Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition: The Enchanted Museum! 🌸

Hi all!

Last Tuesday, I went to Roppongi Hills in Tokyo for the Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition with my childhood bestfriend Aya (from Manila)! It was a super heart-warming experience for me and Aya because we used to watch Cardcaptor Sakura during our adolescent years (lol). Imagine being in the same city with your childhood best friend & visiting a special exhibition that is extremely close to both of your hearts? It was such a great memory that I would love to reminisce & reminisce again! :”)

All the feels!

Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition Official Website

Limited time & only until January 3, 2019!

Price for university students / adults: 1,800 JPY

Click this link for the ticket / access guide!

Clueless about this series? Read the plot / synopsis here.

Revisited my old diary to take photos of my CCS pages lol

That’s me and my bestfriend. I remember riding the airplane for the first time with her and Tita (her mom)~

We have come a long way, Aya! HAHA. I was already into bucket hats that time lol #aesthetic90s

When you see a giant spider art, you’re already halfway there haha.

[ Access Guide ]

Mori Arts Center Gallery

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F, 6-10-1 Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo

Pro tip: Try to arrive at around 1PM and if there is no queue at the cafe (it is just next to the museum), don’t hesitate to dine first. When we got in, people started to fall in line! :O

I also suggest visiting on a weekday to avoid the crazy crowd.

Imagine the CCS OST playing in the background. I almost cried omg ;_;

We had lunch at Matsuya beforehand so we were quite full. Our backup tummy (lol) had space for dessert and drinks, haha!

We were so amused by the unique ice cubes, lol!

So genius, haha!

The Clow welcomes you to an unforgettable trip to memory lane.

Thank you ABS-CBN (a channel network in PH) for bringing CCS during the time I needed it the most!

To those who aren’t aware, CCS (Cardcaptor Sakura) is actually my biggest motivator when I was just dreaming about visiting Tokyo / Japan. I was so lucky to come across this series when I was a preteen because every episode had a lesson that was so helpful for me. It help me cope with all the problems I was going through that time.

Everyone trusts in each other without any obstacles or walls – that is the perspective on life that Sakura’s stories are trying to offer.

“… There are men who like men and like to dress as a woman, while there are also women who like men but were born in a man’s body.”

“We need fantasies because all fantasies are prayers – prayers for the meaningless but valuable real world.”

The Art of Believing and The Art of Living

When I was younger, whenever people would ask me who my hero was, it wasn’t Wonder Woman or other famous heroines. My hero was a same-aged girl named Sakura who had a fighting spirit like no other. Growing up, I wanted to be like her and to be this kind of person who will never give up even times are tough. Thank you Sakura, for being that kind of hero to me!

The words of a young girl, the magic that only young girls can use are here to create a fascinating world of Sakura.

“..Sakura tells us how wonderful life is with hand-made gifts.”

What a wonderful insight that is!

When your client from the past is also the record holder of CCS memorabilia collection…! I feel so proud haha!

Really enjoyed this room! Visitors were encouraged to decorate the room with stickers provided!

Tomoyo’s creations ~

If I had money that time, I would probably buy all things Sakura haha


*takes photos of all cards*

When we finished the exhibition, they gave us this THANKS card! We weren’t allowed to take photos of the merch store + original manga pages / artworks. I was blown away. It was such an honor to see the artworks with my own eyes!

If you have time during your Tokyo travel, please do check it out!

~ Watch the Journal With Me + Mini Vlog + Canon Inspic review video here ~

.. and before I end this blog entry, just sharing these photos from Mamuang gallery (happening at the same building).

Why is everybody trying to steal money from me? lol! I didn’t buy anything because I already reached my spending limit (lol) but someday, I would be able to afford one of his original artworks! I really love the meaning behind each of his works 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! ^^

With love,


3 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition: The Enchanted Museum! 🌸

  1. I wish I could’ve seen and met you; I was there the same day! You are living my live-in-Japan dream and therefore an inspiration to me.

  2. Hi! I’ll be going to Tokyo on January 2019. Do you happen to know any shops/stores/places that sell Cardcaptor Sakura merchandises?


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