Daily Life + I Love Food + Malling with Baby Chisa

Hello Rainbowholic readers~  :heart:

Gomen ne, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. ;_; For some reason, I don’t feel the same excitement when blogging unlike before.. hopefully this will just be a phase.  😥 *sigh*

To make-up for my slow blogging pace, here’s a kawaii spam you’ll all love.  :heart:

Rilakukuma, Kiiroitori and Chopper. Which is your fave?

Uwaaaaa~ :O :O :O

Chupa Chups drink in Ministop.. along with drinks I cannot have huhuhu.

Gallbladder y u like that 🙁 Milk triggers gallbladder attacks so I have to restrain myself so hard 🙁

Snacks at Ministop. I really love the Ministop branch near our place~ not so many people go there! It feels like a cafe for me, hehe.


So yummy~ Did you know that I love drinking teas? It’s relaxing and good for your health!


Left: Had a mini general cleaning in my place

Right: Reading a book by Paul Arden.

Super yummy “Mitarashi Dango” for 130 yen! WHY SO SINFUL AND GOOD AND CHEAP??? ;___;

I LOVE FOOOOOD as much as I love kawaii stuff!

Super yummy chicken from a *forgotten* restaurant. Yummy and healthy food are my weaknesses ;_;


Family Bonding with Baby Chisa

After we finished our work, we headed out for dinner! I always have fun even if we just go to malls just to relax… It’s become a rare time for me to really go “outside” so I try my best to dress up!

My style is between Harajuku and Shibuya now. I think I’m beginning to say goodbye to the crazy side of Harajuku fashion..

I think I’m becoming to like the gal style with a “kawaii” touch? Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me with loads of gal make-up soon. I find wearing contact lenses and fake eyelashes so hassling to do ;_; Tried it a couple of times before and all I can say is.. “My heavy eyessss” :))


Found a huge bear I just had to take a picture with. Haha!

Look at all the food I can’t eat *_*




Trying out this animal hat that looks funny on me. Hehehehe

Spotted a super and cute coordinate!




Pastel colored blankets to warm you up …

Neko, neko, neko fashion~

I love how everything is so fluffy!!


Room wear fluffy cuteness~ Look at the piggy warmers!!

Wish I could buy everything and wear these at home.. and never say hello to the sun again hahaha


I’m going to wear this at home every single day of my life..

if only I bought it. Hahaha. #forevercheap

Yummy cookies and sweets!

DIY Lovers paradise! Make your charm <3

Icecream cones, muffins, lollipops, bows, stars.. I MUST GO BACK THERE *_*

(why do I always forget the names of the places I’ve gone to??)

RILAKKUMA CORNER omg I want to use that mat!!

Hello Kitty and My Melody corner~

Bath time pillows! Mecha cuteeee!

SO CUTE omg this reminds me of my baby niece who wears the smaller versions of these hahaha



Cute 2D bags!

I’d still prefer the original ones from Jump From Paper though 😛


Me: *this looks interesting…*

and I shocked myself when I did this. lolololol wtf


Jeffrey Campbell shoesies~

Alpaca cuteness!


Found a piggy plushie which sort of looks like my niece Chisa.. : ))

Koara no Machi UFO Catcher! I want to keep the boxes!!


Can I win Nino instead? Hahahaha!

Found this Rilakkuma cart! I literally went @_@ when my brother told me this!! I WANT EVERYTHING AHHHH

I want that mask as well. Pooh looks creepy though hahaha 😛

Rilakkuma wearing a santa hat is the cutest ever.


Random toy poodle puppy which costs a whopping 328,000 yen. *_*


Our little angel was sleeping so soundly even though we’ve been going around so much~



Yay Purikura time with the sleeping squirrel, Chisa!


My brother is one happy daddy. He can’t stop kissing Chisa -_-


.. and she woke up! Ain’t that the cutest baby ever??? Here eyes are like gems! @.@


And you’ve reached the end of the entry! Hope you enjoyed it even if my captions are just a few. Hehe~


9 thoughts on “Daily Life + I Love Food + Malling with Baby Chisa

  1. Kayla! You are always updating so I don’t understand why you say you’re a bad blogger! haha
    Loving the kawaii spam! I actually have that piggy, won it from a UFO machine :yay:
    I love your new style. I think it really suits you :nod:

  2. I agree with Abigail, I think you update pretty well :nod:
    This spam is great I want all of the panda stuff, and at least one of those 2D bags (theyre so awesome) and that DIY wall is screaming my name :love: Going to miss your colorful style (since I love rainbows) but you’re still adorable and your new style is really cute so I will still be following your journeys and can’t wait to see what’s next :yehey:

  3. I think that was a wonderful entry. I sooo want everything from that DIY corner. AND I LOVE ALL THE RILAKKUMA!! I love all the Neko fashion you pointed out. AND THE PUPPIES!! I get a little nostalgic when i see poodle’s, because i have three of my own i miss. :heart: :tongue: :kawaii: :peace:

    I WANT THEM ALL :yay:
    ALL KAWAII :fly:
    I MOSTLY WANTED TO HAVE ALL THE SWEETEST GOODIESSSSSSSSSSS :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart:
    everything in this post is KAWAIII!!!!!


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