Eye-magnifier machine: Purikura

I went to school wearing gyaru-like outfit (didn’t notice that until my classmates were telling me I was looking “flirty” / “sexy” today   :tss: ). I just wanted to wear this pair of stockings amidst the winter weather. Also, heat-tech warmers from Uniqlo will make you survive any cold day.  :nod:


Friends, I was wearing shorts.

And this tiger print hat/scarf/fluffy thing from One Spo (a present from Ate Claire :heart: )


Stay warm and cozy everyone~



4 thoughts on “Eye-magnifier machine: Purikura

  1. you are really very sexy look. 😉 You have a very thin tights. You are not frozen? How many degrees do you have?

  2. @SP: Thank you! :x: :heart:
    @Anastasi: I was wearing something really warm inside and my boots were warm as well so no problem <3 Around 2-3 degrees! Huhu :sweatdrop:

  3. @Kaila Oh,2-3 degrees is not cold. In Russia where I live we have -7 or something about it. So I should forget about tights for a while((


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