Bunny Rainbowholic @ Daikanyama + Cou Cou 315 Yen Shop Paradise + AGESTOCK 2012 Concert

Hello, hello~ from the always sunny Manila! <3  😎

Been wanting to publish this post but for some reason, there has been so many delay *_* But don’t you worry, I think I’ll have an avalanche of photospam entries these coming days. *crosses fingers*


I have a super good news for everyone (and for myself, lol)…

I am TimeOut Tokyo‘s newest contributor! 🙂

I have my own little kawaii corner in the website where you can view “Kawaii Photo of The Day”..  :yay:

Super happy that I am able to spread Kawaii Japan through this form of medium.  :pink:

Thank you so much Akiko さん、Fushitaniさん、and Tonosakiさん for this rare opportunity.   :yay:

One of my photos got the most views for the featured portion. Huhuhuhu ;_;


You can follow this board on pinterest <3

They also upload the photos on their facebook page, make sure to “like” them!


Bunny Me

Since I was going to a bunny-themed exhibition, I just had to dress up in a Bunny attire as well! 😀


I love walking around Daikanyama. Makes me feel rich lololol

Rail tracks.

Art in random places + coffee shops around = Bliss


Usaron Dreamy Bunny Exhibition



The most number of Blythe dolls I’ve seen in one place!


My favorite girls :3

Package from Junie Moon for Rainbowholic’s Big blog birthday giveaway next year! 🙂

While I was busy shooting inside, this happened *_*

Beautiful Daikanyama + Cou Cou: Everything Kawaii for 315 Yen!

While I was still in Daikanyama, I tried my best to look for the Chocoholic cafe which Kawaii International endorsed in one of their episodes.

Out of hunger, I just opted to buy my favorite tuna sandwich + vending machine drink! *fail*

So picturesque!

Yellow flowers & art!

Everyday Cute, indeed.

I’m pretty sure you guys will find a lot of stuff that will make you happy from this shop. So cheap and cute!


Pink reindeer, anyone?

*everyday nice socks* hahaha

Candy cane~

Princess-y items!

Cutest bentos~!

Strawberry ones <3

My Melody dispensers

Little twin stars please <3

Even the trays are so cute ;_; For 315 yen!


Kawaii Finds in Random Places

One Piece Chopper baskets for kids..

with One Piece-themed snacks and chocolates!

Hello Kitty lunch box ;_;

One Piece treasure chest with a lock + pair of keys! A super creative promotion for the ONE PIECE FILM Z!

Pastel pink & apple green are always a good color combination.

The random realization I get when I’m in ministop lololol

I just find these flowers cute so I took a photo.

I take pictures of everything : ))

Make your own tote bag! 😀

Faded trees and kumo~

Advertising x Coin Lockers in Daikanyama station. Always a good and wise combination!

The bread pan pattern is cute so I took a photo. Haha!

This is probably the most stylish coin locker I’ve seen here in Japan. : ))



It was a normal day to stroll around Shibuya until…


a radish man appeared.

Oh good Lord.


It was FREEZING *_*

Good thing Kana Nishino’s billboard @ Shibuya 109 made me forget my random *weird-but-still-very-funny-side-of-Japan* moment hahaha.

So pretty, I love her!


Latest fashion in Shibuya 109.

Igni <3


Super cute sweaters for this cold season. Fuzzy sweaters + pearls = <3

AGESTOCK 2012: My First Japan Indie Music LIVE Concert!

After my Daikanyama trip, I went to Suidobashi to watch a free concert! This is my first non-harajuku kawaii concert here in Japan! :3

This was organized by college students. I love being around university students.. makes me feel like a student as well. Hehe 😛

Amazon was one of the sponsors. Gotta love the carton box sleigh! : ))


Leo Ieiri was one of the guests! *_* She’s super famous here in Japan because of her catchy “Sabrina” song.

I love her voice, so powerful!

We bought these two cd’s from a Japanese indie band called Local Blue Sheeps.


While we were eating our curry for dinner, I just discovered that this pair of hand warmers is actually a two-way one. *amazed*

I have this one for over a year already and I just discovered it by accident.. haha. Fail.


And a bunny Kaila shall end this post. Hehe~

Hope you guys are having a blast during the holiday season =)


6 thoughts on “Bunny Rainbowholic @ Daikanyama + Cou Cou 315 Yen Shop Paradise + AGESTOCK 2012 Concert

  1. That Cou Cou Trois Cents Idées shop looks absolutely PERFECT wow, I keep looking at the Little Twin Stars Alarm Clock!! (*ノ▽ノ)

    Lovely pictures! ^^

    ∩( ・ω・)∩

  2. Cute outfit Kaila! Your blog is more than awesome! :heart:
    I hope I will make my dream come true one day and move to Japan.. but until then, if I ever visit Japan I will contact you as a guide if its okay :sweatdrop:
    I neeeddddd motivatiooon 😥
    Bye :tongue: :kawaii:


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