Japanese Summer Dreams + Rainbow Yukata + Kawaii Aesthetic

Hi all!

Last weekend, one of my anime dreams finally got fulfilled, lol! And it was to have yukata date at a matsuri here in Japan with Aki. Just thinking about how the fireworks looked magical (first time to see hanabi THAT close omg).. aah, I’m so 嬉しい (ureshii = happy).

Thank you for researching on this one!

In many occasions, I always have to take the lead (work work work) and only in this relationship I can just relax and not to get stressed about planning, etc. lolol #truestory

How much did we spend on this?? ZERO!! :O

If you’re going to Tokyo / Saitama next year, I highly recommend the Toda Koen Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks Display Festival) ~

Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m bringing back all my oldskool photomanipz skills into use haha. I used to do these when I was in highschool (and upload my photos / photomanips on deviant art hahaha)

He will have an official debut on my youtube channel one of these days so please do look forward to it haha. He will be teaching us something hihihi omg what could it be??? lol

still don’t know how we survived walking that far haha

jellies jellies jellies

Since the train station was soo packed (満員電車), we opted to drop off at Warabi station and take the FREE shuttle bus just for the Toda Hanabi Taikai event. Japanese efficiency never fails to AMAZE me!!

*breathes in, breathes out*

We had to pass through that giant crowd omg lol

Hanabi festival / matsuri must-haves: packets of tissue, water, and a fan!!

We didn’t expect we would get a nice location where we could just watch. Thank you to the people before us for leaving your place haha omg

To those who are interested in buying a yukata set, I bought mine from Amazon Japan (I didn’t have time to shop & the pattern was super on brand haha). Usually it’s 4000-10,000 JPY per set, depending on the design and the quality. You can also buy from UNIQLO (I believe), Shibuya 109 brands, HONEY’s, LoFT, and etcetera. I followed the “How To Wear A Yukata” and “How To Tie An Obi” tutorial by UNIQLO UK on youtube.

Thanks for making my natsu dream a reality & for pushing me 100000% to pursue my creative career.

Haggard level skyrocketed after walking so much lol. And yay for cheap thrills at a kombini store

I hope you guys enjoyed the photospam above! 🙂 I still have a lot of pending blog posts so please do look forward to those ~

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VIDEO: Japanese Yukata Date + Saitama Fireworks Festival | Hobonichi With Me

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  1. Oh God, your Yukata was ultra duper cute! Did you make it or rent? geeez! Can’t help fallin in love <3 And those fireworks are pretty!


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