Define Your Own Normal

Hello there!

For today’s blog entry, I just want to share some of my thoughts about self-expression and defining your own “normal”.

When I was walking around during Design Festa, this artist and her art automatically caught my eye. For me, this is very meaningful and straight to the point.

Indeed, what is normal anyway?


Before, my definition of “normal” in terms of fashion would be dressing up in basics . Playing it safe with a simple top,  jeans, and a pair of sneakers or flats. Being and flaunting my “rainbowholic” self right now was something that was just on my mind before and I just longed for it. I did not have enough confidence nor courage to define my own normal, and I just accepted what “society” defined it to be. For others, they are comfortable with that.. and I fully respect that. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys not following the usual trend, not everybody would show the mutual respect that we all deserve. *sighhhh*

One day, I realized that my real “normal” that I would love to be comfortable with everyday is far from the dictionary term / suggested definition by the society.

My normal would be:

  • Wearing a big bow at age 24
  • Wearing colorful and quirky socks / shoes
  • Being experimental with fashion (Note: I was waaaay more colorful before than now though, haha. I kinda toned down my style because I like trying out other styles that would require lesser time to think since I’ve become 100000x busier.  :)) )

For some, my “normal” is weird. I always get “the look” when I go back home in the Philippines. I am not entirely sure why people easily assume I would go to an event / party / celebration when I just put extra effort on myself by styling my clothes and putting make-up on lol. Can’t we all be fab during regular days too? :))

I dress up like the way that I am not because I want to call out attention or something. I dress to express, and not to impress. I wear something not because it is branded / can be a topic for a conversation. I wear something because I like it, and it represents my personality.. whether it’s from a thrift store or not. : )


I posted this photo on my facebook before and this was my supporting caption haha:

Super in love with this “Stay Weird” top from Little Miss Paintbrush x Mad Tee Party collection available at Kawaii PH Store! Very empowering hehehe ~

Got this idea from a reader who sent me an email about this. ;_;

Some people bully others who think differently because of close-mindedness. I’ve not been physically bullied before but the treatment is probably the same with such, just in another context. I don’t really fight back with negativity and the same level of hurt, but I defend myself with maturity instead and I’d like to consider myself as a winner in every situation (regardless which level: shit or really shit) by learning. After every awful experience, I’m just thankful that I’m not as small-minded like them.

Sometimes it does get frustrating / disappointing when your meaning of “normal” is different from others’ definition and they are being disrespectful and judmental about it. What I’ve learned from all of these years is that do not let the raised eyebrows and “the looks” make you want to change how you express yourself through the way you dress up. Never tone down yourself based on others’ negative opinion and remember that you are the most important person that you should please… And others’ comments do not really matter unless those are helpful and constructive.

I love wearing eye-catching bows in different sizes at the age of 24 and I am serious about building a multi-million dollar company supporting homegrown talent + actualizing Kawaii PH / empowerment / causes / dreams. Not all people take me seriously as a professional because I embed kawaii into my lifestyle (and in some cases, it’s because I’m a female / Filipina) and for me, it’s ok (and it’s not my problem).

Even with ill treatment and unnecessary teases, I choose to stay weird because this is who I am. I like being crazy in all ways, because I’m being true to myself. And I plan on spending the rest of my life as a kawaii grandma wearing fun clothes and having a positive outlook in life. 

Stay weird, friends!

I know that for some people, it might be a little bit tougher to put a new meaning to the word “normal” that is why I would like to encourage everyone that… wear / and be someone that makes you happy. If you are being truly happy with your skin, you can have the confidence to do and achieve more things! You’ll feel more positive and you will radiate with that inner strength because you would learn that you don’t have to follow the crowd. You don’t have to please the black and white world if you want to stand out by expressing yourself. Embrace your weirdness because I think everybody’s a little pyscho in some ways (LOLOLOL don’t denyyy), which makes everyone unique. Some are just in denial and insecure about themselves that’s why they try to pull down others by criticizing others’ colorful selves. : ) There is nothing wrong with being 100% comfortable in whatever you define normal to be and… it’s others’ fault if they choose to be disrespectful and mean. : )

Stay weird and redefine “normal”! ^^

Love, カイラ

9 thoughts on “Define Your Own Normal

  1. Yes to defining your own normal!!! I don’t feel really comfortable when people look at me in the strangest way you could imagine. Feels like I’ve done some hideous crime or something. There’s this time when my friend and I went out wearing our super kawaii-self lol. Everyone around looked at us like we’re some kind of an alien. People gets curious and inspects what they don’t usually see, so I thought, maybe if I continue just being colorful and fun,maybe one day people will get used to it. Who cares if they get used to it or not anyway lol. Thanks a lot ate Kaila <3

  2. SO MUCH YES~! <3
    I've graduated normal since high-school eversince I first dyed my hair bright red haha! I smile even more when people call me weird, in fact, I find it a compliment :)) Great article Kaila! Stay kawaii-ly weird *huggles*

  3. yesterday i finally had the courage to wear my pink strawberry socks and platform shoes ;_; and yeah people had “the look” on me. i can totally understand why ur looking at someone wearing platforms with pink socks in a small city (in an island ;_;) and you can be a little self conscious about what they’re thinking. But in the end all you have to do is to have the confidence to wear what you really love 🙂
    it’s all thanks to you huhuhu ;_; more power to ate kaila <3 <3

  4. I am also have that kind of ‘normal’ . people always siad that i am weird (esp when i love to try weird food ) but for me that IS NORMAL ! haha *gimme fiveeee!*

  5. I’d love to wear a frock even everyday ! 😀 n I’d be the happiest if I m different! This is one of the best post! Thank u for reminding us and helping us to be free from the frustration by inspiring us to dress to express and not be ashamed of it and use it to improve our confidence to present our better selves! n.n

  6. I can totally relate with this!
    I feel extremely uncomfortable when people stare so openly when I choose to wear cute/colourful clothes.
    The worst is when some people stare from top to bottom and then smirk to themselves with this openly judgemental look on their face.
    I pretend like I didn’t notice but sometimes it’s soo hard, especially when those “I’m-a-fashion-queen” kind of girls look and smirk like ” eww so childish.”
    Not everyone is so judgemental tho, thank god. The cute things you sent have got some appreciative glances XD I wear/use the Rainbwholic gifts all the time (but not too much don’t wanna dirty it lol)
    And when I wear the shirt, I really feel kawaii
    Kawaii > judgemental ppl yay ♡♥

  7. Your points are right on! It’s a pity it takes young people so long to learn this, we should all be accepting of eachother as default ^_^


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