Cutting Classes for Tokyo Disneyland with Leen!


Here is the much-awaited Disneyland date entry with my adventure buddy, Pandaちゃん〜  :yay:

Enjoy the photos as I give you a glimpse of the super kawaii world of Tokyo Disneyland~!  :star:

Rainbow background, Mickey ears.. picture perfect!

I will never forget this day. Probably the BEST Disneyland experience I’ve had!

Sadly, the Halloween season was already finished..

(Speaking of halloween season, I will announce the winners of the halloween giveaway soon on Rainbowholic’s facebook page ^^v)

We were pretentious schoolgirls. Hahaha!

What a beautiful sight *_*


Sleepy and sleepy me~

And the day adventure begins~!!

Unfortunately, there was no ongoing campaign… we had to pay 6,300 yen for the ticket ;_; I got lucky last time when we went to Disneysea.. it was only for 4,200 yen ;_;

That’s why we really maximized our stay!! Also, I’ll be sharing some tips as well so that you can maximize your stay in this magical place ^^

I would suggest that you go to Disneyland at around 8:30 – 9:00 in the morning. You will be surprised how many excited Japanese people there would be as well.. *_*

Kids running after… something @_@

You will be seeing so many cute stuff while you’re in Disneyland so better bring some extra money!!

For example, this Cinderella and tea cup keychains ;_;

In Tokyo Disneyland, you can wear and pretend to be Minnie / Marie / Cheshire Cat so if you want to blend in with the fashionable crowd, dress up! 🙂

I’ve gone to another Disneyland before (Hongkong) and  it was different… :O


Maybe you are wondering right now..  why dress up as a schoolgirl? : ))

Many Japanese girls like dressing up in their school uniforms (most of the time they alter their uniforms.. like sexier versions, haha). You won’t be surprised if you happen to bump into a crowd of schoolgirls in Disneyland / Disneysea! Some actually do cut their classes (tsk tsk) but some are like me, who just like to pretend as highschoolers hahaha~

Seriously couldn’t get enough of Gingerbread cuteness!!!

I bought this super cute pair. I actually just wanted the gingerbread Daisy >_<

Super cute! Japanese kids dressed up as Alice or lolita girls!

The pretentious highschooler! : ))


Spot the kid who photobombed me haha!

I don’t why I kept crossing my legs..


On-the-spot glassware making @_@

Would you like a drink?

Life-size Card!

Inside the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall..

The food was too expensive ;_;


Still, we managed to take some pics! 😀

Happy UnBirthday to you~!

Because we wanted to save some money, we just opted for a quick brunch. Turkey leg!! It’s a famous Disneyland snack ^^


Tinkerbell tea + My buddy, Leen!


I’m gonna whack youuuuu~

Kyoto stuff~

Cutest spaceship ever! That’s a chocolate box btw. *_*


Ice Cream Parlour

Sweetheart Cafe <3

Mike’s Melon Bread!! SO YUMMMY AND CUTE!!

AHHHHHH.. so many cute desserts!!

The Roll Cake is too.. adorable to eat >_<

Our second snack ^^

I think we had a total of 6 snacks throughout the day.

When you’re in Disneyland, eat everything CUTE! :))


Mickey bus!

Super cute ahhh!

Minnie Mouse vending machine!

Popcorn keychains *___*

Pastel Macarons!


I want those big plushies!!

The adorable underwear section.. hahaha.


Cutest socks for winter!!!

Schoolgirl fashion 😉

See, it’s really a big thing here!


I wanted this super cute and chic wallet!!

Mandatory photo with the big Christmas tree!

Mickey-shaped Macarons  + PEARLS *_*

And this is why you really need to bring enough cash with you…

Disney cosmetics, they exist.

I bought the daisy bow~! <3


Cute Minnie gingerbread!! + Face masks .. the cutest ever.


Mini purses  :yay:

When you’re in Disneyland, don’t eat big expensive meals.. prefer small and cute snacks like this Orange popsicle..

.. in Mickey katachi (shape) ^^

Spot the Minnie girls, haha

: ))

Toon Town for kids! And of course, we were there.. hahaha



Such a cute place to have pictures!


Look at how I bullied the other kids : ))))


Tried my best to have my photo taken with Dale :))

Taking a rest. So happy we went during a Monday.. and not on weekend @_@


My heart went doki doki at POOH CORNER ;_;



Left: I wanted this Hunny pot ;_;

Right: me + pooh the pedo bear hahaha



Since my camera’s battery was running out already, I opted to buy a film camera!

(TIP: Charge all your batteries and bring extra when you’re going to Disneyland! The night parade is something you can’t miss documenting!!)

It comes with a “super mode” feature!

Super cute teal Bambi brush..

Cheshire cat corner. I WANT THE FURRY THINGGGGG

iPhone 4 case.. so cute!



Our super cute and cheap nikuman!!

Strawberry filling! This one is such a good buy!

  :heart: How to Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland / Disney Sea  :heart:

When you want to try rides, I would suggest “SPACE MOUNTAIN” and the one with the log (forgot the name *_*). Do NOT wait in line for the rides because those can eat up your time.

Get a “fast pass” so that you can reserve a time slot for you after 2 hours or so for that ride. Only line up when the waiting time is around 20 minutes max.

Before riding or anything else, have a quick meal first (just eat the recommended turkey leg and you’ll gain so much energy!!) and then plan out where you want to go with the map guide.

Do not get stressed by wanting to visit every corner / nook of the magical land. Your aim is to have fun so just go with the flow and walk around~! You’ll never know who to see! It may be Cinderella, Stitch, Marie.. or your prince charming? Haha!

If you plan to rest for a long time, always get a fast pass so that the waiting time wouldn’t be wasted~

For the night parade, you wouldn’t want to miss it so better go on stand-by mode 15 minutes before. You can use your map as your seat cover for the floor~ or better yet, bring a small picnic mat!

Do not go home without witnessing the fireworks display. It is the best / goosebump-inducing event in Disneyland!!  😥

Take lots of photos, forget all your worries and just ENJOY.


I guess that would be all for this entry. Hope you enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed preparing all of these for you guys~!

Don’t worry, if you aren’t going to Disneyland soon or it seems impossible right now.. here’s a comforting fact.. I WAS in that position too! FOR MANY YEARS!!! Being accessible to Tokyo Disneyland was just a crazy childhood dream @_@  For now, just include Disneyland as one of your dream places to go.. I am sure someday, you’re gonna witness every magical thing with your own eyes as well. :blush:  And I am wishing / hoping that you will have THE BEST time of your life by then~!!   :cheer: You might be in twenties already like me but remember, never ever lose the child in you. Leave a space for all these childhood dreams to unfold, okie?



22 thoughts on “Cutting Classes for Tokyo Disneyland with Leen!

  1. EVERYTHING IS JUST SO AMAZING :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: I’ll definitely visit there someday ;;_______;; I’ll ask my parents :3 If ever I’d be going there, I’m sure I’ll be spending so much on the bows and those pastries

  2. OMG Kaila I just wished this post would never end! You take such wonderful pictures :heart:
    The merchandise in Tokyo Disney Resort is AMAZING. And also it changes so much! i remember being there in February and everything was different. This post truly just killed me – I love Christmas and they have the CUTEST things :what: thank you for showing me :love:

  3. I’ve been following your entries for almost a year and I think this one could be one of my favourites! Too much cuteness!!!!!!!!! :what: :yay:


  4. THOSE DISNEY CUTENESS SEEM ENDLESS :heart: I’ll definitely stop by that schoolgirl part if ever :> Disneyland is definitely a place to take pictures <3

  5. Wow Tokyo Disneyland is AMAZING. I live on the East Coast of the United States and have traveled to DisneyWorld a bunch of times in my life (it’s in Orlando, Florida) and it’s always so clean and magical! :yay: But Tokyo Disneyland is a huge dream of mine! Do they have any type of section there for the game Kingdom Hearts Kaila? I have heard rumors before that they do but I’m not sure! :ohnoes:

  6. Awwww. I really want to go to Disney (any of them) :nod: One day… Thanks for sharing your adventure. This will help hold me over for a while and the pictures were cute as usual. Thanks! :heart:

  7. ohhhhh man your fantastic photo post of tokyo disney totally made my day! i LOVE when people take photos of the merchandise! because there’s ALWAYS new stuff! ahhh i hope to visit the park during christmas in the near future! Halloween time is FANTASTIC since everyone dresses up, amazing costumes galore!

  8. @Kaitie: as for the Kingdom Hearts, I don’t think they have but if they did, that would be SO COOL!!!! 😎

    @Alanis, Abigail, Becky, Minami, Angel, Stephiee: Thank you for the comments!! I surely enjoyed sharing everything. hope you guys have an awesome Disney adventure in the future as well!! :pink:


  10. wow.. so many cute stuff at tokyo disney land. i wished i went when i was there. I’ve been to disney land in LA and Florida.. they’re not as cute as disneyland in tokyo.. >__<. makes me want to be young again when i look at ur photos

  11. :love: everything is so cute! I’ve only been to Disney World in Orlando and I can say that Tokyo Disneyland has a lot more cute things! haha. I’m dying to go here! I wish schoolgirl fashion was just as big here. I want one of those ties! I miss wearing my uniform, haha. :blush:

  12. TOKYO DISNEYLAND :yay: finally I can see its majestic DREAMLAND MAYHEM 😀
    I wanna go there :3
    I really want to have my own school girl outfit so much but too expensive >< but I'll have one for sure 😉 I SPOTTED LOTS OF BOWS :loveheart: bowLOVER :heart:
    My sister used to have a pooh vending machine 🙂 it comes with cute little cans and some coins. so when you place the cans inside, you insert the coin then turn a handle then a can will came out 😀 thats really a kawaii toy. she got that as her new year gift :yay: Disney Land Tokyo and Hongkong are my dreamlands and I believe that I can come to see the magic in my eyes someday :))

  13. Disneyland still looks like a big fairy tail! :love:
    So lucky I’ll be next year in Japan, hope I can go to Disneyland too!!!
    But…still one year 😥 This is sooo long! :dead:
    Disneyland Tokyo is now on my list with places I want to go the most! Together with Tokyo and Kyoto :nod:
    Wow, I really have to save muuuuuch money! So many things I want to have! :heart: :kawaii:

  14. So many amazing photos!

    Maybe I’ll go there next year… Maybe… I hope yes XD
    But for EUA Disneyland.

    So many cute things to buy X3

    And you were too cute :yay:


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