Everyday Cuteness + KPP “Nanda Collection” Album Launch Preview + TOYS!

Hello~ hello!!! :heart:  Good afternoon from Manila!  :happy:

Here’s a kawaii spam featuring my everyday life~

It’s been quite stressful honestly … but I’m really enjoying everything right now. :”)

Last week or so, my quite new Macbook Pro (love of my life / dream laptop ;_;) had an accident ;____;


For some reason, bad luck was just in the corner.. and the left photo happened ;_;

Weirdly, I didn’t cry (I wanted to, but no tears were coming out huhuhuhu)! The first thing that I thought of was.. “MY WORKKKKKKKKKK!” *_*

Luckily, iPhone is pretty cool because I can still multitask / post updates! My twin ChiChi took over my work while I prayed over my laptop for 3 days or so haha :))

I’ve been a Mac user for so many years (from 3rd year college??) and it’s true that once you go mac.. you’ll never go back (to windows / pc!) ;_;

Good thing my mom lent me her (pretty much unused) pink Vaio laptop for the meantime. It was hard because my internet connection is crazy slow + I’m not used to windows + the laptop is slowwww too ;__; The past week really taught me how to be patient & extremely resourceful!

Super ironic photo.. I took this a few days ago (and added all those purikura haha) because I’m really enjoying doing this kind of work with my laptop ;_; #workaholic

Right now, I’m still at a loss why such thing would happen in a VERY IMPORTANT time. But I ain’t going to mull over it longer when I have a million things yet to accomplish!

After all the much much much worse things that happened to me in the past, I learned how to “get over sad things” easily. Actually, I’m quite proud of myself (lololol self-praise) because I think I acted quite “mature” about it. I didn’t sulk that much + I didn’t panic! I didn’t punish myself (like saying “stupid Kaila stupid Kaila x 100”) with negativity but instead, I brought out all my back-up plans and my optimism didn’t waiver that much~ ^_^

One of the things that I learned from my brother after all the “work training” I got from him: Don’t focus on what happened / the problem.. focus on how to solve it / how to be back on track!

When you’ve experienced so many shitty things in the past, you’d really learn how to change your attitude over not-so-happy things! 😀

– end of reflection paper lolololol –

My outfit for the FIRST EVER Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Album Launch in the Philippines!

Tights from Avantgarde + Cherry Blossom from my favorite, ENJI!

Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii shirt for our Kawaii Girl participants! <3

www.manila.kawaii.ph | www.register.kawaii.ph

I’ll be sharing some of my freebies from the Kawaii Leaders project to the girls ^_^

When I totally not feel like doing work during the morning, I treat myself with some cute breakfast :))

NUTELLA + CHEEZ WHIZZZZZZZ and my weird taste buds ahahha

Made some Rainbow cupcakes! Yay for experiments <3


Left: Say hello to my bare face! :))

Right: Never thought in my life I’d find people who have the same level of love for Kawaii & sharing!

Exclusively for the Kawaii Girls (so register nowwww!). Yup, this is the dream kawaii blogger kit by Kaila & ChiChi! :))

Cafe Xocolat time with ChiChi. Brainstorming + Dreaming out loud!

The girls behind JapanLover.me ~ MISHIE WHERE YOU

It was my Mom’s birthday and I prepared a little surprise!


I brought these straight from Japan ;_; SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE LIFESTYLE WORKSHOP that I’m sharing Pocky love to everyone!!

Donut + coffee type of mornings = <3

Usual breakfast~

Superhero kind of day 😀

Met Abbey of www.artistic-dreams.com / h.e.a.r.t. by artistic-dreams .. who is also my junior!! Met some of my creative committee babies who always make me so proud like a real mommy ;_;

Thanks Abbey for generously sponsoring your art & love for Kawaii in Manila!

My gifts for Anne, ChiChi & Reese!

Bought my toy poodle chocnut a tag! :”)

My favorite blue x red outfit featuring Blythe & Onitsuka Tiger (my most favorite shoes atm)!

YOU GUYS… ChiChi and I met Sammy and Jin (a.k.a. behindinfinity!!!!!!!!) OMG!!

Read their features @ JapanLover.me here & here!!

(and just ignore my derpy face hahaha)


Never thought in my life I would get to hang out with Jin (and Sammy, who owns a totoro tribe of plushie huhuhu)! *_* I HAVE HUGE HUGE HUGE RESPECT FOR JIN (and her entire team / friends)! I’m not a cosplayer but she made me appreciate cosplay so much! Her devArt posts (years ago) before were something that I’d look forward to! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to many Filipina Japanese culture enthusiasts, Jin!! ;____;


Sammy, Totoro’s official neighbor + Jinさま! ;___;

Thanks for introducing us to TWG!! Super enjoyed all the stories / random Ghibli trivia / chika hahahaha

After that, ChiChi and I had some cupcakes while waiting for Anne!

Nothing beats Cupcakes by Sonja’s!


Still my favorite :”)

Fliers for the workshop~


I’m very hands-on haha

Prizes we/I sponsored for the KPP Album Launch!


Yay for face masks & kawaii point pads!


My mom’s kawaii laptop :))) + 500,000 pageviews @____@ Most of my readers are from USA! :O

Join this super special Kawaii in Manila x Hodge Podge bottle cap cuteness giveaway!!  :heart:

Many thanks to Gel for your generosity! ;_;

I brought a lot of stuff for the KPP Album Launch. All-out support for Anne & KPP PH!

Preview~ preview~




JapanLover.me as one of the official partners! + Reese serenading us!


We had some milkshake and burgers after the successful event!



Forever amazed by this girl who juggles her stressful day job + Kawaii in Manila & KPP PH Founder duties *_*

Funny how my “milkshake” facebook post gained lots of feedback :))) Must be the caption lolololol

Anne’s clay art skills + Kyary love = beyond 100%%% :))))



It was my first time making doodled pancakes @ Slappycakes! Thanks for the treat, Anne & Mom!

Amoeba pancakes y’all


Fail KAW .. AII :))


Longganisa breakfast to complete the meal! <3


– end of random kawaii spam – :))

Kawaii Funko POP… Addiction?!

My newest toy love craze = FUNKO POP TOYS!!!

Don’t know if I should thank Justin for influencing me :))))

(note: i didn’t buy everything in the photo, it’s my wishlist! :)) )

Tuxedosam + My Melody! <3 <3 <3





And I guess that should end this entry already… so many photos *_* Took me 2 hours to arrange everything! *pats self*


5 thoughts on “Everyday Cuteness + KPP “Nanda Collection” Album Launch Preview + TOYS!

  1. I love your updates! ;V; aww, do you have the recipe for the breakfast meal? It looks sooooooo good! 😥 :heart:
    I wish I could attend the event! I am sure it was great 😀

  2. Wow the workshop looks like it is going to be so much fun! I was I could go but that would be one expensive plane ticket hahaha 😥
    Congrats on the 500,000 pageviews, that is quite an accomplishment!! I probably contributed to a good chunk of them along with my fellow Americans haha! It is hard to find “kawaii” here in America…maybe a little more on the west coast in California, but here in New York it is a little more difficult. You need to come and have a “Kawaii in America” workshop next hehehe.


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