Fujiya Cafe in Shibuya + Nakano Visit + Sakura Chocolate from Starbucks Japan?!

Hello! Good Morning from Japan! おはよう!<3

Before anything else… I would like to invite everyone to join our..

We have prepared exciting and fun prizes for Kawaii Girls (around the world!)  :heart:

So far, we’ve garnered 15,400+ entries already?! It sure is big! Hehe~  :yay:

Reuniting with Peko @ Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya

As many of you probably know.. I’m addicted to Japanese strawberry shortcakes. I could even eat a whole cake.. :))

Since my brother / the boss is out for a meeting, I asked my sis-in-law and cousin to go with me to Shibuya.

Because I missed Shibuya and I was craving for Fujiya cakes!


I’ve also written a mini review of this place before.. when I was around 13-14 yrs. old, HAHAHAHA kidding.




AHHHH Peko-chan, you’re so cute!!

Kawaii, kawaii Pekoooちゃん!


My precious strawberry shortcake <3

Going Around ~

After that, we went around Shibuya. My cousin had his first purikura there. Haha!

Angel wings.. I want one!


Mameshiba Pamu Pamyu iPhone case + genius Fujisan Kitchen Sponge from LoFT.

The things I find cute. Haha!

Visited a dessert + coffee shop near our place. All these Japanese plastic food art make me drool!

AHHHH Yummy <3

Random Snaps

I love going to onsen / hotspring. <3


My favorite salad + green tea before onsen..

..and ichigo milk after!

Pocky Deco party kit I found from LoFT (which was on sale for 50%?!) and make your own pocky kit from my sis-in-law!

Rainbow / galactic wall in Nakano..

Revisiting Nakano

Ahhh, NAKANO! <3


Of course, I had to stop by the Fujiya store there!


They had a lot of interesting and kawaii items inside but photos weren’t allowed. 🙁


All these sinful rolls… huhuhu

My brother finds Funasshii so cute. HAHA

PetitParis area in Nakano Broadway.


Where Kyary went before! <3



Tried out the famous custard cakes too!

Hisashiburi, Shinjuku!

After my quick Nakano visit, I went to Shinjuku just because I missed it. I missed a lot of places, haha!

Sakura Chocolate with Strawberry flavored topping Frappucino / Latte only from Starbucks Japan!!

Heaven in a cup!

Kyary spotted!


A future barista can dream, haha.

I was a walking yellow girl :))

If I were to buy a piano for myself, it would have to be KAWAI. :))


Cutest bread I’ve ever seen T_T JAPANNNN why you make everything cute!

Had a delicious sandwich before going back home..

And there you go, my face. :)))

Didn’t know how to end this blog entry the most random way possible so…

…. :))



(P.S. Glad that my readers are enjoying my photospam entries! Will be posting again my Singapore Kawaii Adventure these coming days! <3)

3 thoughts on “Fujiya Cafe in Shibuya + Nakano Visit + Sakura Chocolate from Starbucks Japan?!

  1. So many food :heart:
    And why are so kawaii it’s like you’re not aging at all neehan :cheer:
    A peko chan drink wow 😎 I want :blush: I bet it’s milky sweet :yay:
    Ah I wanna taste Sakura chocolate :cute2: Kung available yan dito, bili agad ako

  2. I laughed my ass off with the Ohno poster :nod: :tss: But sasuga kaila! You completed my day with this post! :starru:

  3. ayeeee <3 never saw peco chan with such a cute flower crown and a gown *_* and my mouth is wareting looking at the cake !! 😛


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