Content Spam + PREEN feature + Busy Busy Bee! 🐝

Hi everybody!

After soo many errands this morning, I’m finally composing this blog entry!

A lot of things have happened during the past 2 weeks since my last update. Here is my attempt to narrate what I’ve been doing (hint: a LOT of content creation haha).

July means we’re already at the SECOND half of 2018. WHAT?

Whenever I change my Hobonichi techo avec part 1 to the part 2, it always gives me goosebumps how time flies so fast… : O

. . . . .

To start this blog update, let me just share this favorite feature of mine! A few weeks back, my friend who writes for PREEN interviewed me. When we were doing the SKYPE interview, I didn’t realize that she was actually jotting down notes because it was such a casual interview with all the laughing lol, haha! I got to know Mikka because Abbey is our common friend. Thank you universe for making me meet wonderful & inspiring women!!

Confessions of a Rainbowholic: Content creator Kaila Ocampo on creating your own luck by Mikka Wee

Thank you Mikka for allowing me to share a part of my story! ^_^

For the past weeks, I’ve been arranging patreon rewards / shop orders while juggling my English teacher job. I almost went crazy at some point but I’m still alive, and I should be thankful for that haha.

Some rewards for the most generous people in the planet.

Thank you to my patrons for helping me reach my goals (iPad pro help, second-hand cutting machine, etc.)!

Join the club & receive regular / monthly care packages from me!

What my desk usually looks like when it’s Rainbowholic work day.

I filmed a video about my entire day and boy.. I just realized it’s always so jampacked lol!

Had a day-off (kinda but not really haha) when I visited 3 places in one day. After visiting the Design Expo in Odaiba / Tokyo Big Sight, I went to Jimbocho to visit Bumpodo because my Tokyo Stationery Tour client (who was Ms. Jane Davenport!! omg?!)Β wanted to go to an art / stationery store. It was my first time that time so I had to “rehearse” my tour first lol! As for the actual tour day, my client just opted to not travel that long haha.

And yes, I did film a little bit. Watch out for another stationery / art supplies store tour! ^^

Mini haul from the Bumpodo trip.

More crafting tutorial previews! This tutorial will be exclusively posted on my patreon page. This is the patron-exclusive content for my current sponsors! ^^

I sent a Japan Care Package to my friend in Italy. Watch this video to find out what souvenir items & snacks that I sent! ^^

The reason why I always try to finish my journal: A COMPLETED FLIP-THROUGH VIDEO TO CELEBRATE lol


The start of kawaii grandma-style / kaila-style fashion videos, lol!

I got a Sailormoon x GU item for 100 yen?? WHAT?

My Kawaii Bullet Journal July 2018 Setup

Because I’m such a huge fan of Japanese greeting cards . . . I made a video about it!

Watch Japanese stationery cuteness here~

I made a kawaii journal from scratch! I used on-hand stationery items, recycled design paper, and 100 yen materials!

Go watch and maybe it’ll inspire you to make one too?



And to end this blog entry, let me just leave this here.

Thanks for reading up to this point!

With love,


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