Dolly Meiku Practice + POP N CUTE #4 Halloween Version!

My face on your screen.


I was bored so I played with make-up + iPhone 5’s front camera is just too.. great @_@ I wouldn’t wonder if people would just opt to buy smart phones rather than digicams now..

I actually wanted to take a photo for every make-up step but obviously, it was a fail :))


After that, I grabbed my not-so-costume Halloween costume? :))

I knew I would be busy during Halloween so I just had my own party in my room for a few minutes (and then went back to work @_@)..


I bought this really cheap set from a 100 yen shop (probably for kids hahaha). I was a chocolate witch and my broom would be.. the Pocky sticks?? dafuq? :))


My Dolly Make-up Routine

This would be my first Beauty-related entry because some readers suggested I should blog about this. I feel that I am the most unlikely person to be asked about Beauty / Make-up stuff but anyway.. hopefully this would be of any help to someone out there? : ))

Usually I wash my face first then apply toner and let it sip in for a while. If my skin feels a little dry (especially in Winter -_-), I put on moisturizer too.

After that, I use BB magic cream from Etude House for overall concealing + moisturizing + brightening effect. I use ONLY MINERALS for my foundation base..

For my oily eyelids, I will use my foundation from Etude House (the dark purple one in the photo). I usually put on a lot on my eyelids if I will be out all day. I think I’m the only weirdo who does this, hahaha~

Don’t forget to put on foundation on your neck / jawline too! You wouldn’t want to look like a ghost during non-halloween days..

Before, I’d really put baby powder on my eyelids too @_@ my eyelids are that oily .. especially in SUMMER and during hot days!

I mix the white + beige one for my eyeshadow. I just use my finger tips when I apply.

You will see the difference if you just apply eyeshadow directly without the foundation base on your eyelids.. later you’ll have unwanted white creases >_<

Recently, I also bought an eye primer from Urban Decay (since it has so many positive reviews!) ^^

For my eyeliner, I used to put on a lot (making a large line @_@) but now, I discovered that LESS is really “MORE”.

Your eyes will stand out more if you have thin line of eyeliner (from the tear ducts).. then just thicken it up when you reach the end. I used to exaggerate the “wings” but having it downwards for the droopy eyes effect is better.

I use the black liquid eyeliner from Dolly Wink because it is the easiest to apply! However, it is not waterproof so I suggest to really prime your eyelids first to prevent it from being watered up or something.

I also use the pencil eyeliner to cover everything (below the eyelashes) so it would less tacky..?

After that, I will use a brightening pencil (I forgot the name -_- .. but it’s from Majolica Majorca) to make my eyes look bigger. Don’t overuse this or it would be scary to look at @_@

I got this really cute eyelash curler from Swimmer! So small but it does wonders  :tongue:

If I’m less lazy, I’d put on false eyelashes and then apply mascara after wards. Usually I don’t curl my eyelashes before adding falsies..

During no-falsie days (which is almost everyday hahaha), I just curl then use my favorite ettusais lash version up mascara ^^ It has mini hair-like particles (seriously) that make your eyelashes look longer!! It’s a weird mascara : ))

I also put mascara on my lower eyelashes ^^

When applying falsies, I always use cotton buds for help : ))

Finally, I put on some blush on my cheeks. Sometimes I do some highlighting on my face (especially because I lack in the nose department, lol) …

Before putting on a lip tint or lipstick, I always moisturize my lips first so that ugly cracks will be lessened and your lips would look more kissable : )))

:happy:  :what:

I guess that would be my take on make-up. I’m no beauty expert or whatever.. I just discovered my make-up style after many mistakes .. really.

Watch youtube videos so that you will be more enlightened with other tricks / good products as well ^^

Have fun DOLLIES~!!


POP N CUTE #4 Halloween Party

Here are some photos I took during the event from before ^^v

View the whole Tokyo Fashion coverage of this event here!

Boo-yah!  :blush3:


Cutie Lila~



With Kurisu~

Ponies Maro & Kuma <3

Our shoesies : ))

It’s been a year already omg ;_; ;_; ;_;


Hope you guys had a great halloween there!

I’ll be going to Tokyo Disneyland with a friend soon and I’m so excited! We’re gonna dress up as schoolgirls <3 I CAN’T WAIT!! We’ve been planning this for months already! WAAA!!!!

*goes back to work*


4 thoughts on “Dolly Meiku Practice + POP N CUTE #4 Halloween Version!

  1. Your make up tutorial is really good! Even though you didn’t do step by step pictures your instructions were very clear. :yehey: The PnC event looks so cool, I hope I can attend one someday! :dancee:

  2. Shoo cute! :hihihi: I hope i could meet you and give me some beauty tips >..<
    I also live here at Japan but unfortunately not in Tokyo T.T
    I am also a Filipina like you ~!

    Such a cute blog :heart: :heart: Love it!!


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