Fluffy Haired Rainbowholic + Icecream Shoes in Shibuya

Today, we went to Shibuya once again for a meeting. :yay:  I am really hopeful that all these great projects will come true! Only God knows how much I’ve been working so hard lately to achieve my dreams here in Japan. Though I probably come off as someone “who’s just lucky to be in Japan” to some people (who are new readers, blog lurkers, or just judgmental people hehehe.. etc.), truth is.. I’ve been through a lot even though I was a bit “pretty lucky”. During my stay here, I’ve sent countless impulsive emails to people I wanted to work or have experience with. Getting rejected or being snubbed away for a couple of times is actually good for the soul. Trying out many ventures and failing at some point do really make a person more humbled & motivated. Failure / rejection— It fuels anyone to work harder and aim to for self-improvement. This is why right now even though with all the opportunities given to me, I would rather be hopeful & in a “Gambarimasu” mode but not too expecting.  It saves the heart. 😛

Anyway, enough of the mush..

What I wore today: 

Paris Kid’s Star Crown + Momo Print top + DIY ripped jeans with silver amoeba clouds (lol)

..and my favorite icecream shoes  :heart:

Wanted to steal this pink bike in Shibuya! Sorry owner, I temporarily borrowed it for a photo. Haha!


While I was getting my photos taken by my brother / assistant / future “manager” : ))) ….

… and then …


…. a pretty girl with a pretty hair came up to me! OMG SOMEBODY RECOGNIZES ME @______@ in JAPAN!!!

My brother could not believe it haha! Her name is Kitty (if my ears didn’t fail me) so I called her neko-chan haha~

She was also at Harajuku Fashion Walk last weekend and I recognized her after. Gosh, I love her legs @__@ (the randomness of my comments)

After a quick chat, we separated ways and asked my brother to take some detailed shots of my coordinate. Hehehe~


Tanabata lanterns all over Shibuya

Super cute!

Dropped by at WC


We asked if we could take photos and they did allow us! Yayy!!


Bought a few gifts for a future giveaway  :blush:

I love the interior! Someday, I’ll have my own shop as well 😉


Outside WC

Awesome vending machine with stickers

And there I was… : ))


In front of Shibuya 109. Too many photos of me already : )))

I guess these popped heart sunnies would be a Rainbowholic signature now ^^

After our short Shibuya stint, it was so hot so we decided to eat some icecream…

Cold Stone  :yay:

We had to babysit Ate Claire (my sis-in-law)’s niece. Here’s my brother so “excited” with babysitting. Haha~

I love vanilla icecream & bananas  : :hihi:

What a great way to end a day ~  😎

Life with Instagram

Random kawaii snaps with Instagram. I currently have 7,000 photos in my slow iPhone 4 @__@ one year = 7,000 photos??????

 When you have good food/snacks in Japan, I guess half of the 7,000 photos would be justifiable.. : )))

Super tiny Bourbon pans! Like .5 inch small in diameter!!

My ripped jeans ^^

Future giveaway with Japonista Sole ^^v

SUPER YUMMY but snivel-inducing level 8 SPICY curry from Coco Ichibanya!

Want the cottoncandy blue bike so BADDDDD

You can pimp your bike! : ))

The random but usable stuff you see in Japanese hardware stores.. : )))

How to become an instant “embutido” (what is an embutido?)

DIY clay sweets!



Haul for my clients ^^

Lunch earlier

Ayumi on ViVi  :yay:


.. and that would be all for this entry,


6 thoughts on “Fluffy Haired Rainbowholic + Icecream Shoes in Shibuya

  1. Love all the photos! That pink bike is soooo cute <3 I tried to imagine you running to take a picture before the owner arrives HAHAHA <3
    Yous photos always inspiring me, so much! Good luck with all your projects, I wish only success!!! <3

  2. I discovered your blog recently when I was looking for life experiences in Japan. I didn’t dare to post a comment before but I took my courage and go haha. :33: You’re very pretty and I am really fan of your coordinations. I would have this kind of fashion sense.

    I was also in Shibuya yesterday but I haven’t seen you. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday :cute:

  3. You’re soooo cute !!
    I juste found your blog, and I have already make an order haha x). It’s because you look like a nice and serious personn, and it seems that you have very good tastes ! So I couldn’t help but buy through you.
    I’m happy that you managed to realize your projects sweety ! (can I ?)

    ~Hiroto (http://kiiche.tumblr.com/)

    rilakumma origami bento.want because I loved origami soooooooooooooo much
    DIY CLAY SWEETS.also want 😀
    loved your destroyed jeans and also your accessories :3
    is that a charm maker?IWANTYOU!!!
    prepating for another giveaway 😀
    wanna join so much 😀
    ice cream fans sooooooooooo kawaii
    you’ll have a future shop in the future.teehee.

  5. wait, kaila, do you not work at your job anymore? sorry – i guess i am confused by your first paragraph which sounds like you are getting into a new line of work (?___?)


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