Extra Colorful For International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 @ Odaiba + A Pikachu Car??

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Rainbow Wings <3

I could be the graffiti! : ))

Messy cat nails inspired by neon jelly iPhone cases I discovered in La Foret, Harajuku


The Search For Robot Fishes We Didn’t Find

Today, we went to Tokyo Big Sight for the International Tokyo Toy Show! We actually got the information about this ongoing fair while we were watching TV days ago. The program featured the coolest robots I’ve ever known, robot fishes! It was quite late when we arrived there so we couldn’t find the robot fishes! ;__;

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the toy fair even though it was more for children + wannabe children (like us! haha)  :blush3:

While waiting for our train ride, I had some ichigo milk <3

The weather was a bit gloomy in Tokyo.. aww >_>


kids everywhere


Omg so cool @__@


Someday I will dress up my kids like this! Haha

The guide dog was tired … he was quite popular there.

The next hello kitty!






Fishie bags~

Omg so cute! I bet Yza would love these.

Cutest toy puppies ever!!

I’d love to have one!

They were selling barbie dolls at a cheaper price!

Had to take a photo of the rainbow, haha~

When I have my kid someday.. I think I would be spoiling him/her.. haha!

One Piece x Hello Kitty

I want a pokeball with Pikachu huhuhu


Kyary’s babies~ SO CUTEE

Is it weird if I want one for myself? Haha



I’m a happy kid~ Haha!

CHUUUUUU  :heart:

Japan, you already..

I died

I wanna collect socks!

Cutest frogs @_@ And they’re Pastel!

I really wanttttttt



Super weird water bottle I saw earlier @_@

Flying Anpanman!

I want a My Melody vacuum cleaner omg

(i have too many want’s @_@)

Shit man why do I never grow up from my kiddie stuff adoration ;_;


PIKACHU CAR in its yellow glory! OMG

Dream car haha

Can i haz u

Staff saying goodbye to the last people in the convention.. so awesome!

I want this doraemon beach ball ;__;

And after that, we left and when to the grocery…



… and found Rilakkuma sausage ;_;

It went directly to my basket! Haha. Had no time to think! : ))

ANDDDDD I Found my suica love from last summer! Weeeee! <3



Hope you enjoyed this photospam,


8 thoughts on “Extra Colorful For International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 @ Odaiba + A Pikachu Car??

  1. waaah lots of toys and kawaii stuff :3
    I want pikachu car XD
    I want those kimonos to and you have a meet n greet with peko chan
    and your outfit is soooooooooooooooooooooooo colorful.
    a true rainbowholic :yay:

  2. I want the Kyary Mameshiba stuff and all the alpacas so bad…at the arcade I was at on Saturday they had Kyary mameshiba brushes :star:

    That convention is pretty cool, I didn’t know it existed. I wonder if there’s one in Kansai….will have to check 😀

  3. What’s the brand of the sky blue backpack with polka dots?(picture – 10th pic from the top) i can’t read the brand. 😥 can you recognize them? if you do, please tell me. thanks. :yay: :kiss:


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