kawaii in Manila 2.

Since KIM2 was the first ever convention and we didn’t know if it would really be a success (we just believed that through best effort, it would turn out great!)… of course, sponsors and investors would require more convincing (and prayers, haha!!)

And that is why I also want to take my brother Eric a lot, for speaking on my behalf (while I was already in Manila) and negotiating with the whole LucyPop team. 🙂

After a month, when we learned that they will participate in Kawaii in Manila 2…  I immediately gathered all the models and booked a function room in our partner hotel, Hotel Celeste!

Thank you for the trust, Kamiyama-san and Yukie-san. :”)

Thank you Kaye, Celina, and Jillie!

… and I’m super proud of these LucyPop KIM2 Babies <3


For me, they did not only model a seifuku brand from Japan.

They represented Philippines  as they gave their best during the runway! 🙂 Filipina girls are ka-wa-ii~



<3 <3 <3



Before, it was only me (+ Kawaii.PH team) & those who were privileged to live in Tokyo / who had connections with LucyPop  who could really try wearing the uniform for a few minutes..

.. and this is why after the very successful Kawaii in Manila 2 event / LucyPop Fitting Booth, I think that my heart almost burst into genuine happiness!

When I posted a photo of me in LucyPop uniform, Pinay girls expressed their interest like “I hope I can wear a LucyPop uniform someday”..!

.. and your wish has been granted, hehehe!


First time I wore LucyPop~




Building The Dream

During the eve of KIM2, Anne and my brother / Kuya Eric went to Whitespace to meet with the contractors and suppliers!

The night before, there was a wedding.. so it was a real challenge for everyone. Egress and ingress at the same time!

I applaud and commend Anne Kate so much for doing a great job with all her best efforts!

She wasn’t able to sleep even for a wink!

Many thanks to CRAEN Manila (Raymund, Mikee and Jhoana) for realizing our dream kawaii convention!!!!


Food for everyone~

Thank you KNAP networks for all the help too!

We brought Takeshita Dori with us, hehe



Lolololol a big Chisa appears


I hope that in the next Kawaii in Manila (or Kawaii in Asia? lol), we can have a pathway of sakura trees!!!

Kawaii PH Booth

Mimiclaire sweets

Handmade with love by Claire nee-chan!

Preparations, preparations..

Super talented artists (local and international)!


Our bouncers were kawaii too, haha!

Zeon, the music master, preparing~

With his bro


My little corner, Rainbowholic Cafe!

Free cotton candy, icecream!!!

Mommy Rainbowholic and the Ocampo Family’s nanny / lola!

We were so surprised that people just came and came @_@

We did not expect that our 500-600 loot bags would run out FAST! :O :O :O

Kawaii Jeepney


Ashley and Justin

Folks from Kudan PH

And Kawaii Workshop area~


Please watch out for the next parts!

<3, Kaila

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  1. I still have some Kawaii in Manila 2 feelings/hype inside me and I don’t think it’ll die down soon :yay: Super duper happy for the success of this event!! And I’m also happy to be an ~intern~ :nod: SO excited for the next event and a huge YES to the pathway of cherry blossom trees idea!!! :heart:


    Wala akong picture with baby Chisa </3


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