First Week in Japan + Kawaii, Peko, Pocky, Rilakkuma! + Cutest Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform “LucyPop”

Finally got the time to upload these photos~! It’s been two (or more??) weeks since I’ve returned to Japan.. and a LOT has happened already.  :what:

Energy, come to meeee..  :blank:

Arrived at Narita at almost 12PM? Tokyo had a snowstorm days before and many tourists got stranded in the airport.  :blank:

My brother and his family came to pick me up and my cousin (who will be working with us now!) <3


We weren’t able to get home straight and had a mini roadtrip instead…

Reuniting with my sis-in-law Claire and Chisa!

Of course, I missed POCKY the most!! Haha!

The King of All POCKY :O

Why coffee in Japan is so much cooler. Advertising, you are doing it right. Haha!


Had yummy sushi~

Japanese fashion magazines for inspiration <3

I was so surprised to see Peko x Hello Kitty collab!! AND GIANT RAINBOW POCKY!!

Another version from the first one I saw before..


Dolly Wink <3


And finally, I’ve arrived home!

A mail with Totoro and Rilakkuma also surprised me! Thank you Emily of MimiPetit for my kawaii decoden case!

Currently planning for my “All Things Kawaii by Rainbowholic” side project!


Chisa and her softest cheeks! She reminds me of Peko-channn so much!

Sticker-fied Rainbowholic Kuruma-chan!

I missed the vending machine near our place~

A new discovery, Pocky Matcha Chocolate!!

Heaven on earth!!

And it snowed again…

The “before” look of my room. CRAZY hahaha

Finally fixed my mini kitchen!! IT WAS SO DIFFERENT!

Snow Miku enjoying the snow~

We were lucky enough to experience another snowfall..

Sailormoon merchandise <33

Reminds me of my friends ChiChi and Reese who love cats so much..


Rilakkuma point pads!

MORE MILKY / PEKOちゃん goodness!

Kyary’s documentary video for her world tour last year!


Left: Tired me.. been fixing stuff for almost 2-3 weeks straight!! ;_;

Right: Anne’s letter for me last year before all our kawaii gigs! “Let’s dominate the PH islands with KAWAIIness!” <3

My brother and Chisa haha

Sakura and rose Haagen-Dazs!!

Japanese lunch set <3

Ahhhhhh <3


I always take pictures of food haha

More peko-chan yummyness!

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars Character Contact Lenses?!


Sailormoon eyeliner you guys @_@

And Charming Kiss eyelashes by Chiaki Ito!!

And there is such thing as Cuticle Oil Sakura. :))

Peko and Poko!

Sushi goodness <3

And Strawberry shortcake is always a favorite!


My room looks less crazier now.. agree? Agree. Haha!


A Quick Visit in Harajuku (原宿)!

Super love my new kawaii decoden case! <3

You can check MimiPetit’s facebook for more kawaii designs!

Went to Harajuku for a meeting. We had two meetings that day so we couldn’t go around so much!

I missed these Takeshita Dori crepes!

Kawaii Girl spotted!

Japan is making lots of money haha


New store in a new mall in Takeshita! It’s been only 6 months and a lot has changed!!


Sailormoon / Creamy Mami fashion goods from SPINNS!


We rested at Jonathan’s after a fruitful meeting. 😀

A Happy Life with Rilakkuma <3

Kissy kissy mode, haha!




Dress up your own Rilakkuma!

Premium Rilakkuma items from Kiddyland!

I can only take a photo of these.. haha.


Even the candies have Rilakkuma @_@


Peko merchandise! SOOOOO CUTEEE

I wanted to hoard everything!


Went to La Foret for a bit..

For my favorite “Kawaii Lifestyle” brand, SWIMMER!


Japanese school girls “Kawaii” uniform “LucyPop”

LucyPop came to the Philippines last month (thanks Big in Japan PH!) and Kawaii Philippines had the opportunity to get to know the brand!

Check out the feature we did for them here.  :heart:


I was busy fixing my papers + moving out and didn’t have the chance to personally meet the people behind LucyPop. >_<

Thankfully,  Kawaii.PH Co-founder Anne + Justine visited their “concept room” back in Manila.  :star:


They also prepared a “Welcome Card” for me! So very thoughtful! <3

If only I could become a real highschool girl again.. haha..  :hihi:

Every product is really made of QUALITY! When I was dressing up, I did inspect the stitches and all (because Anne told me too, haha).

And to my surprise, there is really some Japanese technology magic happening with the skirt! It’s adjustable!!

First time to encounter such thing with zippers and skirts, hehe~  :star:

LucyPop’s Original Multifunctional Nylon Bags

NHK World Kawaii International also featured this brand in their last episode! <3

Those skirts <3


Please check out their facebook:  :heart:

The brown bag definitely caught my heart, haha!

Lucy Pop is all about kawaii school girl uniforms, and the brand wants to address the needs of teenagers who love fashion by creating something that is a “little bit different from everybody else.

Lucy Pop hopes to show kawaii girls the world of cute, fun, and cool.  :peace:

(from our feature)


My brother / manager / translator saying something funny to the LucyPop team :)))

It’s funny how I used to work for my brother.. then he works with me.. & now he works for me. KIDDING hehehe~

Thank you Eric兄さん! :tongue:


Wearing my favorite cottoncandy blue bow!!


Sadly, highschool was.. 8/9 years ago? Ooops… haha. :))

Thank God for brands such as LucyPop, kawaii fans like me can have the opportunity to feel much younger, haha!

With Ayaさん, Futoshiさん and Yukieさん of LucyPop! Thank you for the thoughtfulness, time, and yummy dinner treat!  :heart:


And one Kawaii Philippines supporter will win this precious LucyPop ribbon tie!  :star:

Watch out for our giveaway announcement later @!


Hope you enjoyed this photospammed blog entry!  :star:


8 thoughts on “First Week in Japan + Kawaii, Peko, Pocky, Rilakkuma! + Cutest Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform “LucyPop”

  1. oh my! so much food you made me crave for them :cute2:
    I want the violin bag so much since I love playing the violin :yehey:
    if only I can taste rainbow pocky someday 😀
    and then my mind will be really colorful xDD
    I wanna experience snow in japan and taste their sweet crepes :))
    I hope that’ll happen :heart:
    Lucy Pop is so kawaii!!! :heart:
    the black school girl bag caught my attention 😀
    so much love in this blog post :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    thank you for sharing so much neechan :yay:
    love lots and God Bless 😉

  2. :yay: Such a wonderful post filled with happiness! All the pocky and rilakkuma :love:

    Just give your room a month. It will be messy again soon #truestory 😆

    With love,

  3. Hi Ate Kai! :yay:

    Japan is soooo amazing
    and I dream that I will go to Japan! :yay:
    Because Japan is my dreamplace since 7 years old :starru:
    and all the things that I want is there.
    Snowwwwww :ohnoes: and kawaii stuffs! :3:

  4. OMG I MISS DOING THIS (scrolling down a long blog post filled with photos of places that I mentally take note of on my “places to go with Ate Kaila when I go to Japan) HUHUHUHU OK HERE WE GO HAHAHAHA

    I’m so glad you’re back there waaah Glad you arrived there safely!! THEM POCKY BOXES PLS </3 Always wanted to try the Giant Rainbow ones ahhh someday someday ALSO, ang mura nila. Madaya kayo. Joke. And you are wearing the rainbow shoes I've always fell in love with ever since your early blogging days…….. From Omiya(??), right?? or mali pala HEHEHEHE

    I don't think I'll be able to survive there…. I mean…….. I'll die…. Because of the cuteness of everything HUHUHUHU I am in love with the clothes and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! SWIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WAIT FOR THE UNICORN (ang mura ng skirts bakit kayo ganyan bAKIT)

    And omg that's so cute ang cute nagcollab si Rilakkuma and Yamamoto Line so cute and random awwwww

    I also don't get how you don't age I mean?? You look like my schoolmate? :-((( Love the uniforms! I've always wanted to try one hmm I shall try one someday?? With you?? Yes?? :cheer:

  5. waaaahhhh :ohnoes:
    Its making me super crazy every time you have a new post :cheer: :heart:
    your blog really inspire me :love:
    Thank you so much :cheer:

    lots of love, :heart:

  6. I am so happy you are back!!! Where did you find those Sailor Moon nail stickers??? I am coming to Tokyo last week of March and hope to find LOTS of super cute Sailor Moon things. It is so hard to find her here in NYC ;_;

  7. Hi! I like all of the cute pictures you took from Japan ^^ I wish I could go. :starru: 🙁 where did you get your kawaii/cute bag from the first picture? I want one :yay:


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