Crazy October + Stationery Meet-up in Saitama + Kawaii Harajuku Tour!

Hi everybody!

How have you been guys? Hope you’re all having a great time wherever you are. Can you believe it’s already November?? I am so shocked, hahaha!

Left: When I dress up for an event

Right: Love collecting stamps!

Preview photos of the Kawaii Harajuku Tour (more photos below!)

October was such a busy yet very fulfilling month for me.

I had a spontaneous trip to Fukushima Prefecture (which I have yet to blog about), had a kawaii Harajuku tour for a client, now connected with an agency, started looking for a potential #rainbowholicstudio place, hosted a stationery / journaling meet-up (& had a blast!), broke a record, continued with English teaching gigs every week, packed & shipped orders, achieved my monthly patreon goals, and so much more.

Thankfully, I am still getting by even with all the amount of workload. I already reached my limit that’s why I’ve decided to take another instagram break + set tier limits for my patreon… which felt like a huge relief after implementing these changes, haha. Implementing lol. I love interacting more on youtube / patreon so I will focus my energy on these platforms instead. This November might be hella crazier and I need to prepare myself for it. Looking forward to all my scheduled self-care days y’all, lol.

Anyway, enough of paragraphs, here are some photos taken recently! πŸ™‚

My Japan Travel Journal Kit

Watch this Journal With Me video for now!

Preview of what happened in Fukushima! Lots of kawaii journaling as always, haha!

Last October 21st, I organized a mini journaling / stationery exchange meet-up and it was so much fun!

I originally wanted to make another meet-up for Nov / Dec but it takes a lot of preparation time. Maybe early next year?

Brought this kawaii-fied masking tape organizer with me. It was so relaxing to design the front part, haha.

My Kawaii Bullet Journal notebooks for 2018!

My November Kawaii Bullet Journal spreads #beforethepen ~

Left: A Traveler’s Notebook With Me video after a very long time which will be posted this month!

Right: Spread from a care package exchange collab with Abbey Sy!

Custom Whole Day Kawaii Harajuku Tour for Jukay

The most unexpected happening this month is meeting the owner of the popular Filipino ~aestheticxkawaii~ store called Jukaykay for a custom whole day tour of Harajuku!Β She’s so funny in real life. It didn’t feel like work to be honest, haha!

I did a custom tour based on her likes. She wanted to look the best so I brought her to a hair salon that I’ve tried before (remember Nalu Hair Salon sponsored post back in the day? lolol)~

We went around mostly around Takeshita Dori and I brought her to a lot of “instagrammable” places because #content lol

First time to visit Kawaii Monster Cafe! It’s so weird to say this but it’s the truth haha!

If you like taking photos and you’re in it for the experience, I do recommend visiting this cafe. They charge 500 yen just for the visit and you have to order food for each person.

Unfortunately, the food wasn’t that great in our opinion (or maybe we’re just not fans of super sweet desserts haha). Nice for photos, but not really that memorable..? Overall, the interiors and overall ambiance are fantastic! Even the toilet was kawaii, haha!

First time to visit the Sailormoon Store at LaForet! Will go back to check it out, haha.

I found a kawaii iPhone case store at LaForet Mall. I couldn’t take photos (usually not allowed) so here’s what the storefront looks like! They have so many unique & high quality ones!

Extra tip if you’re gonna visit Harajuku with luggage or shopping damages (lol).. there’s a locker + currency exchange area at Takeshita Street in front of PARIS KIDS (if I’m not mistaken). It’s kinda near the socks store ^^

SANGO is still my favorite clothing / shoe store for the past 7 years here haha!

I loveΒ Wβ™₯C!!

Such a visual feast experience to be inside this store.

Lolol babies

Took purikura photos at a lesser known purikura place. It’s located at Le Ponte (?)!

All the squishies!

Thank you to my dear clients for trusting #rainbowholictours lol!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! ^^

With love,


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