Daily Japan Kawaii Photo Dump + Newfound Be@rbrick Love + modes4u.com Rilakkuma Loot Review by Rainbowholic

O-hi-sa-shi-bu-ri~! Hello Rainbowholic friends ^^

I’m so happy that I’ve found time to blog again ;_; As of now, I’ve been concentrating on this really exciting project with my special collaborators and partners. I started it alone last November until I gave my 10000% to it.. and I just can’t wait to share it to you guys! Hint: It’ll be a tribute for Japan.  :blush:

Aside from working almost 24/7 for this (seriously, bath time + buying food have become a reward to me, hahaha!)..

I juggle it with my work-out days in Parco.

A girl can always dream to have a Miranda Kerr-fit like body. But the Pockyholic & sweet addict in me just… betrays the Miranda Kerr body dreamer Kaila huhu.

If you were a follower of Rainbowholic blog from the start, you’d notice how much weight I’ve lost upon coming to Japan.. and I really worked hard on that. Don’t worry guys, I’m not anorexic or anything near to that (I love food a lot!!), I just want to challenge myself physically. Let’s see if I’d get those VS angels abs…  hahaha~


I finally had my meishi / business cards reprinted. Used ChiChi‘s illustrations~

People would always ask me what kind of a blogger I am… and before, I wasn’t really sure. I just know that I love introducing Japan’s Kawaii Bunka (culture) through my forever curious perspective.

Went to Doraemon / Fujiko F. Fujio Museum with Emika ^^ Need to sort out the pictures and everything yet..

Going to have more adventures with this girl! 🙂 I think she’s gonna rock the Harajuku street fashion scene these days.. 🙂 She could be a ZIPPER model!

Oh what fun that day was!  :heart:

Recently, the toy lover in me finally decided to start collecting these cuties called be@rbricks! Seriously, I’ll trade my bento for one… hehehe *sweatdrops*

Really loving these geeky pixel tattoo tights ;_;

Hello Totoro, why you cost 29,400 yen?!

My toy corner in my room is evolving fast..

I want to make room for the new Pullip doll (which TokyoFashion.com gave to me as a present for Christmas / B-day) *_*

Everything that fancies me in one corner.

I have a pachinko! Haha~

During one of the lazy days I had to pull myself to get to work and brave the bipolar weather in Tokyo..

My buddies when working.

Takoyaki time is always a best time 😀

Panda corner @ Le Ponte  :333:

I did a double-triple take if this toy poodle were real : )) Harajuku streets are really interesting, haha.

Saw these purple socks cuties that reminded me of Emika. 🙂 Found @ H&M!

Days I love my eyeliner + red lips. : ))

Had Sakura mochi for a quick snack before resuming to work…

Super yummy and it’s PINK *_*

Hamburger socks from SPINNS yay! Went to cover Heavy Pop with this quirky pair..

Saw this Rilakkuma drink in a kombini!

Received a lovely package surprise from ENJI. Thank you Anggyさん!

GODZILLA as an accessory =  :heart:

During Valentine’s I received this bear-shaped biscuits huhuhu arigachuuu~

Domo attacking my waffles. NOOOOOO

Asakusa visit~

And had an impulsive purchase *_*

But I’m a happy toy poodle fan haha

Riding trains + listening to my favorite music = simple activities that make me happy.

I don’t know why but lately, I’ve become more appreciative. I guess that we become & learn to become more grateful of the little things in life when we experience the worst of the worst (of the worst) days. Only a few people know about this but the past few months were such an internal battle for me, despite all the happy memories I’ve written on my blog. Thankfully, I won it by continuous self-motivation + posting kawaii stuff everywhere is stress-relieving / therapeutic! I recommend this, haha. ^^

I’m genuinely happy that I’ve become this girl who’d always look forward to just go outside, buy bento, sit and watch kids play in the park while listening to music.. then draw and plan out my ideas on paper & then act on those… the most mundane things. I’m sincerely enjoying doing those now. ^^

I guess life couldn’t get better when one finally  realizes that she / he is really blessed to experience these littlest things which are often overlooked.

~end of reflection, lol~


Went to Ueno and bought the famous “ampandaman” from Cafe Hibiki (which DoitsuPanda Leen recommended before)!

Went to Akiba and I told you.. the weather was freaking bipolar *_* I almost got blown away by the wind *_*

Bought this “i-dont-know-why-i-bought-it-but-it-seems-cool” puppy mask.

To pretend as a puppy. :))))

I finally named my literally toy “toy poodle”.. POCKY. What do you guys expect? :))

Speaking of POCKY.. found this uncooperative gashapon in Ueno. I got the non-pocky ones ughhhhh

At least I got pretty lucky with 100 yen Matcha Latte!

My workplace. I cleaned it up for a picture, haha!

Received a post-valentine greeting card from Tracy Sempai~

Thank you, thank you. I know love will my find me again in the right time!  🙂

As of now, I’m really enjoying my single lady life, hahaha. FREEDOM!! :))

They are indeed the sparkly sprinkles! :3

I was going around Akiba and wtffff I found a Pooh and Tiger set!! I WILL COME BACK WITH MY SAVINGS (currently non-existent huhuhu)!!


Gundam awesomeness @ Gundam Cafe. They have the nicest staff!!

You guys.. I can’t get over the creatively-named GUNDAM WING  order :))

Bonbon (or is it bon o bon? haha) is my ultimate favorite chocolate. I love cheap chocolates.. and I hate those after I finish them. Hahaha *guilt*

Yes, I do. ;_;


Super loving this SWIMMER headphones Emika-chan gave to me as my bday gift. Quality wasn’t sacrificed over kawaiiness! ^^

Omg, these watches are so nice! I wish to travel around the world someday ;_;

I was praying intensely to get the CUTE bearbricks (either Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma)..but I got this masculine one instead.

Apparently, it’s a secret / rare piece.. @__@ Thanks Brickaholic for letting me know!

Andy Warhol Bearbrick with a real banana. : )) I’ll get better in conceptualizing toy scenarios, promise!

Lastly, I just want to share these sexy polaroid cameras! *_* SUPER WANT HUHUHUHU



Modes4u.com Review by Rainbowholic

A few weeks ago, I got contacted by Maggie-san of www.modes4u.com.

Modes4u.com is a huge online kawaii store that offers various fabricsstationeryDIY clay setsbento lunch boxesRe-Ment miniature toys and accessories. If this is your first time to shop online, don’t worry.. these guys can be trusted and they’re pretty transparent with what they’re doing unlike other shady online stores.

It was funny because a few days ago, I was also checking out their website (especially their blog which I truly enjoyed browsing.. it makes me want to go back to HongKong & travel again).. you guys know me, I think I spent quite sometime for the Rilakkuma corner. :))

I got notified that my package would arrive within a week / 2 weeks, and it did. 😀

Unwrapping.. *doki doki*

OMGGG this is like the perfect picnic sakura hanami bag! I can’t wait to bring this with me during my hanami picnic with friends and family here once cherry blossom season starts.


SO SPACIOUS and the inner part is so cute as well! I’m obsessed with anything cottoncandy blue ;___;


They have more Rilakkuma tote bags here. I recommend tote bags especially for students (and lazy people like me who like to toss everything in one bag) because these are convenient, simple and space-y! Of course, the cuteness cannot be missed! Since some designs are just minimal (and still very kawaii), you wouldn’t have to think so much when dressing up (girl problems lol)!!  :yay:

I also got a totemo benri (really convenient) onigiri case because I love kombini onigiri so much (tuna please) + squishy Rilakkuma stickers + tape + a purse!

I am a happy Rilakkuma lover blogger. Hahaha 😛

My purse’s current sad state. Hahahaha~ Rilakkuma, please work on your magic and turn those coins into bills! :))

BE@RBRICKS, stay away from my purse/wallet/pockets!! :))

They also sent this pretty white-pink cherry blossom fabric by Timeless Treasures gold for an upcoming Kawaii D.I.Y. project! God, I miss updating my craft blog.. >_< I will, promise! Once I settle down with my current project-turned-work ^^

My Rilakkuma rocket-looking toys are happy. Hahaha ^^

Most of my readers would email me / ask on my FB on which stores I could recommend for authentic Rilakkuma products…. and here you go guys.. my answer would be modes4u.com (fb & twitter)! Tried, tested, and SATISFIED! 😀

When you check out, let them know you found them via Rainbowholic, okay? ^^v Thank you again modes4u.com for all the Rilakkuma goodies! I’m a happy parcel receiver~  :heart:



 (off to another work for TokyoFashion.com, yay!)

13 thoughts on “Daily Japan Kawaii Photo Dump + Newfound Be@rbrick Love + modes4u.com Rilakkuma Loot Review by Rainbowholic

  1. What a coincidence, my boss has a little dog (a bit like your’s, only white) and his name is Pocky too… :woww:

  2. awsome post! 😀 I am so happy for you that you feel content with your current situatuion ^^ I love reading your kawaii updates as well, so it´s a win-win for us both if you love writing them also XD :heart:
    Those be@rbricks are so charming! *v*

  3. I love all your pictures! They make me so happy. It’s like your own little kawaii instagram. And I am happy that you are feeling more content with the little things in life…I think we all get into a rut sometimes. I know I do! ^^

    And I love modes 4 u. I’ve bought a couple things from them and they are awesome!


  4. Kaila, you really shouldn’t worry about your weight and guilt so much! Your’e very skinny :nod:
    And those Rilakkuma thingies are way cute, I want them all too! Can not open the modes4u page though, don’t know why, even through their twitter it’s impossible. :sweatdrop:

  5. KAWAII CALL CARD :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I WANNA GET ONE TWO :loveheart:
    Pixel tattoo tights!!! wahh!
    DORAEMON!!! :pink: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Nageevolve na ng yung toy collection mo neechan :))
    those DOMOS will eat your waffles XD
    CONGRATULATIONS for receiving a Toy Poodle :))
    I also have mine (cocker Spaniel) brand: Webkinz :yay: :yehey:
    Kawaii headphones :))
    neechan you have a lot of bear bricks na :yay:
    Kawaii tote bag :))
    yes! magpopost na sya ng DIY TUTORIAL!
    SO EXCITED! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  6. Everything you have, I want! XD the headphones are gorgeous! And the pixel tights!

  7. Your earphones are so lovely !! *w* But unfortunately J live in France so I can’t have any Swimmer’s products 😥
    I bought loads of things from modes4u for Christmas, this website is really professional and sympathic too, I’ll certainly buy other kawaii accessories with it !! :nod:

  8. Just found out you got almost the same glasses as me 🙂
    Now I’m happy xD

    P.S.: Finally decided to leave a message about how AWESOME your blog is. yayayay
    Have a wonderful, bright day!


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