Card Captor Sakura Club + Kawaii Randoseru Bags

Good evening everyone!

It’s been SO COLD these days here in Japan ~ I don’t really  like winter season huhu. Autumn and Spring are okay.. but winter? Please no ;__; I feel so unproductive and my body tends to give up on me easily 🙁

I just wanna stay and sleep inside our apato ;__; but of course, have to work!

(What holidays..? lololol :)) )



Anyway, here is just a preview of what I’ve been working on during my free time!

Finally, I can sit down and work on the special Kyoto experience recommendation post I’ve delayeeed for so long! Time, where you?! Huhuhu.

I even have a “Kawaii in Hongkong” post that is monthhhs overdue already. WOW, *pats self* :))

Better late than never right? 😀


 Yayyy preview! : ) Currently, I have 10 “experience” suggestions for the JapanLover + traveler! : )


Enough of Kyoto.. 

Just wanna plug this mini Card Captor Sakura community page I built because.. #UltimateCardCaptorSakuraFan :))

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 8.57.28 PM

I will be posting Sakura-related merch updates from Japan (since Magical Girls are so in haha!) + some kawaii collectibles from our childhood anime ~ <3

Listen to Mica (Marotesque Diaries)’ CCS SONG COVERS OMGGG ;_;


I’m selling my precious Card Captor Sakura figure!

I have two and I’m selling the one that is new / unboxed.

Free economy shipping + surprise kawaii gift from me! <3

Rainbowholic Shop Updates

I uploaded new shop offerings at Rainbowholic Shop‘s facebook page! <3


Kawaii New & Second-hand Randoseru Backpacks!


AND YAYY! Limited edition Little Miss Paintbrush SIGNED prints are now available!! <3

These are all size A4 + free basic frame! 🙂


I guess that would be all for now! Wow, I am really blogging everydaaay! 😀

*huge achievement* Haha!


Love, Kaila

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