Flying with Doraemon

Finally got to do this funny Doraemon theme shoot! This outfit set has been inside my closet for weeks it was only yesterday that we had the opportunity. Yayy!! ^^ Photos by my brother  :happy:

Randoseru for elementary kids : ))


I made the skirt (100 yen cloth, what a deal!!) + the choker 🙂

Unfortunately, we were unable to charge first the takecopter toy >_< Would have looked so much cooler with this flying!

what the face : ))


Hope that was a fun set of photos~ I enjoyed a lot doing these! : )


10 thoughts on “Flying with Doraemon

  1. waaaaaaah so kawaii 😀
    I loved your doraemon outfit so much.YOU’RE SO CREATIVE 😀
    when I first saw the Doraemon Helicopter toy, I Thought it was small :what:
    but it was pretty BIG :yay:
    Cloth for 100yen only :yay: WOW me sometime when I already have paypal ok 😀
    loved your bag and also the shoot :love:


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