Day 3 in Netherlands: Thrift Shopping + Hanazuki Meets World!

On our third day, we were given gold coins for thrift treasure shopping!

Thank you so much Carol and Holly-san  :star:

What I wore  :star:

Uniqlo x Orla Kiely dress, Les Fantaisies tights, Enji bracelet, heart belt from a forgotten store..

It felt kinda weird because we were being followed by cameras @_@

I’m usually the one who follows so please don’t be surprised if ever I look awkward in the video! Haha~

It was raining for a bit…

Perfect excuse to show off our pretty transparent umbrellas!

So amazed with the trams @_@

Pretty girls~ Christina and Claire!

First stop!

Kim rocking a pair of metallic floral pants!

We were tasked to find unique stuff to style with our coordinate for the Hanazuki brand launch later that day.


At the right photo: too much irony! Haha~

It was a bit chilly but Uniqlo’s heat tech innerwear was there to save me~!



Hanazuki Meets World

And this was the place where Hanazuki was launched to the world.

Super chill restaurant + photoshoot area <3

Sonia of Runway Hippie smiles for Rainbowholic 😉


Excited & overexposed me!

Fresh mint tea with honey~   :heart:

Super yummy soup ;_;

 THE BEST MEAL EVER ;_; This was my favorite sandwich salad!!!

Preparing my photoshoot stuff~

I bought the green shirt, yellow docs, ribbon earrings from the treasure hopping.

Super creative origami bird necklace by Enji


My new Hanazuki x Incipio iPhone case + My Little Dreamer <3

Aren’t these the cutest..? ;_;


Kim, Sonia and Claire ~

I love her natural hair!!

Her (temporary) pastel rainbow hair really suits her!!


Caro made me buy this second-hand yellow docs~ thanks for the push!!

A photo with Niko-san, the half of Hanazuki! (He drew everything!!!)


I will share the photoshoot pics later~ Please wait for it!

3 thoughts on “Day 3 in Netherlands: Thrift Shopping + Hanazuki Meets World!

  1. Waaaaah *0*
    you’re soooooooooo lucky to receieve money for you shopping :yay:
    I’ve seen clogs again and the beautiful architectures of Amsterdam again :yay:
    I’ve already seen your photo shoot in Hanazuki’s fb page 😀
    so proud of you nee-chan 😀
    I want my own my little dreamer :yay:
    someday I think I’ll have one :love:
    and also, you added some Japanese style to this country :yay:
    I really love your super rainbowholic outfit :heart:
    those Hemkas *0* want want want because I’m a bunny lover :love:

    But I don’t rellay understand what exactly was Hanazuki… a commercial event ?


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