Daily Life in Japan | September Moments in Photographs

Hi everybody!

It’s already October now and here are some snaps to summarize my September!

In 1 month, I produced 13 videos, wrote 6 blog posts, shipped out preordered Rainbow Care Packages, got a new part-time job, decluttered & sold old and used clothes + furniture pieces,.. and realized a lot of things. Thank you September for making me “crazy”. Crazy enough to make me ask myself everyday the question “How much do you want to make this work?” … which would always motivate my perpetually tired self. The answer is always “Helll yeah” so there lol.

Anyway, more words later and let me just share these photo collages first! ^^

My Japanese Room Tour | Kawaii Stationery, Gudetama & Rainbows (ルームツアー)

My current pen collection. Thank you friends (hi Abbey) for spoiling me!

My room still probably looks like it’s so packed, haha! I already decluttered at this rate, lol!

How I store my stationery ~

Indomie lunch & random kombini finds

Prettiest local subway ever

Hobonichi Techo 2018 Pop-up Event + LoFT Ginza Tokyo Stationery Store Tour | ほぼ日手帳2018

With the super talented Kate!

She will be having a booth at Tokyo Design Festa too so please support us! ^^

Barely had enough sleep but seeing this corner of Carebears Stationery at PLAZA Ueno really cheered my spirits up!

After such a long time, Armaine & I finally met up! She’s currently a government scholar here! Follow her for Tokyo art school updates 😉

I earned some money from decluttering! Thank you Gil for helping me out a lot.

These train phone cases are epic + 250 YEN Traveler’s Notebook from Daiso.. o m g?? Watch out for my unboxing video this week! ^^

Preview of my shipping station at home + overwhelmed by the Rainbow Care Package support! :O

Thank you Ivy!!

Rainbow Care Package #04: Unicorn Pastel Wonderland [FLAT RATE AIRMAIL SHIPPING]

Things to do in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo | Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳)

This is what my current Hobonichi diary looks like ~

Hobonichi Techo Kawaii Setup + Catching Up! | ほぼ日手帳かわいい風

Muji Stationery Haul – My Monthly Calendar Planner | 無印良品の文房具

Donuts + Chocolate + Icecream.. wow

TOKYU HANDS Ikebukuro | Tokyo Stationery Store Tour – 東急ハンズ池袋店

Unearthed this scrapbook I made when my boyfriend introduced me to his family for the first time. He also showed his old HS scrapbook when I introduced him to my older bro + family here lolol

Thanks for inspiring me to improve my Japanese! 🙂

Sugamo, Tokyo – The Harajuku of Grannies + Japanese Traditional Sweets Paradise

Hellllooooo lifeee …

Last month was a super FUJI Q-like rollercoaster ride for me. “Rollercoaster ride” in terms of juggling work & working on my dreams, balancing everything, keeping myself healthy (physically & mentally), and the like. Instead of focusing on the negative things I couldn’t control in my life (I just knew that a family member back in PH has a serious disease which is still something I cannot stop thinking about since I’m in Japan), I am doing my very best to focus my remaining positive energy onto more productive activities (a.k.a. generating multiple streams of income for certain goals). In this way, I can save up more money so I could go home (Manila) more comfortably next year.

September was crazy but I’m still very much thankful about everything that happened. I got to know who my real friends are (friends who’d support me unconditionally even if I don’t explain anything) and I learned how to be more assertive when it comes to work. I got a new part-time work in a different company (thank you Alyssa!), I had a great time substituting for my friend  as an English teacher (5 straight classes in the afternoon wew).. and I feel like I have evolved as a person again after this month.

October has just started and I hope that I’ll grow more and improve in different aspects as a person this time too. 🙂

I guess that would be all for today’s lengthy post~


Thanks for reading and for sticking with me,


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  1. I have to agree that September was crazy. So much things back home to think about even though I was having enough problems coping with uni assignments + myself. Thank you for sharing your real life. This post reminds me that there are people out there with probably more heavy problems but still strong enough to do the best that they can.


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