Exploring Matcha Kingdom in Uji, Kyoto 🍡 + Capsule Hotel Review ⭐

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Here is my Kyoto photo diary from the 9 Days Japan Backpacking Series. Hope you enjoy scrolling down below! πŸ™‚

Ahhh Kyoto, I wanna visit you during autumn season too!

First things first–

Must visit the matcha kingdom UJI, Kyoto.

Rent a kimono and go around the city to take beautiful photos.

Look at all the souvenir items you wanted to bring home with you but you had to resist as you only have a backpack . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . .Β . . . . . .

Before I tell you everything, shall we start from the beginning?

After taking the night bus straight from Hiroshima, we had our breakfast at Hoshino Coffee inside Kyoto station. We literally waited for the staff to open the cafe for us, haha! Reminiscing the time when I discovered Hoshino Coffee in Kyoto years before this backpacking trip. I am feeling a bit nostalgic now, lol.

Visited the tourist information center to get fliers (and possibly, coupons lol).

Took the local train for UJI. Aki and I both love all things matcha and imagine our happiness when we got there..

Me basically hugging all matcha food lol

Starbucks Kyoto = perfect!

Looking for a place to try the ultimate matcha experience haha

Did you know that there is a Tale of Genji Museum in Kyoto?


Itoh-Kyuemon Uji Kyoto Branch

100 photos later…

Don’t know what kind of expression tbh haha

I love matcha but not mixed with curry lolol

We visited the Ujigami shrine as we strolled around Uji. It is believed to be the oldest standing shrine in Japan.

You must get a rabbit omikuji (Japanese fortune-telling paper strips) when you visit this shrine. Really cute small souvenir πŸ™‚

While going back to the station, we found the unique green tea dango sticks haha

And we are back!

After googling where to rent kimono, I discovered that there was a kimono rental shop near Kyoto station (inside Kyoto Tower, if I remember correctly).

I suggest booking online the day before first to ensure you can be entertained on the day itself. I think that we were extra lucky that day because not so much people came to their store.

Click here for their website.

They had a cool photospot area too haha

Selfie lol

Being modern lol

Had late lunch at a tonkatsu restaurant at BICCAMERA building

Dressed in kimono, we took the bus from Kyoto station to Higashiyama district area.

It was drizzling but it didn’t stop us. I remember that it was sooo cold lol

Kyoto Instagram Spot:Β Yasaka Koshindo Temple (ε…«ε‚εΊšη”³ε ‚)

Click here for the top Kyoto instagram spots ~

After walking around not-so-comfortably (lol), we wanted to sit down and try another matcha dessert.

Tsujiri never disappoints haha

Went back to the kimono rental store and they had these extra photo spots located at the same floor. Of course, I just had to, lol.

And after that, we finally headed to our capsule hotel (my first time ever!!)!

Japan Travel Vlog 7: Matcha Sweets & Kimono Rental in Kyoto + Journal With Me 🍡

After getting settled down a bit, we ate at my favorite Sukiya haha. If you live in Japan as well, you’d know that this is one of the go-to “Japanese fast food” places of locals everywhere lol

Capsule Hotel in Kyoto (9h ninehours tour) | Rainbowholic πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

We tried the 9h nine hours capsule hotel in Kawaramachi area in Kyoto.

When we stayed there, it was only 3,900 JPY per person. I checked the website now and it says 4,900? Not so sure..

Male and female rooms are both located in different floors.

Luckily when I arrived, nobody was in the shower area! I was able to take some photos and videos.

I put my heavy backpack inside the locker and excitedly went straight to my “capsule pod” lol~

It was one huge room! I felt like an alien when walking to my own space pod, haha.

Again, if you plan to sleep inside a capsule hotel, please be mindful of others because you can heaaaaar everything lol.

Me being so happy LOL *cringe*

smol smol smol

meeting area where you can also work / use laptop!

Have you tried a capsule hotel before? If yes, how was your experience? If not, do you think you can survive sleeping inside a capsule pod (silence not guaranteed lol) for a night? πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading up to here! ^^



2 thoughts on “Exploring Matcha Kingdom in Uji, Kyoto 🍡 + Capsule Hotel Review ⭐

  1. OMG these pics are great! I want to go to all those places so badly! I’m gonna take notes so I can do it when I could go to Japan πŸ™‚ your photos with Aki are also very cute and fun haha. Also, my mouth is watering with the matcha food and pastries! (except the curry one, like eww lol). The capsule hotel is something I am very interesed in visit, just plain curiosity haha this one in particular catch my eye instantly D: thank you for the reviews and so aesthetic pleasant photos!


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