Fujiko F. Fujio (Doraemon) Museum with EmiKaila (Super Delayed Blog Entry)

It’s 2:00 in the morning now and I’m still up :O I think I’ve gone nocturnal & a little bit of workaholic again huhuhu. Hopefully health won’t get affected >_<

(lol guys fail I fell asleep and I’m typing this again 2 days after hahahaha)

Ever since I got back here in Japan, I’ve been x10000 busy than the usual ~busy mode~. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being productive especially when I do stuff that are meaningful (not just about the money, but for the sake of enjoying life as well… lol deep). Sometimes it just gets too crazy to juggle company work / JapanLover.me / Kawaii in Manila prep & Rainbowholic all at the same time. Then add the countless of emails I have to promptly (huhu) respond everyday.. How I wish I had more hands to type all my thoughts & replies + to actualize more things ;___;  😥 I have 20+ giveaway packs to ship out in 2 weeks because I will be going back to Philippines for a longer time to organize events (and fix my driving stuff again). So many checklists to accomplish aaaaah :O BUSY BUSY HAPPY HAPPY   :what:


Yesterday, I spent a whole day forgetting all of these overflowing tasks and worries in Tokyo Disneyland with Emikaちゃん.  :yay: I really needed that day, it’s been a long time since -I took a breath-. Phewwwwwww~ Hopefully that Disneyland blog entry won’t get delayed such as this! Haha!  :nod:

Doraemon Fun with Emika-chan~

Also uploaded the Fuko F. Fujio Museum Kawaii Travel Guide @ Japan Lover Me! <3



The special bus at Kawasaki station ~ EXCITESSSSS

I look so cold  in this photo haha

Kawaii everywhere~

It was drizzling for a bit..

We arrived super early! I think we were the ones who lined up first hahaha


The cutest Doraemon-themed snacks ever!

I learned a lot about Japan’s anime/manga history in this museum!


o hai


Pretentious photo hahaha



They also had a Doraemon Purikura booth!!!


Museum Cafe omg

Doraemon Cafe

Actually, we hurried our “museum-viewing” time just so we can try out the Doraemon Cafe asap. I think we didn’t have any breakfast at all so we were starving! :))

OMG what a cheat day it was for me! Actually, during that time, I wasn’t really allowed to eat corn because it could trigger gallstone attacks so I had to eat only a portion… eeek.

I missed eating sausages so huhuhu I decided to just order that meal (while silently praying that my gallbladder wouldn’t react)…


Emika’s star-shaped omurice! :))


I brought my Doraemon toys just for the food photos lol. Toys do add more cuteness factor in the photos :)))




What :))))

“Anyone there…??”



Kawaii Noms & Conversations

After taking tourist-y photos, we decided to eat again :))) We are eternally hungry beings..


Awwww Dorayaki!!

Kawaii kawaii kawaii

This day was quite memorable for me because it was the day I got to share to Emikaちゃん about my JapanLover.me vision & dream. Even though we were just 30% halfway done (and Mishie wasn’t part of the team yet), Emika’s one of the first people who believed in JapanLover.me. She willingly obliged to be part of all the JapanLover-related “gimmicks” (such as photoshoots and pure fun). Days after this Doraemon museum visit, we produced a lot of stuff for JapanLover! One is this photoshoot & here’s our travel-related video!  :yay:

:333: Itsumo Arigatou, Emika-chan!  :heart:

(end of Emika x JapanLover.me trivia hahahaha)

Even the cashier’s tape dispenser is kawaii! Hahaha!

Kawaii Doraemon Merchandise Spam

Before heading out, we visited the merch store!

Scroll down and enjoy the photos~!

So many cute things that made my wallet sad huhu


Japan and kawaii = lots of money

Doraemon fun mangaaaaa


Doraemon-designed washi tapes wow!

Heading Back~

So lucky to ride a different kawaii bus!


The cutest kids ever! Made me remember my POP OTAKU entry for Kawaii International before! :))))

Sorry I’m just so amazed by these cute buzzers hahaha

I love how Kawasaki City supports Fujiko-san!

Flying kid with his takecopter hehehe 😛

Quick Harajuku Visit

I was so surprised when this (new) fairykei-themed store called “Lolli Punks” opened in Takeshita Dori!  :what:


Pastel heaven


Kawaiiiiiii x 1000


Love the platform shoes!  :yay:


Hope you guys enjoyed this blog entry! Got to do some website creation magic now :O


4 thoughts on “Fujiko F. Fujio (Doraemon) Museum with EmiKaila (Super Delayed Blog Entry)

  1. Good afternoon Kaila~!

    It always brings me such joy to simply scroll leisurely through the whole post and enjoy all the pictures and little notes in between :heart: :heart:

    Loving the Doraemon buzzers and merch! Plus LolliPunks pastel heaven omgg -drowns- :love:

    With love,

  2. Your blog is always filled with the cutest pictures, I feel like I was at the museum 🙂 Will put this on my wishlist for my next Japan visit! Glad you got to have a fun day off too!

  3. Oh my gosh! So much cool stuff! I would dieee!!
    I honestly think you are the CUTEST little thing!!
    That pink cake dress from one of the stores in Harajuku.. yeah, I NEED IT!! Im going to explode from excitement when I visit Japan!!


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