Disney Sea @ Christmas with Pluto and Marie

A few weeks ago, right after Tokyo Adventure (Ocampo bros version haha).. we spent the day at Disney Sea!

If you were following my blog from last year, you’d know I’ve visited this place for many times already. This is probably my third or fourth visit…? :O I think it was because there was an ongoing campaign and the price for students (aww student days ;_;) was so cheaper! Wish it was the case when we went though.. huhuhu. 6,200 yen for one person ;_;

.. oh by the way …

If you haven’t read my recent Disneyland adventure with Leen, click here~! She also uploaded many Disneyland entries on her blog, check those out!


Yay yay yay!!

My (then) blonde brother decided to be pluto that day. His outfit is semi-yakuza type… so notice the kawaii and im-gonna-kick-your-ass clash vibe hahaha

iPhone’s panorama! *not bad face*


Pluto with Pluto and.. my brother and his family ^^v

I suddenly miss my cousin Kuya Kevin after looking at these photos huhuhu... we went together as a family there last year!

Christmas and Disney.. my heart  :heart:



The weather was perfect! It was sunny and cool at the same time.


Bought a Marie balloon for our beloved Chisa~

SO cute! hahaha~



We got there quite late.. around 3PM? We didn’t want to really ride the attractions but just to chill around and have a good time together.

We had our late lunch at Restaurant SAKURA 😀

Finally got to use my special polaroid for Disneyland! My brother got me this film years ago, when I wasn’t even in Japan..

I finally got to use it! So happy 🙂

Healthy and yummy food~

Super delicious teriyaki chicken!

Dessert time!


Disney Sea totally reminds me of Amsterdam (and vice versa) haha! With all the buildings, etc.


Just having fun~

Schoolgirls and their short skirts in the cold :O

And my Pluto brother lolololololol totally a fanboy photo! :))


Quite a different style from my Disneyland date with Leen. Hahaha! Otona style? =))

Tourist photo :))

Inside Mermaid’s Lagoon!

Got myself a super cute cake with pearl! This is why I love theme parks!

The stuff are so good! I want a flounder huhuhu

Ariel souvenir candies~

Sparkly ID  holders / mini coin purses ~

And DUFFY FOOD HUHUHU +_+ Milk-Custard Cake looks so GOOD!


Surprisingly, I didn’t take so much merchandise photos compared to my Disneyland visit. I’ve been taking photos for consecutive days so I just enjoyed every moment there, haha.


Actually, I forgot my precious Nikon 1 J1 camera in Tokyo Disney Sea! I just found out that I lost it the day after..

Good thing we called up as soon as we can and inquired about my camera. We described it that it has a key chain + laced strap and they told us they got it!! *_* TOKYO DISNEY RESORT LOST AND FOUND CENTER IS THE BEST!

On the next day, they shipped it to me (cash on delivery payment for shipping charge)! If it happened in a different place, it would be almost impossible to get it back! *_* This is why I love Japanese people, they don’t steal gadget stuff *_* (just ladies’ underwear lolol, I kid) 😛

Sorry for the last set of parenthesis, hahaha. Not the best way to end an entry.  :blushh:


I have 3 more entries to write about, you’ll love those! Kawaii spam attack again, haha!


9 thoughts on “Disney Sea @ Christmas with Pluto and Marie

  1. omg!! :kawaii: so cute! i want all the Ariel stuff and one of those cute hats the schoolgirls were wearing! I wish they sold cute hats like that at Disney World here in the states! :33:

  2. wow Disney sea is the best and :yay:
    school girls are so cute :33: I want to be a school girl there :333:
    someday, I’ll weae my own Japanese school girl uniform :333:
    and chisa chan so kawaii :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    ARIEL GOODIES OH MY!!!! :yay:
    I envy you for having instax. wish I’ll have one someday 😉
    glad they found your nikon cam :yay: here in the Philippines, when you lost something, it will be gone and never get it back 😥
    Otona look nee chan is so gorgeous :yay:

  3. :woww: oh wow this is why i love reading your blog!
    :kawaii: its so kawaii and you get to see your adventures through your eyes.
    :hug: Your so cute x
    Tartan x

  4. I SOOOO loved the mermaid lagoon! and your nice is way cute!I bet that camera cost you ALOT, good thing you got it back! I really enjoy your little adventure’s! :heart: :kawaii: :peace:

  5. I am slightly jealous that you live so close to a disneyland. I would have to go to another country to visit one and my boyfriend is mean and won’t take me. BOOO.

  6. Hi! Love your blog, so cute and helpful for trip-planning! 😀

    I was wondering about DisneySea — I’ve been to Disneyland in California several times and love it. Most people say go to DisneySea if you’re in Tokyo, since it’s the only one. It looks interesting, and yet Disneyland Tokyo looks even cuter than the original Disneyland, since it’s in Japan. Is that true? And would you say DisneySea is just as much fun or more, if I have to pick one (based on atmosphere)?

    Thanks ^_^


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