Rainbowholic Recommends: Dino Dino Project by Laura + How To Create Doors of Great Things

Hello everyone! Good morning from Japan~

It’s Sunday here and I don’t feel like doing anything.. but I seem to never run out of things to do. *cries*



Anywaaay, I have some good news for youuu because POCKY has released a new flavor!! It’s Azuki Pocky! : )

Yes, this is considered as good news hehehe!



My eyes went from -__- to @__@ when I first discovered it! Simple joys in life, haha!


… okay, I think it’s time to move on from my Pocky discovery because this blog entry is about another topic!! 😀


Today, I’d like to introduce an inspiring project that has caught my eye..  that I wanna share to the world.

The Dino Dino Project by Laura from Colombia + Reflection Paper (lolol)


Weeks ago, a girl / reader from Colombia emailed me about her very colorful & imaginative project + a couple of other stuff that made me almost teary-eyed (it’s personal so I can’t share) because I didn’t know my blog would have such impact to inspire her to make AMAZING things! *_*

… and know this is the part where I’m telling you why I’m writing to you: YOU were a big part for making this decision an inspiration,seeing you growing and making your dreams come true,working hard and making a difference in this planet really was inspiring and powerful and seeing all the projects that you run and everything you make,made me realize that i could make this world more colorful like you do,a girl from a third world country like Colombia dreaming of going to the stars is very grateful for everything you make for the people who’s situation is not that good.

Honestly, I’ve been experiencing some ~downtime~ these months but I’d rather battle these struggles with positivity. You know the feeling when you actually feel crappy (or maybe it’s just my weird brain / other self haha) and you battle against those (thanks kawaii lifestyle, friends, supportive fam and workaholic me lol).. and then a talented girl from a faraway place sends you an email how you have helped her fight against sad things in life.. and then you discover the project and holy sh..  it’s overflowing with creative madness? : )

And to those girls like me and Laura who also dream of the stars and are from the third world country.. as I would always say.. your situation whether it’s good or bad, it will not determine your future. It’s how you see things! Perspective changes everything. : )

Dino Dino project is about a very stylish Dinosaur who loves blogging, traveling making new friends and exploring new and unknown lands.

Dino Dino project is a blog and a youtube channel full of adventures, kawaii and colorful stuff!

The purpose of Dino Dino Project is to both create & share.




HOWWWW… *_* I cannot imagine how much work was done for this! Unbelievable!

I also edit videos and my video editing skills are so far from that, haha!

I would like to commend Laura for doing such a great work! And I am sharing your story / project with everyone so you can also inspire them!

And you know why I’m publishing her work here on my blog? It’s because I also see myself in her.

*queue Kaila goes deep background music here lololol*


When I was just starting (and until now), I would email the people I idolize (a practice for myself to introduce) and …. “just give it a shot“.

Even if I’m not sure if they would respond back…  for me it’s also a way of testing myself. Sharpening my skills. Toughening my heart.

I believe that life is a pitch and we should not just wait for others to discover us. We have to make ourselves discoverable, assert ourselves, and get our comfortable butts out there, in the real world. What I don’t get is that some people wonder why there are nothing new happening OR things are not doing great in their lives.. these people think that the world owes them so much instead and sometimes they get carried away by their talent / skills .. and you know what is lacking? Their initiative. Their willingness. If you really want something, you will ask for it, not just wait for it. If you want something, you will ask for it, .. and wait for it. And while waiting, you are also doing other things that could help you achieve the initial thing that you want. Some people misunderstand the value of patience and that is why years are spent in wondering (and complaining *_*). >_< If you have a primadonna mindset and you just want to get invited for every opportunity.. and you aren’t willing to initiate or jumpstart something (dream collab).. in my opinion, it’s going to take a lotttaaaa time. I think that there should be a balance between attracting and chasing opportunities & dreams. ^^

I’m not sure nor do I think I am the position to be this preachy but since I am a mentor to some, there is this quality that I have observed from the mentees / my little sisters. Their common quality is their willingness. “How can I help you?” attitude. “Hello my name is ___ and I would like to contribute / introduce / lalala”. For me, these people who go for it and forgetting their shyness.. they are solidifying themselves. They are creating doors and doors of opportunities for themselves, and making the most out of what they have (you don’t have hammer / nails for your door? Ask for help!) They don’t just wait for that single door to open for themselves. Even if you’ve got the money, the looks, the in-born talent and everything.. that door you have been eyeing might never even open for you. Or nobody is there to open for you. If that thought scares you, well.. gotta start looking for that equipment box + some materials!

I think that it is essential that we reach out (and be actually sincere!), show our enthusiasm, and leave it up to them/ the gods if they would ignore (unintentionally or not) them. You will never know if you don’t try

I cannot recall how many pitches / random ideas I have sent to people via email, FB message, twitter, etc.. AND guess what…?

Almost 60% of those got rejected. Or make it 70%. At first, it sucked, especially when you’re new at it..  but when you get used to it and you’ve learned that in life to not take things personally..  you’re just going to be “Oh okay, I’ll still do it with or without your blessing~” *smile* 😀 Even if people demean awesome you or predict your doom, try your best to not take it personally. A truly ignited heart cannot be stopped by such.

Rejections can be quite painful to handle but if you use those instead as your fuel to ignite your dreams, you can tap your maximum potential!

You know.. almost all of the projects that I did on my own + with other believers.. these are somewhat products of rejected ideas and proposals that I had before, believe it or not. ^^ JapanLover.me, Kawaii in Manila 2.. products of rejected ideas that were turned into unbelievable realities.. XD

Truth is, even if the person you idolize most / boss / someone who has a title reject your idea or ignore it (benefit of the doubt: it went to spam email + or he/she just forgot about it).. it does not mean automatically that it will not come to life. It just means that it’s your challenge to take. Sometimes, you just gotta do most of the shitty nitty gritty work on your own first, before you get others to be curious about your work. : ) See, that’s how you can turn a (-) to a postive outlook, hehe! 😀 Introduce yourself / your amazing idea to people not because you want them to validate it (if they tell you it’s crap, would you believe it? what if they’re wrong? or they are blind?). It’s more of a personal challenge, and for yourself. ^^

And that is how… the Dino Dino project has inspired me as well to type those paragraphs.

And I hope that you get what I mean.

Thank you Laura for allowing me to share your story.  I wish you good luck and lots of “gambatte” from Japan!

And to you~  *shares Azuki Pocky* hehehehe 😀


Pensive Kaila (because it’s Sunday morning)

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